GTA IV The Lost and Damned Walkthrough: Missions

Off Route

In the steam room at Jousters, Congressman Stubbs tells Johnny that a group of "outstanding citizens" were taken into LCPD custody, and he needs them freed. He's not able to take care of it himself, so he wants you to intercept their prison transport bus and let them all go. Follow your radar to the Leftwood Police Station to receive further instructions.

A cutscene will begin when you arrive at the police station, and you'll see Stubbs' contacts being forced in the bus as an officer reveals that they're convicted for tax-related felonies. When the cutscene ends, you have to take control of the transport bus. Enter the parking lot in a police vehicle as to not attract attention. Once you're close to the transport bus, hop out and jack the bus. A cutscene will start where Johnny takes out the guards and gets into the driver seat.

When the cutscene ends, you'll get a three-star wanted level which you need to lose in order to proceed. It's a difficult task since the bus is extremely slow, but after some weaving you can get it done. All the while the prisoners will be chanting in the background (you can even press B to view what's going on inside of the bus). When you've lost the cops, somebody will tell you to drive to Acter Industrial Park.

Upon arrival, a man will flag you down. He'll drive the bus into the ocean while the prisoners escape by boat. Soon after, Billy will send you a text message asking you to go to the clubhouse.

Reward: $5,000


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