Thursday, July 12th, 2007
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GTA IV Demo At Take2 Conference (E3 2007)

Grand Theft Auto IV - General News | @ 11:11 AM MDT | By ash_735
It appears that a GTA IV demo was shown at the Take2 Conference at E3 earlier today. The conference took place between 8am - 9am (PDT). Unfortunately we won't get to see any videos or pictures just yet but I'm sure we'll see more information pop up in a few more weeks’ time. For now here is a quick summary done...
Demo Starts...

- The demo started off with a black menu screen, which is likely a temporary version, as is much of the user interface.
- The menu listed, from left to right, 'map', 'game', 'brief', 'stats', 'controls', 'audio' and 'display'.
- Niko Bellic was in a replica of Times Square, which is Star Junction.
- Trademark map icon in the corner.
- It was night time and the hours started to pass, drawing out the sun and showing off the HDR lighting, which was very realistic.
- The traffic and most other AI characters were turned off, so it was hauntingly empty.
- He strutted around for a bit, and then stole a car which happens to be a black Lincoln Continental-lookalike.
- 40s/50s era jazz is playing softly in the background, over the car's radio.
- About a minute and a half into the demo, the sun was starting to peek over the building tops, revealing the details at street level - trash cans, incidental objects and all manner of bottles, newspapers and more.
- The camera was fixed 15 feet behind the bar and a little above.
- Lighting looked fantastic, textures looking solid and rugged.
- Frame rate was a bit jumpy, but level of detail in landscape was greater than Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.
- Niko pulled up to the docks under the "Broker Bridge" as the sun rose. The light played on the water, and then started illuminating the city behind him.
- Clouds above Liberty City light up, with planes flying through them.
- Clouds kept lighting up as Niko called up his buddy to "get some firepower".

Demo ends

More information available at Gamespot, Joystiq, Wired, IGN and our very own forums.
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edgeid Member

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Waiting for some leakage! =]
07-12-2007 10:03 PM
edgeid Member

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Very nice.

- The camera was fixed 15 feet behind the bar and a little above.

Many previews have stated that the car camera would be lower than usual, to show off the buildings, which I wasn't too happy with, but 15 feet behind and slightly raised sounds more traditional.
07-13-2007 01:29 AM

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