GTA IV The Lost and Damned Walkthrough: Missions

Angels in America

Billy is holding a welcoming party when Johnny arrives. The two fight some more, but soon Jason runs in to say that there are some "Deadbeats" hanging around outside the clubhouse. Billy doesn't want anybody to crash party, so he runs out armed.

Outside there are several members of the Angels of Death gang. One of them asks what happened to the truce they had, which Billy seems to know nothing about. The speaker insults Billy, turns around, and just then gets shot in the back by Billy. The rest run off, and The Lost chase them down.
Follow the Angels of Death members marked on your radar, and take out each one while riding your bike. This will be the first mission where you get to effectively use the sawed-off shotgun while riding a bike. You need to shoot down all the gang members before they can return to the Angels of Death hideout and inform the others that a war's about to start.

Once you kill all of them, Billy will have you meet him in north Algonquin. When you arrive at the meeting point, you'll find Billy and Jason waiting. Jason informs you that he's heading out to Firefly Island to meet with "some Russian broad," who we know to be Faustin's daughter from the GTA IV mission No Love Lost.

Unlocks mission boss Jim


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