Thursday, September 3rd, 2009
Longest time playing GTA IV: World Record Attempt

Grand Theft Auto IV - General News | @ 10:51 PM MDT | By Slim Trashman
As tweeted by Rockstar, Indian GTA fan Chirantan Patnaik has begun his world record attempt for the longest continuous playing time of Grand Theft Auto IV.

The current record, at 28 hours, is held by Jim Patton. Patnaik is aiming to surpass 30 hours of play.

He will be streaming the entire attempt live online from his blog.
» Watch Chirantan attempt to break the world record live!

An article over at India covering the attempt provides us with further details, including that Chirantan will be allowed 10 minute breaks every hour to eat, drink, etc. It is also noted that he has never played GTA IV before, and that he selected the game because the open world structure "would suit him best."
Saint’s Row 2 was crossed off because apparently it’s "too gangsta".

GTAGaming wishes Chirantan the best of luck in his world record attempt!
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As long as he takes breaks in between he should reduce the risk of a heart attack from fatigue.

Best of luck to him
09-04-2009 05:39 AM
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Not that i'm proud of it but i once played Black&White for over 40 hours straight when hospitalized in a hospital for a broken knee.

He shouldn't be proud of it either, i don't see the point.
09-04-2009 06:57 AM
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this guy is going to get ALL the babes
09-04-2009 07:13 AM
Clarkson for PM

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There should be a new Guinness book of pointless records.
What a sad bastard. Who cares if you can play for that long. Some other guy will come along a play it for longer a day later.
I'll be laughing so hard when he gets a power cut during his 28th hour.

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09-04-2009 09:33 AM
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what a joke
09-04-2009 08:39 PM

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I can do it, but I and I know all you guys have a life.
09-05-2009 08:26 AM
If you can't wear a spandex jumpsuit...

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It'd be funny if, while playing through it live, he threw his controller into his monitor out of anger on Three Leaf Clover :D
09-05-2009 10:03 AM

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I too have a life, thats why im making some money to buy a dog
09-05-2009 11:22 AM

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I prefer playing with a Chihuaha than doing that stupid record
09-05-2009 11:22 AM
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"It'd be funny if, while playing through it live, he threw his controller into his monitor out of anger on Three Leaf Clover :D"
that mission was hard?
09-05-2009 11:29 AM
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it had potential to be if you weren't a hard core gta'er like us, lillb
09-05-2009 04:17 PM

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Did that mission on my first try :P
09-06-2009 08:50 AM
The Grove
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A friend of mine got over 24 hours. Ive played with him for over 18 hours. After the 1st 5 they all seem to fly by. We didn't even relies how long it had been.
09-13-2009 03:47 PM

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