GTA Wishlist

Submitted by: "LordAcheron"

Wish: Straight to the point: It needs to have an insanely nearly-imossible-to-pull-off
interactions with the environments. Like, run into a smaller building and it could
practically blow up.

Taking another idea from a previous wishlist, they need to bring back Vice City\'s
work-for-asset-profit concept, except they need to add a huge part where if you want
you can run a largescale crime syndicate-stealing and selling cars, running weapon
deals(but I say no to all drug relations in GTA), that sorta thing.

Here\'s somemore things:
-Maybe a build-a-car mode
-Weapon customization(SOCOM 3 add-ons)
-Sunny Vice City Atmosphere, I loved it
-It will be on all systems. I\'d love to see it on the Wii/Revolution
-Massive online play and users get to make up their own games
-Not containing the Hot Coffee mod... X(
-Double the number of weapons of previous GTAs
-More car mods
-Rob houses with just about any car you want(Before San An came out, I was going to
rob a house with the Monster Truck then ditch everything into a Badlands river XD)
-HUGE Rock Radio Station with more GNR, Maiden, Metallica, anything!(WITH LAZLOW
-Be able to walk into any building without load times.
-More flying vehicles, and more helicopters than the standard VCN Mav, Police Mav,
Mav, Hunter, Sparrow & Sea Sparrow.
-Being able to shoot a building with rocket launcher/heavy artillery/tank/hunter
rockets and chain gun and having the building be severely damaged.

Submitted by: "Jared"

Wish: I didnt hear too many people mention weather effects and seasons in the new
wishlist, so I thought I would like to add some

rain-I would like to see better rain effects, like better wet roads, water droplets
bounce of the ground realistically when it is raining hard enough, puddles begin to
form over time, water flows down streets along the curb and into sewers along with
rain dripping from ledges of buildings, and everything in the environment should
actually appear wet. Lastly, when it begins to rain, npcs should take out their
umbrella or begin to run faster to get where they are going.

wind-I dont remember there being any wind in San Andreas, correct me if I am wrong.
In gta 4, wind should make the grass, trees, bushes and peoples clothing sway.
Rubbish and other debris along the streets like empty bottles or recycling bins
should blow across the street. If the wind is strong enough, an occasional telephone
pole could fall over into the street.

thunderstorms-It would we nice if the lightning in thunderstorms is more than a
flash. Lightning should now actually come down towards the ground and hit a tree or
a building. In a rare occasion, you could be driving around in a thunderstorm to see
a lightning bolt hit a tree and cause a small fire. If you are flying in a plane
right under the storm clouds during a thunderstorm, lightning bolts should be able
to hit your plane. The coolest addition that I would want to see in thunderstorms
are tornadoes. I would like them to be extremely rare though, about as rare as
seeing random airplanes crash in San Andreas. Tornadoes and a completely
destructable environment would go together well. Imagine seeing cars get swept off
the ground by a tornado and thrown into the distance, debris floating around,
telephone poles getting knocked over, and power outages. Lastly, there should be
whether warnings on all radio stations, including a sever thunderstorm warning and a
tornado warning.

snow- Yes, everyone wants snow. Other cool conditions that go along with snow are
ice cycles that hang from the bottom of your car and gutters on houses, frozen ice
puddles, and frozen lakes. If snow was implemented into the game, snow should
accumulate on roads and then there will need to be snow plows. You will be able to
use a snowplow and effectively clear roads of snow yourself, or even make huge piles
of snow in the middle of the road just to cause havoc. Appropriate physics should be
added so that when you walk through snow, your feet go through the snow and your
footprints are visible. There should be physics for ice, too. Here are some creative
examples. If you try to make a sharp bend or slam your breaks, your automobile will
go out of control and slide off the road. If you leave a car on a steep hill, the
car will begin to slide its way down. If you take your main character over a frozen
lake, your character could slip and fall if you run to fast. If you crash your car
off a bridge and into a frozen lake, the car will penetrate through the ice. I'll go
into more detail on snow accumulation. Snow builds up on the ground and road like I
mention before, but also on rooftops, parked cars, and trees. Since snow covers the
sidewalks, npcs will be seen shoveling their driveway.

seasons-I can not stress how much I've always wanted the next generation gta to have
seasons. I would like to see all 4 seasons implemented into the game, spring,
summer, fall, and winter. In spring, there will be lots of rain and thunderstorms.
In the fall, leaves begin to fall off trees, and npcs will rake their yards. In
summer, it will be hot, sunny or cloudy, and thunderstorms here and there, just like
in San Andreas. In winter, I would like to see all of the ideas in my "snow" topic.
There also needs to be a scale of time for each season, just like each day/night
cycle is 24 minutes. I think an ideal lenght of a season should be around 4 ingame
weeks. 4 ingame weeks would be equal to 11 hours and 12 minutes exactly. 4 weeks is
also a good number because that is how many weeks are in a month as well.

holidays- I think each of the 4 seasons should have one of their own unique
holidays. The summer holiday would similar to the fourth of july in america. The
main attraction of this holiday would be that at night time there would be a grand
show of fireworks and npcs would gather in certain areas and look up into the sky in
awe watching the fireworks. There would also be a few patriotic people wearing big
colorful hats and clothing. The spring holiday would be like easter, but rockstars
own version. There would be an occasional npc's dressed up in a rabbit costume in
stores. The fall holiday would be halloween. There would be npc's walking down the
street in costumes, houses would be decorated with skeletons and such, crime would
be much higher than on any other day, and there would be creepy halloween music in
stores. Lastly, the winter holiday would be rockstars version of christmas. There
would be christmas music on radio stations, there would be npcs that are santa
clause impersonators, and houses would be decorated accordingly. In each holiday, a
special but rare easter egg could be found, but only on that holiday. For example:
on halloween night, a bigfoot could be found in the woods, on christmas, you could
see santa on his sleigh, on easter, you could find a gigantic white rabbit jumping
in the woods, etc.

Submitted by: "R.A.P. The Ripper"

Wish: The Next GTA Game should not have regular ragdoll physics, but Euphoria,
that's the next generation of ragdoll :D. I think that they could apply
this to all buildings and materials to, that would be cool. Buildings could
collapse, evertything could be destroyed. Check this link to see what
Euphoria can do.

Submitted by: "codyx3 6"

Wish: 1. Ragdoll Effects

2. When you hit a building or something, it will damage, or in a car it will go

3. Enter any building/house, anytime, anywhere.

4. When in a house there is people doing real things, like washing dishes, taking a
bath, watching TV.

5. When the incar view, make it so you can see the wheel, interior, hood of car, etc.

6. If something happens to a building, or a car explodes in the road and there is a

hole, construction crew come and fix it, and will last like a week or so in the

7. More vehicles, things to ride on, etc.

8. Be able to customize any car.

9. More people walking.

10. Be able to steal a trolley (San Fierro)

11. bodies stay when killed, until people in cars come and pick them up, like you
can take the bodies, drag them, etc.

12. When you pay a girl in a strip club, clothes accually come off. I mean this game
is rated M, if kids shouldnt see those kind of things, their parents shouldnt get
them the game.

13. When buying a hotel/casino, you can go in the casino, not just the room you

14. Climb ladders.

15. There is male and female police, firemen(woman), army, etc. And there should be

like 10 different types, not 2 of each that look the same.
16. After you kill someone, you can take their clothes off and wear them, so if you
see a army guy, you can dress in camo.

Submitted by: "jmystas"

Wish: My wishes for the next GTA is More Gangs (GTA is NOT a War game) that you can fight
against or make association. More realistic vehicle. The Ability to deal drugs sell
weapon (import/export). better fighting mechanics and bettre AI. The ability to get
Drunk and get High, with special effect on the screen, the more you're drunk more
your vision is altered. BIGGER map ! Multiplayer online game with de ability to play
together or deathmatch to conquere more territories by gunfight or business.More
interactivity with over characters.

Submitted by: "Jeriko"

Wish: A few things I'd like to see in GTA4:

- if you commit a crime and there are NO SHOULD NOT
count on your wanted meter....perhaps becoming a serial killer would
soon see the cops catching onto you and THEN coming for you - but
killing someone alone in a back alley or robbing an empty house should
not automatically bring the police down on you....this is a major
annoyance in the previous games as it takes away from the immersion.

- along that line....cops and gangs and any enemies should not magically
be able to recognize you as you drive through a neighborhood. If you
steal a different car or something, than you should be unrecognizable
until you are somehow identified...perhaps when on foot. Also - if you
hide or get away for a bit....they should not magically find you either
- there needs to be some realism to chase scenes so your opponents are
not always THERE

-would be nice if one could earn/unlock/open a cheat for things like:
Zombie mode (where you're a survivor in a zombie infested world),
Running Man mode (hunted by others in a game show), Superhero mode
(unlock powers like strength, flying etc... to defend citizens from
evil/become the bad guy), crazy physics mode etc...

-if the goal is to continue to make GTA a true open world, adding
activities like hunting, fishing, building houses, shopping for numerous
items, relationships can be added....the list is endless

-police can ticket you for other crimes like running red lights,
speeding, pick pocketing, graffiti etc...and maybe not every crime lands
you in jail.

-other day to day activities - snowboarding (snow in general)/skiing,
earning money from a job, maybe an amusement park with roller coasters,
water parks?

-add more melee weapons into the game - and make it easier to buy all
weapons - easier to find the hard to get ones

-MORE music and more radio stations? Options to buy music for your
home/car stereos (which you can upgrade), making your own cds to play

-more games in arcades, at home, in casinos

-picking of locks allowed

-skill system upgrades where you can focus and improve certain
attributes to make a different character each time. i.e. stealth skills,
thief skills, stamina, strength, agility, marksmanship, driving,
mercantile (I am using Elder Scroll 4: Oblivion as a basis for this)

-having a fully creatable character? Pick gender, race, physical
attributes, starting skill set - whether you're an assassin, thug,
shooter, driver, runner or whatever

-horses to ride perhaps?

-crafting system of some sort? To build things you need (furniture,
weapons, clothing etc....) and the ability to perhaps open a store and
sell your wares as a means of income

-some sort of multiplayer/online mode is a MUST...goes without saying
but wanted to add to my list as well

-improved physics overall....people, cars, planes, boats - as well as
more distance for things like flying.....too small a cap to make use of
things like the fighter jet....which MOVES.

-the ability to make a career in music (playing instruments), movies or

-submarines as water vehicles

-maybe even a space shuttle or something that can take you into space a
bit? If you really want to get takes you to the moon and you
can drive a moon rover! :-)

-strippers actually stripping in the strip clubs

-organized gang fights - where your gang's AI helps you out and both
sides have a large brawl/shootout -and a better method of recruiting a
gang with SMART AI would be nice.

-better clipping so when you're in a gunfight you can hide behind stuff
and try to take less damage...also in a firefight.....cops should not
just run up to you and start shooting or hitting...they should take
cover as well so it's a real (fair) gunfight

-along those lines....the ability to take a hostage in a police
standoff...makes for an interesting shootout

-more climbing and jumping - places to go and up on roofs etc for climbing ladders and pipes....roof top chases - also -
better jumping so when you're running from someone you can jump between
roofs (its tied into your physical attributes...better shape = bigger
jump) and just overall climb higher onto roofs etc...

Submitted by: "mc_stoke900"

Wish: i have been a keen player of gta since the very 1st 1 came out. but now i think they
need more detail e.g use actual car manufactures and create a gta in england again
not just america. also use more motocycles and use the correct names use from 50cc
to 1300cc hiyabusa every make of vehicle.
also make it so u can have boy racer cars e.g fiat punto\'s vauxhall corsa\'s you
get the point and make it so you can change every factor of the vehicles correctly
because the gta;sa is moderly ok but you cannot change the care to a substancial

Submitted by: "Nite"

Wish: I love to explore in games with big maps alot, It would be cool to see a GTA game
with the size of the map that \"Elders Scrolls 4: Oblivion\" has. It took me 2 weeks
just to explore the map in that game with all the caves, ruins, forts, castles, etc
that it has. If GTA had a game with a map that size, you could probably fit maybe 7
or 8 cities on it with plenty of room leftover for country side.

Submitted by: "zeppelincheetah"

Wish: -DVD Commentary is a MUST. Fans have been dying for such a thing. Document the
development process... we want to peer into the mind of Rockstar North. 100%
completion should be handsomly rewarded. :)

-Hideouts: Have much fewer hideouts (San Andreas\' hideouts were overkill, and
repetitive) and have customization to your \"pad\". I\'ve heard that this was
considered as early as Vice City. Include a TV that\'s on a news network. The news
would report all of the happenings around town, including all of the chaos the
character creates

-jet skis! the fans have been begging for them since III

-seasonal weather, complete with npc\'s wearing appropriate clothes

-ability to get drunk in real time: fans have wanted this since the infamous mission
with phil in Vice City; the ability to go in a bar, buy a drink, and have neato
engine effects

-ability to get high in real time: same deal, different effect

-smoking cigarettes/cigars in real time (if Solid Snake and Big Boss can do it, why
can\'t a gangster do it?)

-better communication with npc\'s

-rain realism: windshield wipers on cars start up, npc\'s take out umbrellas, the
\"camera\" gets rain drops on it a la Vice City

-\"stalking\": I\'ve wanted this since GTA III. What I mean by stalking is the
ability to follow a NPC through its daily routine - a routine that is not limited to
walking on the sidewalk nor driving nowhere nor parking, getting out, and walking on
the sidewalk

-more gore: Fuck the liberals and the conservatives. We want more gore. the GTA
III gore code should be default. Ragdoll physics are a must.

-bowling alleys: you teased the fuck out of me with that Vice City bowling alley!
please, please, put bowling in the game (like pool in SA)

-real time sporting events: I want to hear fans cheering \"GO COCKS!\" and I want
to see the Beavers be pulverized by the Cocks. ;)

-arcades with better games: why not dig up one your more famous IP\'s for a
change? (Lemmings Lemmings Lemmings!)

-upend the teatable with carjacking: I think it would be nice to see a little more
skill involved when carjacking. you could still carjack the \"old\" way by opening
car doors and throwing npc\'s out. but, in the \"new\" way, you could jack into a
locked car, and then hotwire it. it wouldn\'t be something that would not add to
the difficulty of the game, but rather it would add to the realism

-jail/prison: have several months elapse everytime you get \"Busted!\"; the amount
of time elapsed dependant on the severity of the crime. you would still be put back
out on the street immediately, but it would be a nice little effect

-hospitals: same as jail/prison, make the hospital an enterable building (would work
nicely on a mission where you finish the job that you started - like that sindacco
guy in SA)

-gas tank (petrol in british speak, i believe); Like in Body Harvest, but have the
tank last quite a bit longer (a game week or so). so, if you jack a car, you\'ve
gotta watch the tank to make sure you have enough gas to get from a to b (who stays
in one car very long anyways?) - it would add realism. Many fans hate the idea
though. I think that if you did it cleverly they would accept and appreciate it.

-I\'m sure you\'re familiar with San Francisco Rush, aka the best arcade racing
series ever created... I would love for you to include a \"Pappyland\" [named after
the programmer for the N64 version of Rush who had the brilliant idea of putting a
well hidden stunt track in track 6...] easter egg in a GTA somewhere

-more arcade-like ideas:
-bring back \"Gouranga!\" (I know poor schu - who hasn\'t updated in
forever - would love to see its return)
-bring back the chain reaction explosions from GTA and GTA2 - one of the coolest
things about those games was the insane chain reaction explosions you could create
if you blow up a car in the middle of a traffic jam...
-burp/fart button!

-here\'s an idea i\'ve had since mid 2001: real-time witnesses. what I mean is, if
you kill all who witnessed your crime before they get to a payphone (or use their
cellphone), you get away scott free!

-real-time weapon change: i\'m sure you\'ve seen the GTA parody on the Chappele\'s
show (where he makes fun of the instantaneous weapon changing). One thing I loved
about Manhunt was the real-time weapon changing. Instead of *POOF* Ak-47!, you
should be able to see the weapons on the main character\'s person before they pull
it out.

-bring back the respect-o-meter and the weapons garage from GTA 2!

-pickpocketing: instead of having to result to murder to get some money, you should
be able to snatch an old lady\'s purse as she\'s crossing the street!

-criminal record: this is taking the stats to the extreme - police will react to you
according to how much crime you\'ve commited even when you don\'t have any stars

-melee kills: in San Andreas you tried this out... with only the knife though. I\'d
like to see you bring back the hardware stores from Vice City and really add some
variety to the melee kills...

-animals: fuck PETA. when I say animals I don\'t mean puppies and kittens, I mean
fish, guard dogs (MGS), birds, and \"game\" (as the rednecks call it; hunted animals
such as deer, bears, etc.) - I\'d LOVE to be out in the wilderness at night, see a
\"deer crossing\" sign on the side of the road and WHAM! crash right into a
petrified buck, totalling the car

-Gang Wars/Recruitment: I liked what you did with San Andreas, but it could use
some tweaking. For one, conquered territory should be able to be re-conquered by
your enemy. That bugged the hell out of me in SA. I had a great time taking over
territory but, when I was done, it was over - they never attempted to reclaim their
old territory. As far as recruitment goes, you should be able to give your men more
detailed orders - as in the commands in R* Vancouver\'s The Warriors.

-street races: flash your brights to incite a street race, a la Tokyo Xtreme Racer

Submitted by: "JonnyVice"

Wish: 1. Jet Skis. I think they are long overdue

2. Cooler Jetpack. Don\'t get me wrong, the jetpack was cool. I\'m just thinking
something more along the lines of say...The Rocketeer. I want it to be one of the
fastest vehicles in the game. I wanna put Superman to shame.

3. Old Locations. That one mission in San Andreas teased me with this idea...I\'d
like to be able to hop in a plane, or my kickass jetpack, and fly over to Vice City
or San Andreas. Or as I\'m driving through a tunnel I get dumped out in Liberty

4. My Biggest Wish. Yeah, everyone want to blow up cities and I\'m totally with
you guys, destructible environments are a must. However say as you going through
the game there\'s this small little town in the middle of nowhere that you decide to
buy. Now imagine, if you keep your town clean with plenty of dirty business, it
turns into a city. You become mayor. You build buildings. You build Ammunations.
You control everything. Eventually our city becomes a metropolis with the latest
and greatest technology (flying cars anyone?), and you own every damn bit of it.

Submitted by: "Wrighty"

Wish: A wanted-level system as seen in Godfather. Different levels for different areas,
level goes down but not completely if wasted in the area. You must take out REAL
bribes (not just driving into a star) to evade the police. Maybe even have a crooked
cop among your consortium. The police don\'t just put you in hospital and forget
that you exist.

Submitted by: "Domino"

Wish: - I believe they should make hundreds of ways for you to blow your money, like
hire a hitman, hire protection, (as someone mentioned earlier) be able to buy scopes
and silencers, get drunk, buy drugs.....anything really

- Also i would love to see the return of the Mafia (haven\'t seen them since good
old GTA 3 and the last part of Vice City

- Be able to blow up buildings and see them gradually being re-constructed
(mentioned before)

- Be able to assemble a team of experts and rob a bank, though it should be harder
in this game than in Vice City and the stolen money could vary in amount with how
long you took from the vault

- I really want to see more hitman missions like in Vice City but somewhat more deep
and stealthy.

- Also you could set up a small hitman firm and have people hire you to kill a
certain person or people. It would certainly pass the time more when you\'re mucking

- I\'d also like to see a lot more weapon choice in GTA 4 as in San Andreas, there
was only the restricted choice of Two Assault Rifles (M4 and AK-47)

- Rag doll physics would vastly improve the gameplay

- I mentioned earlier about the Mafia. I also think it would be cool if you could
assassinate the don of the Mafia and then you could assume control. Then people
would be attempting to assassinate you as well as you wander the streets.

Submitted by: "GTA Chuggy"

Wish: better car modification
deasent online play
modafiable wepons (eg buy silensers, scopes etc... and add them to any wepon)
Race circuits
more realistic damage
deforable buildings and land ( so if you get a shuvel you can dig holes in the
ground, blow buildings up, remove the rubbel and build a new house etc)
more aircraft- transport planes (so you can drive cars in and fly them to where they
are needed)
bigger garages (the ones in SA were too small so you could only fit 1 bike 1 car etc)
bigger map, 2x the size of SA should be do able on bluray disks
downloadable extras of the internet (eg new clothes)
rollerblades and skateboards!!!
ability to buy land and build
local peds have names(so if they killed, other peds may say "did you hear what
happed to bob?" etc....)
proper ragdoll physics

i dont care where the next gta is, i would like it in english and there is one city
which has been mentioned in GTA but not used-------Carcer city!

Submitted by: "joseph brennan"

Wish: There should full interiors just live gamplay, walk right through the door.
No loading time.

We should be able to preform robberies anywhere any time. If you are in a
neighboirhood? Walk by a house (I guess you could unlock the door by
shooting the door knob) go through the door and rob. Or if your in a store
just target the gun at the clurk until he gives up the money.

We should be able to interact with our inviorment much more. like actually
break windows in buildings. Drive cars into walls and if fast and powerful
enough breakthrough. Jack a truck, gain speed, crash it through building,
fly through windsheild, get up, run to a high floor, take out a bomb, plant
it, find and break through window, parashute down, and whatever. And have
like if you were to plant and detinate a bomb in a building for fun the
building fall with a huge blast and gradually you see construction start
back ( mabey a 5 day process of construction). And after a few days the
building be back. Or crash a jet into a big building and have a lego effect
where you actually crash into the buildinh and pieces of the building slowy

We should be able to not only control a public transportation vehicle ( jet,
bus, train, subway) but be able to walk around in it. There should other
people in there with you sitting down. Just think; you could drive to the
airport and walk through the terminal walk into the jet and wait for it to
take off (and all of this time you are able to walk around in the jet) and
when ever you want take over, but probably you would get some stars and
there would be jets following.

Yeah like an earlier person said we should be able to interact with
pedestrians. like grab them and through them through windows and

Submitted by: "fatplaya"

Wish: The gameplay should be a combination of Hitman: Blood Money, and Test Drive
Unlimited. This would really show the power of the next-gen console. When you roam
around the streets and inside buildings it should have the look of hitman. Also,
have the choice of first and third person views like someone said ealier. Then the
other aspect of the game, driving, should feel like Test Drive Unlimited.
Customizable houses, going to the dealership to buy cars( even though you can just
steal one), Interior views of the car; open doors, windows, trunks and hoods during
gameplay. What will be tight will be rolling causing havoc and being able to put
people in the trunk of the car to get rid of bodies and bury them mafia style. Or
just keep a shotgun in the car.

Submitted by: "kindalikegod"

Wish: -Ok so first of all if there were to be more gang wars on territiores and things
like that, have them with all the gangs that you hate. not just 2 that are closest
to you but in like other cities and the mafia and stuff like that

-When you buy property, they should have kinda like the Vice city idea where u have
to work for your asset if it is a certain company u r settin up or taking over and
more of them also not just like 3 or 4

-uhh yea the ragdoll physics would be nice i guess w.e.

-actually b able to purchase drinks or food and SIT DOWN with it if its fast food,
but if u were like at a restaurant like follow a waiter or waitress and then order
sumthin then u ll have like a certain amount of time before they cook ur food and u
can walk around and do w/e until that time

-it would b awsome if when u recruit ur own gang member and like tool them up with
guns of ur choice. like goin 2 the ammunation and buyin weapons for them

-have the gang A.I. more advanced like not just run towards u with AKs, but like
jump on rooftops roll around like u can

-have other characters change their appearance as well i mean and not wear the same
thign everyday and have the more powerful gang member wear different colors or more
clothing n body armor, etc.

-uhhh bathroom? idunno lol like wen the character needs 2 crap u can hear him say
GOD I NEED 2 CRAP or sumthin like that

-climbin up ladders

-like private booths when they\'re gamblin, or join in and actually play with other
people not just with the dealer and b able to put more than money on the table like
property u own or cars your drivin or even the clothes on ur back. play other people
in poker and not video poker like ATUAL poker ne kind.

-more sports like besides basketball *ugh* like baseball and then its like they had
tennis courts and baseball fields fer no reason or even FOOTBALL would b chill

-when doin ILLEGAL street races, have cops join in like the the illegal street race
they had in vice city, and if u do well enough b able to get into the syndicate and
take that over like have it in the story

-more places to walk into , blow True Crime NY outa the water and be able to
purchase music or more clothes or even put ur own tunes from ur ipod into the game

-actually buy things in a liquor store like booze or eggs lol with sum milk?

-when u leave ur car sumwhere, dont have it disappear have it appear like in a big
junk yard or the impound thing again in SA

-have a drunk meter if u have to much beer 2 drink at a bar and start riots in a bar

-makin it online would b thee best i mean like xbox live not PC or ps3. u can create
ur own gang and either have ur friends or A.I. s as ur teammates and fight against
the three other gangs for territory control....or even better like have a gang
territory and ur defendin it fromthe other three and the cops also and u can tag up
w/e u want in that area and if ur a cop, ur job is to kill the gang in that
territory and clean it up. on both sides u can be able to like customize ur
appearance, cars u drive and ur squad

Submitted by: "homielowe"

Wish: totally interactive environment, say blow up a building, few hours later or so ,
construction crew etc., able to pick up or interact with mostly everything(throw
garbage can), animals, subs,

Submitted by: "SA Most Wanted"

Wish: I have been a supporter of this for a long time...... Destruction Reactive
enviroments. I just think it would be awsome for someone to blow up a car and it
leave a hole in the road. Then to have a construction crew come by and repair the
hoe for a few game weeks. An addtion would be to add detours and such.

Submitted by: "James Rebholz"

Wish: 1. Finally, a change to ragdoll-type physics.

2. More realistic vehicle damage. When you scrape a building or guard rail,
your car's bare metal is exposed. Slam into a building and the front end
crumples. Tires SHRED, not just clip and wobble.

3. I want the targeting system to improve. It's still needs work, but it's
better than Vice City or (shudder) DRIVER.

4. I'd like to see destructible environments. If you've ever played
Mercenaries you know why I want this. Ideally fully-deformable terrain
would be perfect, but this isn't realistic. At the least, I want buildings
to drop if you fire enough explosives around them. Perhaps explosive packs
could leave small craters in the ground temporarily (and disappear once you
leave the area)

5. I want the cops to be even more aggressive than they are now. THat's not
to say I want them to bust me for speeding--that's lame. I mean I want the
return of spike strips. I want rolling roadblocks. I want multi-car high
speed pursuits down major expressways. I want a news bulletin to interrupt
the radio whenever I get up over 3 stars warning people there's a nutball on
the loose.

6. I want to be able to climb ladders. Why can't we climb ladders? CJ
could swim for ages, he could run a marathon, he could practically rip your
arm off and beat you to death with the wet end, but for some reason ladders
completely mystify him.

7. I want to be able to rip someone's arm off and beat them to death with
the wet end.

Submitted by: "Static"

Wish: -I would love to start riots, without using the riot cheat.
Throwing weapons would be awesome. I also think there should be like kitchen
knives you could pick up from your apartment and use those as dispoable
throwing knives.

-Rag Dolls. Definately. Rag Dolls make a game so much cooler. Also, if going
at full speed in a convertible, ther player should fly out when crashing at
full speed.

-Clothing previews. On San Andreas we couldn't see what the clothes looked
like before wearing them, so that would be cool.

-Torsos. PS3 has a lot of virtual memory right? So torsos should stay on the
ground, and they should be interactive. Like picking up the bodies, shooting
the bodies (Rag Dolls would fit in here so much). They will only disappear
after you drive away from it.

-More mods. I mean that the number of mods on San andreas were not a lot. I
would like to see much more spoilers, front bumpers etc.

-Strength. If Rockstar are going to keep in the gyms, a good idea would be
to see much more difference between a skinny character and a strong
character. For example, a strong character if strong enough, can throw
somebody out of a convertable, while the skinny would only be able to open
the door and just push the person out. Also, a fatter person would not be
able to wear a selection of clothes, or if they do, they would complain of
pains, especially around the groin area.

-AI. If rockstar was to make their product more next gen, a good AI is
definately needed. I mean in San Andreas, the police crash anywhere. Also,
the pedestraisn should react more awell. Like in San Andreas the Peds were
supposed to have lives.

-Robbing shops and banks. Now this is a must. Robbing gun shops would be
cool and so would banks. This could be a way of making money. Not only
robbing at night but also daytime robbery. The character will have hostages
and stuff. While the police are outside, waiting to charge in. Maybe he
could hire thugs aswell for the robbery. Ocen's 11 style.

-NOS. The NOS in San Andreas didn't look very good. More Burnout
style/Driver: Parrallel line NOS please.

-Virtual Memory. This should be increased. Like more pedestrians, more
police cars when giving chase.

-Environment. If blowing up a car, the car should react to the environment
more. Like in Driver: Parrallel lines. The Peds should react to the
environment. What would be cool, is the Godfather type like envionment. You
can throw a person through windows, which is definately cool. Also, the main
character could pick up objects from the surroundings as use them as
weapons, such as stop signs etc.

Submitted by: "SexMachine"

Wish: I have a killer idea for GTA IV. It is always First person! Shows your gun like in a
FPS, yet show inside of a car and look as realistic as possible. And every car will
have a different Inteirior design inside. All the guages work on the dashboard. You
can even see the what the radio station is it\'s so realistic! You can roll down
your windows and look out for a more clearer view. GTA IV could have a first person
mode, a third person mode, and a classic topdown mode of views to have in the game.
Imagine playing Xbox 360 live on GTA IV with First Person, it would be a realistic
hovac! And, my best idea in my opinion, a War Zone Mode for online! You create up to
4 teams with combat bases complete with hummers, tanks, heli\'s, ATV\'s, etc. Have
over 100 people on a server, and whoever destroys the enemie(s) base wins!

Now time for an idea of what kind of mass destruction could be in the game! All
buildings are destructable just like in Mercinairies: Playground of destruction. All
vehicles are, even the ground, rocks, and and trees can fall apart! Holes in the
ground from bombs, trees are on the ground fallen from the bombs also.

Weather time!
There should be all the weather in all of the other GTA\'s, just with snow in this
one. There should be three different states you can go to, New York, California, and
Michigan. I picked michigan because of detroit \"motor city\" so there would be
really cool cars there.

I think there should be licensed vehicles in this GTA because it would be possible
if Rockstar asked the automotive Manufactuers to do so, even with damage!

Submitted by: "NotTheFace"

Wish: if you do a wish list please include rag doll in there, i think the gta games would be so good if they had it like in day of defeat.


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