GTA IV The Lost and Damned Walkthrough: Missions

Heavy Toll

At Elizabeta's place you'll find Malc and some of his friends. Liz says that she wants you guys to take care of a toll booth guard who has been bribed to let her competitors through with their goods unchecked. When the cutscene ends, you'll all get into a car (finally, a car!) and drive to the toll booth. Jim reminds you again that you can call up Terry and Clay, so you might as well. If you call for backup, your brothers will follow your car.

When you approach the booth, Johnny and Malc will knock out the guard and take over. Johnny will be given an automatic shotgun (also known as a street sweeper), and you'll have to stay in cover at the booth and wait for Elizabeta's competitor's convoy to arrive at the booth. Once they make it the toll, take out the people surrounding it, but make sure to keep the car marked with the blue arrow intact!

This will be the most intense gunfight that you've seen in The Lost and Damned, so be prepared! All your enemies will have body armor and automatic weapons, and they won't be afraid to move up on you. Staying in cover in one spot may not be good enough, so roam around for the best position every so often.

After killing everybody from the convoy, steal the black van and drive it to the auto parts lockup in Industrial Bohan. Malc will leave once you park it and the mission will end.

Soon afterwards Elizabeta sends Johnny a text message saying that she's passing along a message about a cab service, Bellic Enterprises, available at 555-2222. This appears to be purely for reference because calling the number does nothing.



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