GTA IV The Lost and Damned Walkthrough: Missions

Buyer's Market

This mission will seem oddly familiar, and you'll soon realize that it's the same mission as "Blow Your Cover" from GTA IV, but now from Johnny's perspective! At Elizabeta's party, she'll introduce you to both Playboy X and Niko. Instead of going straight to the apartment as Niko, you'll be going and picking up the heroin as Johnny! Drive over to Dukes to pick up the stolen heroin from Brian.

When you arrive to pick up the heroin, you'll feel some resentment from Brian because he wanted to be the one to oversee the deal. He'll finally give it up, and when the cutscene ends drive over to the apartment marked on your GPS. Walk up to the third floor of the building and wait for Playboy X and Niko. Another familiar cutscene will start where the "buyers" reveal themselves as LCPD officers.

The cutscene will end and instead of fighting the police up to the roof, Johnny must try to make his way down and out the front. Ward off the N.O.O.S.E. officers nearby and make your way down the staircase, all the while hearing Playboy and Niko yelling in the distance.

When you reach the bottom floor the apartment, you can choose to go out the front or the back. The back is a handy route because you can jump over a ledge and end up on a totally new street without any police officers around. Grab a car and shake your three-star wanted level to end the mission. When you're all clear, Johnny calls up Billy who says he'll find another buyer and in the meantime, a Congressman named Thomas Stubbs III has some work for Johnny.

Soon after the call with Billy, an unknown caller appears on your cell phone. The man reveals himself as an FIB officer who says that if Johnny gives up some information about The Lost, things may be easier on him. Johnny ignores the callers offer and hangs up.

Unlocks mission boss Tom Stubbs


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