Thursday, March 3rd, 2005
Take 2 Reports Financial Results - Rockstar/Take2 News | @ 03:13 PM MDT | By Neil
Take 2 have reported their financial results for Q1 Fiscal 2005, attributing good performance in part to GTA: San Andreas. The company has stated that sales of the game have exceeded 12 million units since launch.

The expected launch date accouncement for GTA: PSP was not made, with the company planning release in the "3rd Quarter" of Fiscal 2005, around the same time as GTA San Andreas is released on PC and Xbox (June 7th/10th).

Nothing new was announced during the conference call which took place shortly after the press release was issued.

Press Release: Read the financial results in full.
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edgeid Member

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1st comment!

that's amazing, 12 million? that is just awsome

btw, what does Fiscal mean?
03-03-2005 03:52 PM
edgeid Member

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How can you listen in?
03-03-2005 04:05 PM
edgeid Member

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Fiscal - means the year (quarter) for the company, it's different from the real year quarter.
for example: Q1 2005 (is JAN FEB MAR) but Q1 Fiscal 2005 for Take2 (is NOV DEC of 2004 JAN of 2005).
2 Neil: listening - is that possible?
Oh I see:

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03-03-2005 04:20 PM
edgeid Member

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"Take 2 are also holding a conference call at 4:30pm EST, and I will be listening to make sure nothing new is announced. Check back later."

shouldnt you say 'Take 2 *is* also holding...'

anyways... thats a hell of a lot of copies of san andreas

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03-03-2005 04:32 PM
edgeid Member

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My grammar is based on education in UK English, which differs from American English.

I see Take 2 as a group of people, rather than a single entity. You may choose to see it differently, and it seems that American English is like this.
03-03-2005 04:34 PM
edgeid Member

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oh alright thats cool, i was just wondering...
03-03-2005 04:40 PM
GTA Mike
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nice job rockstar 12 million, i bet after the xbox and pc versions have been out for about a year the total san andreas sales will be in the 30 million range
03-03-2005 11:07 PM
edgeid Member

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International Business principles states that corporations are seperate single entitys in their entirity, and as such are referred to as their own being. So no, it's not the American way or whatever. It's the worlds way. ;)


Fiscal Year defined. Let's say a company needs major financial reports due, in July. They very well can't just report half a years worth of data can they? No. So for them, they start keeping track of new data in July, instead of January. So first quarter of a CALENDAR year would be January to March. First quarter for this companies FISCAL year would be July to September.


For the data they show, they have a suprisingly bad P/E ratio. Well, that's not their fault I suppose, can always blame the stagnant economy.

Simple enough.

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03-03-2005 11:48 PM
Vincent Pale
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I dont really think that that as many coppies will be sold for x-box, and i bet amlost the same amount of copies will be sold for ps2 as x-box.
03-05-2005 01:33 PM

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