GTA IV The Lost and Damned Walkthrough: Missions

Diamonds in the Rough

Ray has some work for you involving an exchange of diamonds. He can't get near the stuff so he needs you to take care of some things for him. You need to find a man named Gay Tony and steal the diamonds that he's buying. Outside, Johnny heeds Ray's warning and calls up Jim to ask for backup. Jim says he'll contact the Lost brotherhood in Broker and let them know you're coming. Your brothers will be waiting at the base of the bridge, so meet up with them, drive to the front of the pack, and lead them to the docks in Broker.

When you arrive at the docks you'll see Gay Tony and a couple of familiar faces. As his accomplice is Luis Lopez who you meet in the GTA IV missions Three Leaf Clover and Museum Piece. Selling the diamonds is the chef from the boat on which Niko arrived. The men will see Johnny sneaking up behind them and quickly scatter.

Follow the limousine on your bike and take out the people inside it along with those in the accompanying car. When they're all dead, the diamonds will fall outside the car. Pick them up and Johnny will call Ray for further instructions. He tells you to split the diamonds and put them in two different garbage piles. Drive over the trash bags marked on your GPS to place the diamonds in them.

After placing the diamonds in the trash bag, the mission will end and Johnny will call up Ashley who says that his payment from Ray will come after Ray sells the diamonds.


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