GTA IV The Lost and Damned Walkthrough: Missions

Hit The Pipe

Jimmy will introduce you to two of his friends, Malc and DeSean. He says that Malc has got some "serious hardware" and apparently he's into dealing explosives. Jimmy wants you to use the explosives on the Angels of Death to put them out of business for a while. After Malc and DeSean leave, ride to Alderney to use the pipe bombs (new weapons in The Lost and Damned) on AOD vans.

There are three vans that you'll need to blow up riding through Alderney. When you approach them, the Deadbeats will immediately recognize you as a member of The Lost and start shooting. They'll be driving quickly so you'll need to drive ahead of them and time the pipe bomb's fuse correctly so that it explodes when they drive over it. The pipe bombs will act exactly like grenades when being thrown from your bike. Go at your own pace and make sure to do it properly because there is no time limit for this mission!

Once you've destroyed all three vans, Johnny will call up Jim and let him know the task is done. Jim reminds you that you're the leader of The Lost now and that you can direct the brothers to help you out, so call up Terry or Clay when you're in need of some backup on a mission! Soon after Elizabeta will send you a text message saying she's got some work for both you and Malc, so meet her when you've got time.

Reward: $2,000


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