GTA IV The Lost and Damned Walkthrough: Missions


Inside the clubhouse you'll find Billy conversing, and of course insulting, Ray Boccino, who Billy apparently owes some money. Once again, Billy riles up the gang and its off to another adventure!

During the ride, Johnny proposes that they turn the trip into a race. The others agree, so make your way to the Angels of Death clubhouse marked on your GPS as quickly as possible. It will be rather easy to outrun your fellow Lost members on the clean stretches of highway. When you arrive at the clubhouse, Billy tells you that he received some bad information - the Angels of Death were the ones that killed Jason, not "some Serb." He hands you a grenade launcher and tells you to shoot a round through the window of their clubhouse.

When the cutscene ends, aim your grenade launcher at the window and fire. When the building catches fire, members of the Angels of Death will come running outside and a gun battle will ensure. You can use your grenade launcher a couple of times to take them out, but you should conserve the grenades for later use. Use a pistol since there is plenty of ammo layout around. When you finish off all the guys outside, Billy will move up inside and ask you to join.
Inside the clubhouse, take out the gangsters room by room. In the first room you'll find a green health kit behind the bar if you're in need of a boost. After killing the men in the first room and on the stairwell, head downstairs and finish the rest off in the basement. When they're dead, Billy will stumble upon two duffel bags full of heroin, and the real reason why he wanted to raid the clubhouse becomes clear. Johnny warns Billy that every Deadbeat on the East Coast is going to be coming after The Lost. When the cutscene ends, run back outside, hop on your bike, and flee the scene before the police find you.

Reward: $1,000
Unlocks mission boss Elizabeta Torres


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