Friday, November 7th, 2008
NOV 07
GTA IV PC delay and 100% keys

Grand Theft Auto IV - General News | @ 05:58 PM MDT | By Ash_735
First off, in the latest Rockstar Games Broadcast Newsletter, they have confirmed that the PC Version of Grand Theft Auto IV has been officially pushed back to a North American release on December 2 and a European release on December 3.

In other news, a member over at GTAForums has made a thread about the 100% Key to the City Competition where he shows proof that he has in fact received the "Key to the City." It appears Rockstar are sending them out to get to people in time for Christmas.
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damn! to bad... i got my hopes up for nothing
11-07-2008 09:16 PM
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Goddammit, Rockstar, stop delaying shit! Put forward a realistic release date and make sure you make it. Fuck this.
11-07-2008 10:15 PM
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Better update the countdown on the main page!
11-07-2008 10:25 PM

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Cain'tttt FUCKING WAIIIITTT!!!!!!!!
11-08-2008 05:41 AM
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Ohhhhhh noooo...CAN"T WAIT TO GET THAT AWESOME!!!!
11-08-2008 06:22 AM

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Fucking amazing ! Cant wait to get this game...!!
11-08-2008 06:47 AM
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Does every1 who finished 100% get the key or how does it work?
11-08-2008 12:39 PM
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Rockstar had a competition up, if you got 100% in the game within two weeks and were signed up to the Social Club then you could claim to get the Key, the last we heard was that they sent out the claim forms to the people who qualified to get it.
11-08-2008 04:22 PM
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I love how R* keeps delaying their games and doesn't announce it formally until it's passed on through second half websites. I remember how Midnight Club LA got delayed something like 3 times. If they can't get it right, then don't announce it. Seriously.
11-09-2008 05:27 PM
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That would be bad for pre-orders.
11-09-2008 07:36 PM
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okay.... this is bad... seriously, delaying stuff is wrong and rock* is messed up at that point... oh well, played more then 1000hrs on x360, so a little break of gta iv would make me want to play it again like crazy xD

p.s. aint that funny that my last visit was back in 2005 Oo, long live !!!
11-10-2008 03:54 AM

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