Friday, October 23rd, 2009
OCT 23
IGN article and videos detail Ballad of Gay Tony mission

Grand Theft Auto IV - General News | @ 06:00 PM MDT | By rappo
In a recently published article about The Ballad of Gay Tony, IGN made a bold statement: Yusuf Amir surpasses Roman Bellic as funniest and most enjoyable character in the GTA IV saga.

To back up the claim, the article goes into some details about Yusuf's character and one of his missions, named "Caught With Your Pants Down". Basically the goal is to snag a NOOSE APC tank and take it back to Yusuf - read the mission details on IGN or watch the videos below:

Pretty nice cell phone, right?
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whoever made that APC video had terrible aim :p
10-23-2009 06:02 PM
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Damn, that tanks looks crazy. No more single shot kills tho. I wonder if the boost trick still works.
10-23-2009 08:51 PM
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That Yusif guy sounds alot like Roman...
10-24-2009 03:32 AM
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First i agree with X-Ecutioner that Ysuf sounds like Roman..... Second, since i live in Kuwait and here the majority are rich Arabs, i have to say none wears the dijdasha (the thing the father has on its head) with a suit. They wear the long robe with it.... I don't know why rockstar made him like that. Second the arabic dialect is not really arabic. It sounds more like Roman's Eastern Europe's dialect. I am eastern European and i know. I know i go into too much detail, but when i've seen those things and i know, it just bothers me.....
10-24-2009 04:07 AM
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These two videos are IGN Strategize episodes, not TBoGT footages. :)
10-24-2009 04:44 AM
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PS3 dude, I'm not sure how educated/cultured most GTA fans are (from the looks of forums not very). The voice actors for Niko and Roman were American... I know several people from Yugoslavia and I can safely say the accent is way off, it sounds like someone impersonating a Serbian accent. I find it odd especially considering one of the Houser brothers was complaining about Viggo Mortensen playing a Russian in Eastern Promises yet they don't have any actual attention towards authenticity themselves.

As far as I know the voice actor of Yusuf Amir is Omid Djalili who is British-Iranian who was born/raised in London. This is probably more a commercial decision from R* considering that Amir is from Dubai... Anyways, the only hope one can have is that people see through the lack of authenticity of these games and realize how close to Hollywood storytelling they really are.
10-24-2009 10:23 PM

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