GTA IV The Lost and Damned Walkthrough: Missions

Liberty City Choppers

Jimmy wants you to join him on a quest to steal some bikes from the Angels of Death. He says knows a guy who sells the bikes to people in Japan, and they can make a lot of money off of these. Ride with Billy to a Yankee parked in Alderney City.

Get into the truck and drive to the designated spot near Honkers. When you arrive at the diner, Jimmy will hop out and the two of you will have to start stealing the bikes one by one and riding them into the truck's cab. The Angels of Death members soon realize what's going on and come out with guns blazing. Jimmy tells you to call Terry and Clay for backup, so whip out your cellphone and give one a call, who will then inform the other.

When Terry and Clay arrive, grab the rest of the bikes and load them up into the truck. Watch out for the Angels of Death because they won't be marked on your radar! When you load up all the bikes, kill the rest of the AOD thugs and hop into the truck. While making your getaway, several AOD members will follow you on bikes, but they'll soon give up shooting and steer away. Park the truck in the same place you got it.

A cutscene will begin and two undercover officers will come around and start insulting Johnny and Jimmy, claiming that they know about everything that just happened. After threatening the two some more, they eventually leave. Jimmy heads out, too, and gives you some money for your help.

Reward: $1,000
Unlocks motorcycle street races


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