Monday, February 4th, 2013
The Aftermath of the Delay

Grand Theft Auto V - General News | @ 12:40 PM MDT | By Ash_735
Well now that the dust has settled, yes, Grand Theft Auto V has been delayed, pushed forward a whole fiscal quarter with a confirmed release date of September 17th 2013:

Obviously there has been a lot of vocal reactions to this, a lot of anger from certain people, a lot of questions from others, we're all surprised in some way or form really about this situation but on the bright side, we do have a confirmed date now, and people have been working with that. One fan on twitter recently sent us this GTA V Countdown Page which some people might be interested in.

Of course this is the Internet, so along with the many Angry Hitler videos we also have a petition going on calling for Rockstar Games to release the preview Demo shown to magazines and websites such as IGN, etc, last year. The preview which showed off gameplay, character switching and one mission being played in various ways. Apparently people want to see this, considering it's already finished and was shown off months ago, people want Rockstar to put it out there for all of us to see, to tide us over and sort of apologise for the delay. You can find the petition right Here. Though it might be more interesting if they released the original GTA IV Demo that had Niko climbing Telephone Poles and Elvis Costello on the radio!

In other news there's an L.A.Noire gag reel floating around, check it out:

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Psychotic Lurker

Registered: May 2006
Posts: 66
People being whiny asshats on the internet you say? That never happens.
02-05-2013 02:52 AM
Registered User

Registered: Nov 2012
Posts: 64
Oh, man. You KNOW that we're waiting for a new GTA when we're laughing our asses off watching old L.A. Noire gag reels. That is pretty damned funny though -- not to mention pretty bloody original.
02-05-2013 12:08 PM
Eat, sleep, Gta!

Registered: Sep 2006
Posts: 48
The petition thing is a good idea. signed it. Will it work? doubt it. R* knows this isn't the type of game that the gameplay needs to be shown off. this game will sell itself to fans of the series.
02-06-2013 11:12 PM
Registered User

Registered: Nov 2012
Posts: 64
Angry Hitler. THAT was @#$%! funny.
02-07-2013 04:37 PM
Registered User

Registered: Oct 2004
Posts: 83
yea they'll never release a demo
02-08-2013 07:47 AM
Registered User

Registered: Nov 2012
Posts: 23
i guess this is one blogger member of the R* team writing to me about the petition in the R*web site:

it will all happen in due time my friend it is basic marketing if they give into a petition then people will want more and more and more and it aint how they work they release stuff all content to not spoil the game, and we are 8 months out of release you cant release a big chunk of info then keep up a massive hype for that long
02-11-2013 04:05 AM
Registered User

Registered: Nov 2012
Posts: 23
The petition site is down for scheduled maintenance...
02-11-2013 04:27 AM
Registered User

Registered: Nov 2012
Posts: 23
The site is on again, but they cut the post with the address in the R* web site newswire
02-11-2013 05:10 AM
Registered User

Registered: Sep 2012
Posts: 0
Yeah I don't want a demo,That would ruin the surprise of a Great game
02-16-2013 01:34 PM
Registered User

Registered: Nov 2012
Posts: 23
Jason Gardner CHERRY HILL, NJ 9 days ago Liked 0
I am waiting patiently for GTA V but every day it eats at me in the inside that I cant play for another 7 months.
Camerin Brummett SPOKANE VALLEY, WA 9 days ago Liked 0
Because I want to drive 100+ on the sidewalk.
Marshall lynch COLUMBUS, OH 9 days ago Liked 0
I love this game series and was greatly disappointed when it was delayed all the way to September. It would be awesome just to play a demo and see how the game is shaping up!
Eoin Gleeson CASHEL, IRELAND 9 days ago Liked 0
Me and my brother have been waiting for the game forever
Nicolas Minardi BRAMPTON, CANADA 9 days ago Liked 0
Would love to play the new GTA demo considering how far back the game was pushed.
ethan lupish ST CATHARINES, CANADA 9 days ago Liked 0
Because i'm a huge fan of Rockstar Games!
Jonathan Evans WILMINGTON, NC 9 days ago Liked 0
Nothing compares to GTA
Aaron Shortt DUBLIN, IRELAND 9 days ago Liked 0
Always been a fan, this delay is yet another disappointment, considering there is also no signs of the PC release. Give back to the people who made you what you are.
Alex Romero RIVERBANK, CA 9 days ago Liked 0
If your releasing a game months more than it would have came out then you should at least show us what your doing to make that wait worth. right?
Aaron Kim CHINO HILLS, CA 9 days ago Liked 0
They have made us wait long enough, then delay it even further
cody russell BURLINGTON, KY 9 days ago Liked 0
so us fans can get a look at it and share our thoughts on it
Cason Clark AMES, IA 9 days ago Liked 0
Come on its been so long. . . . .
Joe Fenlon NORTHAMPTON, UNITED KINGDOM 9 days ago Liked 0
Because they delayed it, at least show a video of the demo that was released to the press.
Jeff Bralts LEEUWARDEN, NETHERLANDS 10 days ago Liked 0
It's GTA man!
mazzinga z ITALY 10 days ago Liked 0
we want this demo... at least for "spring" lazy R*
02-21-2013 01:58 PM
Registered User

Registered: Oct 2004
Posts: 83
If you want a demo, go play San Andreas
02-22-2013 09:48 AM
Registered User

Registered: Nov 2012
Posts: 23
no demo, no party...
02-25-2013 03:25 PM
Registered User

Registered: Nov 2012
Posts: 64
Look -- the PS4 is coming out this autumn. It would be great to see R* having a new title on a new console, like what happened with PS3 and GTAIV. Let's all just CHILL. If you have nothing better to do for the next seven months, lobby congress to avoid the sequester so we don't all end up having to play REAL GTA in REAL life to make any money.
02-26-2013 12:00 PM
Addicted PC Gamer

Registered: Jul 2005
Posts: 4,893
I would like to see GTA V make PS4 as well well ONLY because the hardware in PS4 is X86 architecture like PC is, so PC players will have a much smoother Port, unlike GTA IV which was a Mess due to PS3.
03-01-2013 01:18 AM
Cola-addled Smartass

Registered: Jun 2004
Posts: 457
If GTAV turns out to be 720/PS4, I'll wait for the PC port. I'm not going to drop another $600 to play one game.
03-01-2013 12:21 PM
Registered User

Registered: Oct 2004
Posts: 83
Its an interesting topic. I wonder if they'll port it to next gen systems (unless they're backwards compatible, haven't read up, sorry) and maybe have some bonus stuff. I'll be getting it for PS3 though, I don't upgrade systems until two years later or more, usually. What I really want is a new pc
03-02-2013 06:46 PM

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