GTA IV The Lost and Damned Walkthrough: Missions

Coming Down

After Ashley calls you, her location in the projects will automatically appear on your GPS. Drive to the spot then head upstairs to the new blip. When you reach the correct floor, you'll have to find Ashley on your own. She's located in a room on the side of the floor opposite the stairwell, and the door is blocked by an armed drug dealer.

When you find the room, more drug dealers will appear on your radar, and you'll have to kill all of them before you're able to rescue Ashley. They'll drop a bunch of money, so load up before you reach Ashley!

When the coast is clear, take Ashley downstairs and out of the building. Grab a vehicle and drive her to her house in Alderney. On the way there you'll find out some details on their past relationship, Johnny says he used to love her. Drop Ashley off at home to end the mission.

Unlocks gang wars
Unlocks bike thefts


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