GTA IV The Lost and Damned Walkthrough: Missions

Marta Full of Grace

Elizabeta is a bit paranoid about her safety, and Johnny suggests that she lays up on the body dropping. She doesn't want to hear any of it though because she's still convinced that she's "the big boss." She wants you to pick up someone named Marta at the airport, so drive over to Francis International on your bike.

At the airport Johnny will see Marta, the drug mule, being escorted by a fed. He punches the officer and takes Marta, but soon enough a bunch of FIB and police officers arrive on the scene to try and kill Johnny. When the cutscene ends you'll have to fight off the FIB officers, which shouldn't be too difficult with a street sweeper handy! Watch out for the gunmen in the Annihilator above though, as they will have a good vantage point on you.

When they're all dead, you're going to have to lose your wanted level which will probably be around three stars. A couple Annihilators will still be following you, so it's a bit harder to lose the police that way. It's best to escape in a car so that you're not as vulnerable to the Annihilator's shots.

Once the cops are out of the way, drive Marta to Elizabeta's house and drop her off to end the mission.

Reward: $2,000


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