GTA IV The Lost and Damned Walkthrough: Missions

Collector's Item

Outside the spot Ray tells you to go, you'll see some familiar cars and soon realize that you'll be playing the GTA IV mission Museum Piece from Johnny's perspective. Follow the new blip inside the Libertorian to find your next destination. In the entrance of the museum you'll find some armor, and at the new blip near the goods entrance will be a health kit. Once you're loaded up with health, walk into the blip to meet up with Niko.

As we knew from GTA IV, the deal with Isaac goes bad when Luis Lopez appears in the window and kills Mori. He doesn't let up, so Johnny grabs the money and run. When the cutscene ends you'll have to escape from the Libertorian, which is now filled with a bunch of armed thugs trying to take you down. You'll see some bodies leading your way towards the exit, so follow Niko's leftovers to get out of the museum.

Some of Ray's thugs will be waiting for you outside. Apparently someone told Ray that Johnny stole the money, so he wants you dead. Kill the mafia members outside, and if any of them try to escape by car you'll have to chase them down as well. Once they're all dead and you've lost your wanted level, Johnny will call Jim and say he needs to drop something off with him. Go to Jim's location in north Algonquin to give him the money and end the mission. Soon afterwards, Jim calls you up and tells you to meet him at Ray's.

Reward: $10,000


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