Thursday, October 22nd, 2009
OCT 22
Chinatown Wars PSP: Gamespot's highest rated PSP game of all time

GTA: Chinatown Wars - General News | @ 03:29 PM MDT | By Slim Trashman
Matching the score of its DS counterpart, Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars has earned itself the bragging right of being Gamespot's highest rated PSP game of all time with a review score of 9.5/10, surpassing even its PSP predecessors, GTA: Liberty City & Vice City Stories
At first glance, Chinatown Wars could be mistaken for a return to the Grand Theft Auto series' humble 2D beginnings. The action is viewed from a more or less top-down perspective, and of course you still spend much of your time driving stolen cars and causing trouble with firearms. But the similarities between this superb PSP game and its '90s progenitors pretty much end there. Chinatown Wars actually has more in common with GTAs III and IV than it does with earlier games, and, remarkably, it even adds to and improves on the formula that made those games so successful. That's a bold statement for sure, but Chinatown Wars really is that good... It's also one of the best GTA games yet.

GameSpot notes in their review that the only flaws with the game are its lack of support for more than 2 people in multiplayer, camera issues, and some DS minigames not working well on the platform.
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This doesn't seem right, the game is good, but the best ever PSP game, not by a long shot for me, I prefer LCS and VCS over it. I'm thinking maybe some $$$ was flashed here?
10-22-2009 04:16 PM
Slim Trashman
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It's the highest rated, not necessarily declared the best PSP game ever, just the best rated.
10-22-2009 04:38 PM
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And I'm just saying there's something funny about that, the PSP has many better games yet this gets the highest rating? Hmmm.
10-22-2009 04:50 PM
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I just hope I see the game in the Greatest Hits section so I can buy it cheap.
10-22-2009 07:48 PM
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It was 9.5 on DS and they kinda ported that score for the PSP version, everything is cool like on DS but even better on the PSP, no touch screen but it's ok.
I'm personally a huge GTA fan and I actually enjoy it more than LCS or VCS, and I'm happy they scored it that high, really good game, doesn't have to be your favorite PSP game ever, but definitely check it out.
10-23-2009 03:58 PM

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