GTA IV The Lost and Damned Walkthrough: Missions

It's War

At the clubhouse Billy is hanging out with someone named Dave Grossman, one of the top lawyers at Schyster. Billy drugs him with some mescaline and uses the opportunity to make fun of him. Dave also mentions someone named Tom Stubbs, who's a politician that would love to hang out with the guys of The Lost. Soon enough Billy gets a message on his phone and riles up the gang announcing that his boys "are getting jumped."

Follow Billy and the gang to the destination, which will end up being the Acter Industrial Park in south Alderney. There, you'll find a huge group of Angels of Death members that you have to take out. Find some cover and kill the gang members one by one. Try not to stand next to the explosive containers because they might blow up at any point during the gunfight, and you'll automatically die if near one.

Be weary of the one or two thugs on the roof as they will be able to shoot you from any angle. Also if you're ever low on health, head into the first train "garage" looking area and you'll find some armor. There will also be health kits scattered on the ground so be on the lookout for those green pick-ups. When you finish off most of the Angels of Death, more will appear on motorcycles and in vans.

If you're only using a sawed-off shotgun, at some point you're going to have to move up because your gun's range won't reach. Use the fact that your enemies' sawed-off shotguns only shoot two rounds to know when they have to reload, hence when you should run up. When they're all dead, pick up their guns and ammo (some of them are using micro SMG's, so be sure to grab those) then head back to your bike.

And if you thought the action was over... think again! Billy will lead you to the eastern side of the industrial park where there are about three times as many Angels of Death members for you to kill! There are plenty of thugs on the ground and on the landings above. This will be a little easier since there are more places to use cover and you should have a lot of pistol ammunition on you. When they're all dead head back to your bike.

When the gang is all gathered up again, Billy announces that one of The Lost members, Jason Michaels, was killed in Broker. He says that the woman's father had a Serb kill Jason. The boys don't take the news very well, but drink a toast in memory of their fallen friend. Billy and the gang head back to the clubhouse and the mission ends.

As you can see, the missions are getting more intense, so take this downtime opportunity to call Terry and stock up on weapons and ammo.


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