GTA IV The Lost and Damned Walkthrough: Missions

Bad Cop Drop

The Fitz still paranoid over what the cops said earlier. He wants to show them that The Lost is done taking their crap, and he's got a plan. The two of you first need to make your way to the clubhouse. Before departing, Jimmy will hand you an automatic pistol (one of the new weapons in The Lost and Damned). Johnny challenges Jim to a race, so get there first if you want to keep your pride.

Jimmy walks up to the police officers parked outside and they're expecting him to give them some information. Instead, he punches one in the stomach and throws junk at the other. When the cutscene ends, you'll have to drive off to Acter Industrial Park to meet the rest of the gang. The police officers will be chasing you down and even shooting along the way.

Unlike other missions where you want to outrun the cops, you don't actually want to lose them in this case. You can press B at any time to see if you're still in the police officers' sights. You are trying to lure them to the rest of your buddies, so be sure that they're still following!

When you arrive at the industrial park, three or four FIB Buffalos filled with four officers each will pull up and a gun battle will start between The Lost and the feds. You'll gain a two-star wanted level at the same time. Killing the officers is not a difficult task - just keep in cover, and make use of the explosive barrels conveniently lying around where they parked their cars! When all the bent cops are dead, your buddies will leave and you have to lose your two-star wanted level. You should probably make your escape in one of the FIB Buffalos because those are a little harder to come by. Remember - you can always call up Clay to get another bike!

Reward: $2,000


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