Thursday, October 23rd, 2008
OCT 23
PlayStation 3 Trophies arrive October 27th

Grand Theft Auto IV - General News | @ 06:39 PM MDT | By Ash_735 & Slim Trashman
The PlayStation 3 version of Grand Theft Auto IV will receive an update over the PlayStation Network next Monday, this update adds Trophy Support to the game, there will be 51 Trophies to collect in the game and they appear to be the same goals as used on the Xbox 360s Achievements.

The trophies will not be retroactive, therefore, you will have to repeat tasks you may have already completed to earn the trophy.
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The Trophies are coming awsome 51 in totall Nice
10-23-2008 09:17 PM
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Registered: Jul 2008
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I've Heard That You Have To Start The Game From The Beginning
If You Want To Unlock Trophies
10-23-2008 10:10 PM
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Restarting's gonna be a bitch, but other than that, bring them on.
10-24-2008 07:33 AM
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I dont really care about restarting. I have Wanted to try different story lines anyway
10-24-2008 02:44 PM
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Well that just about does it for me. Here it is October, and I still haven't completed the game. Now, I have to restart to get the trophies? I have had my save data corrupted 5 times and my hard drive essentially melted. I'll wait to see if this is even worth having me restart yet again.
10-24-2008 04:30 PM
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Holy crap, you still haven't beat it.. your save game has been corrupted 5 times, and your HD melted?

That's the worst case I've ever heard of with a PS3. At least it's still running haha.

I've never had a case of corrupted saves, or overheating issues. I leave it running for hours on end and play it all the time, download videos and music etc.. maybe I'm lucky? *knocks on wood

Good luck man!
10-25-2008 11:48 AM
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Man, I'll tell you it has taken a epic amount of patience so far. I almost gave up, but some friends here told me to stick it out and complete the game. To my friends here, thank you I really didn't want to quit. I'm almost done now, and I really like the game better now. It has been frustrating, but I think that there was more at work than just my horrible luck.
10-25-2008 12:10 PM
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You're not alone, I've had two saves corrupted for different games, but no melted HDD :P

I wonder why it took so long to bring trophies anyway.
10-25-2008 12:33 PM
The Grove
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So this means we'll have to re-rank to recieve trophies... Or just have to re-rank?
10-25-2008 03:56 PM

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