Monday, September 22nd, 2008
SEP 22
New San Andreas CLEO mods added

GTA: San Andreas - Modifications | @ 03:17 PM MDT | By rappo
This week I've added a bunch of San Andreas CLEO mods to our download database:

  • Gravity Gun - brings the Gravity Gun from HL2 to SA and lets you pick up people or cars and launch them
  • Master Spark - allows you to shoot out a huge beam of light that destroys anything in your path
  • Pulse Rifle - another HL2 weapon that lets you shoot out pulses that bounce of walls, explode cars, and kill pedestrians
  • Magic Mop - gives you a magic mop that you can ride around and shoot rockets with (think Nimbus 2000).
  • Spraycan Paintjob - allows you to give your car paintjobs using the spraycan "weapon."
  • Weather Menu - lets you choose the weather from a convenient menu
  • Teleport to Marker - teleports you to any point that you place on the pause menu map
  • Missiles - lets you launch missiles at whatever you're looking at
  • Races and Tuning - adds extra races and tuning options to SA and the ability to use any car with them
  • Flying Carpet - gives CJ a flying carpet to fly around with and feel like Aladdin
  • Car Spawner - lets you spawn any vehicle in the game
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Registered User

Registered: Feb 2008
Posts: 60
Fantastic mods i'll have fun with these, The teleport mod can also be done on PS2 with the help of an Action Replay cheat disc.
09-23-2008 10:17 AM
Registered User

Registered: Jul 2006
Posts: 1,431
Can't wait till people start modding the PC version of GTA IV.
09-23-2008 01:47 PM
Registered User

Registered: Aug 2003
Posts: 6,204
Yeah I think Niko would look good on a flying carpet.
09-23-2008 04:35 PM
Registered User

Registered: Sep 2004
Posts: 375
That weather selecting thing would have come in handy when I was doing the weather mod... grr!
09-23-2008 06:56 PM
Father Time
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Registered: Jul 2005
Posts: 6
err when I click on weather menu it links me to the teleport to marker mod.
09-24-2008 06:15 PM
Registered User

Registered: Jul 2006
Posts: 1,431
Flying carpets are cool, but a portal gun mod mixed with the euphoria real-time animation system would create some hilarious effects.
09-27-2008 08:52 PM

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