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GTAG Recommends: Drive

Grand Theft Auto V - General News | @ 10:00 AM MDT | By Ash_735
The next film up on the recommendation list is one that a lot of people have been asking us to point out, and yes, we were going to do it anyway! Here is a film showing the calculated and smart ways to do a chase, where driving is important and a style that is very suited to a Grand Theft Auto game, of course the film we're talking about is Drive (not to be confused with Drive Angry featuring Ken Rosenberg):

Starring Ryan Gosling as an unamed Driver, you see how this stunt driver uses his free time to work in a garage and accept jobs to be a wheelman for one off clients. The opening scenes of the film show the character already on a job as two crooks perform a robbery and the get in the car, where the Driver then proceeds to get them to safety, evading the police, using a scanner to give him hints on what nearby police vehicles are looking for, etc, resulting in not so much a chase, but a showing a smart driving, hiding, using crowds to his advantage, that sort of thing.

The film takes place in Los Angeles, of course, with a big moment of it taking place in the desert valleys just outside of the city, and there's also plenty of nighttime shots when the main character is out driving in between scenes to really nail down that aspect of this sprawling city where any skilled driver can hide themselves. And as you've probably guessed, yes, there are a few key areas that do show up here to that have appeared in the previous films we have recommended.

Here the main point is how it is presented and the style it is drenched in, if you're expecting an all out action film, you're going to be let down, this is neo-noir, a lot of scenes are brooding and quiet but it allows you to connect to these characters in the moments before the heists or before the killings start, you learn the reasons and motives behind their choices, everything just falls into place, all of the action scenes here are very well done and planned out so it comes off quite brutal but also fits in with the tone of the film. Backed with a 80s inspired electronic score by Cliff Martinez (I apologize as in a previous article I stated Kavinsky did the score, an error on my part) and tracks from artists such as Kavinsky, the variety of music is very limited but it has its purpose, from a pumping track during a shootout to the cheery pop inspired tracks used to depict a happy moment.

I've tried to not talk about the plot so much this time as I don't want to give too much away, I don't want to spoil the film and the plot is quite basic in terms of what happens. As for how it relates to Grand Theft Auto, the Driver is like the calm and calculated protagonist, quiet but gets the job done, knows how to handle himself in both a fist fight and a gun fight and of course, is a brilliant driver, and a good few chases that do happen in the film play out in a way that some GTA fans would try and recreate in the game during police chases. I for one would love to see some elements adapted into Grand Theft Auto V, perhaps a side mission where you have to be the Driver and take on these five minute jobs around the city or maybe we'll see it incorporated into one of the main heist plots?
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Ryan Gosling looks pretty while whimsically staring at his neighbour for ninety minutes.
04-08-2013 08:00 PM
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Garbage movie, great soundtrack.
04-08-2013 10:35 PM
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I enjoyed it, thanks GTAG.
04-09-2013 06:17 PM

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