GTA IV The Lost and Damned Walkthrough: Missions

Get Lost

Inside the Lost clubhouse, Stubbs says that Ray is no longer a problem and that him and his associates will be in jail within a month or so. He says that Billy should worry about Billy Grey instead. Billy may do some talking in jail in order to get Johnny busted and lighten his own sentence. Johnny knows that he has to finish off Billy, but he doesn't know how to get to him in prison. Stubbs offers to help out with that part, but first head to the prison in southern Alderney.

Johnny will call up Terry and the brothers outside the Alderney State Correctional facility. When Terry and the gang show up, pick up all the guns you want from Terry's van. Load up on everything because you won't have to pay a cent for weapons this time. When you're all set with weapons, blow up the prison's front doors with whatever explosive weapon you took.

The doors burst open and a bunch of guards rush to greet you with their assault rifles. Get some cover and kill the guards one by one. After your first bunch move to the left with your brothers and take on the next bunch of guards. There will be a health kit around the corner if you need, and don't forget to shoot down the guard on the roof nearby. After about four groups of guards, you'll have to run into the prison yard to get Billy.

A couple of Annihilators filled with N.O.O.S.E. officers will touch down, and the officers will unload. Kill all the officers on the ground and on the platform above. If you stay in cover this will be very easy, and you may even get out without taking a hit. Once enough of them are down, grab the armor in the center and run to the new red blip to execute Billy. Run up to him with your pistol and take a shot at his head to begin the execution cutscene. Johnny is hesitant at first, but when Billy pulls out a knife, he takes the fatal headshot.

With Billy dead, run back to your bike and escape from the prison with Terry and Clay. Lead the gang back to the Lost clubhouse, which you'll find destroyed upon arrival. Angus and Terry get philosophical, and Johnny figures it's best to put the clubhouse out of its misery. Terry lays down some fuel and sets the place on fire as the brothers watch it burn from outside. Congratulations on finishing The Lost and Damned! If you decide to go for 100% completion, you can always check out all the other guides in our walkthrough!

Unlocks Xbox 360 achievement "Easy Rider" (100G)


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