GTA IV The Lost and Damned Walkthrough: Missions

Clean and Serene

The introduction starts with... well, an introduction! You watch the members of The Lost riding on their respective motorcycles through Alderney. Some text will display next to each character telling you their name and position in the gang.

When they arrive at their location, you see a man being let free by his parole officer. When Johnny and the rest of The Lost approach him, it is revealed that this man is Billy Grey, the gang's president, who has just been let out of jail.

The cutscene ends and it's time for your first piece of TLAD action! Your mounted on Johnny's bike (a new vehicle called the Hexer) along with Billy as a passenger, and you simply have to make your way to The Lost hideout in central Alderney. While riding over there, you will quickly notice the improved motorcycle handling and you'll also get a taste of the gang environment while riding in formation.
Upon arrival at the hideout, the boys have some drinks, but then go straight to arguing. Billy is upset that Johnny has softened up a bit and is more concerned with money than the gang's reputation of toughness. He is appalled to hear that the gang members have not retrieved his bike, which was stolen by some unnamed rivals. Johnny caves into Billy's attitude and says that they'll go get the bike. With a chant of the gang's motto "Peace and prosperity be damned," the boys are off to retrieve the bike!

When the cutscene ends you will once again be atop a motorcycle with Billy in the passenger seat. You need to ride to a chop shop on Guantanamo Ave in Bohan. Use this driving time as an opportunity to listen to some of the game's new radio content! On the way there Billy says that he's the leader again and it's time to run things the right way again. Johnny expresses his doubt by saying he thinks the gang is losing its sight of what's fun and getting into more trouble than it can handle. Billy is unwilling to listen and won't turn back.

Once you arrive at the chop shop, the owner says that he no longer has Billy's bike. After torturing him a bit by sticking his face on a moving motorcycle wheel, he reveals that the "Angels of Death" took the bike to their place in Northwood. The boys leave the chop shop and are off to the Angels of Death hideout.

When you enter the junkyard you'll automatically be put into a gunfight between The Lost and some members of the Angels of Death. You can stay on your bike to take them out (using the sawed-off shotgun from atop the bike), but you'll have more control if you dismount and run for cover. You'll already be equipped with the sawed-off shotgun, and your enemies will be wielding pistols that you can pick up once they're dead. Kill all the Angels of Death members marked on your radar with the red blip, and Billy will find his bike.

Get back onto your bike and follow Billy. You'll see that you're not the leader of the formation anymore! While following Billy, you'll get your first peek at one of the DLC's new features. When riding in formation, the logo of The Lost will appear on the street, and you need to stay inside the logo to receive health/armor power-ups and other perks. It also allows Johnny to converse with members that he's riding next to, revealing some things about their character.

After some time of following Billy, the gang will finally reach the clubhouse. The game's help will reveal some new features such as the arm-wrestling and hi-lo card mini-games available inside the clubhouse. You can also "pay your respects to fallen comrades" by approaching the photos on the wall. Your bedroom contains a lovely mattress on the floor, where you can save the game and advance six hours. Also in the bedroom is a TV where you watch new programs and a computer where you can access the in-game internet. The help text also introduces Johnny's bike, and a feature that allows you to call up a man named Terry if you're ever in need of weapons.

When the cutscenes end, you'll see statistics of your fellow gang members showing their effectiveness in battle. The more experience they get, the more tough they'll be. If one of them ever dies in combat, they will be replaced by another member. You're now free to do as you wish: call up Jim or Terry for some weapons, phone Clay to bring you your bike, or enter the "B" marker on your map to start a new mission from Billy.

Unlocks mission boss Billy
Unlocks Xbox 360 achievement "One Percenter" (5G)


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