GTA IV The Lost and Damned Walkthrough: Missions

Bad Standing

The brothers are hanging out on a street corner with Ray Boccino. Ray says that Ashley told him where Brian is, but with Billy in jail now he needs things to stay calm in order to keep a steady flow of "merchandise." He repeatedly warns the brothers to stay calm, and then walks off. Johnny decides to use Ray's information and "have a talk" with Brian at his safehouse in southern Alderney.

When you arrive at the safehouse you'll be shown some entrance points, as well as Brian's location on the top floor. Jim sends you another text message to remind you that you can call up Terry and Clay if you need some backup. Go ahead and call one of them, who will say that they can wait in the back of the house and that you should throw a grenade in the window to make him exit in that direction. Terry and Clay will appear on your GPS, and you should wait for them to get into position before attacking Brian.

If you don't have the grenade launcher anymore, you can throw one of the pipe bombs at the house. Once you cause an explosion the house will catch fire, and several gangster will run out. Terry and Clay will take care of them, but you may have to kill a few as well. Brian will hop on his bike and try to escape. Shoot him down before he gets far or, if you missed your chance, chase him down on your bike and kill him. Once Brian is dead and you're clear of the house, the mission will end.

Reward: $2,000
Unlocks Brian's place in Tudor as a new safehouse


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