GTA IV The Lost and Damned Walkthrough: Bike Thefts

After completing Ashley's mission Coming Down, Jim will give you a call and say that his contact who sells bikes to Japan has some more work for Johnny. You can get new jobs from his contact by choosing Angus in your phonebook, and selecting "Job."

These jobs will be more like Brucie's Exotic Exports than Stevie's Car Thefts because once you get dealt a new job, the location of the bike will automatically appear on your GPS. You won't be required to go searching around the city for a specific vehicle.

The bike thefts are a great way to make easy money, as you'll be paid for each one. It's best to do as little damage as possible while jacking the bike so that you don't make the it immobile. If you gained a wanted level while stealing the bike, you'll have to shake the police before proceeding.

When you're free of a wanted level, The Lost clubhouse will appear on your GPS, and you simply have to drop the bike off in the garage to complete the job.

Here is a list of the missions he'll send you on:
  • NRG 900 $900
  • Sanchez $900
  • A Ride in the Park
  • Beachcomber: there's a man screwing up a nice bike on the beach at Firefly Island by driving it on the sand. Get him off the Bati 800 and bring it back to the clubhouse to get $900.
  • Delivery Boy's Hardship
  • Ex-Display: to steal the Sanchez on display at Westdyke Autos, you'll need to break the glass at the store. Once the bike is yours take it back to the clubhouse for $900.
  • Get Off Your High Horse: take a car for this mission so that you don't need to waste too many bullets and get the cops on you. Drive to the East Borough Bridge to snatch a Wolfsbane from a guy riding with two of his buddies. Crash into the other two men with your car to knock them out, then get out of the vehicle and shoot down the man on the Wolfsbane. Lock it up in the garage for $900
  • Short Stay Parking
  • Stripclub Hog: beat up a man and a stripper talking outside the Bohan stripclub and jack his Hellfury. Take it to the garage for $1,400.
  • Take Out Liquor: take the Hellfury from four Angels of Death members hanging outside a liquor store in Broker. They won't give it up without a fight, but when you've got it and lost the police, lock it up for $900.
  • Tattoo Parlor Lament: steal a Wolfsbane from a man detailing the car outside a tattoo parlor in Alderney City and take it to the clubhouse for $900.
  • Zorts Fumes

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