Thursday, August 21st, 2008
4Players reports little change for PC

Grand Theft Auto IV - General News | @ 06:15 PM MDT | By rappo
To those getting their hopes up for big graphical improvements and bug fixes in Grand Theft Auto IV on PC: you may want to lower your expectations! German gaming site got a peek at IV PC during Games Convention in Leipzig and saw that not much has changed.

As they watched a developer play the mission "Three Leaf Clover," 4Players noticed that the biggest improvement for the PC version of GTA IV is the high resolution (maximum 2560x1440 pixels). Even this comes with its drawbacks as it allows you to see some of the game's poorer textures. They mention it's a pity Rockstar Games hasn't made very many technical improvments, but they still believe there is no doubt the game will be a hit (via GTA-Xtreme)
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Resident Bitch

Registered: Sep 2004
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Oh well. GTA's graphics are good enough anyway. At least we get modification support...and fingerless gloves. :)
08-21-2008 08:17 PM
Addicted PC Gamer

Registered: Jul 2005
Posts: 4,893
well in a way this can still be good news for PC Gamers as well, cause if the graphics didn't change much it will be easier on the overall performance.

and thats a good point RC Guy ^^ more than likely someone will make some graphics improvement mods.

I want to see someone make a PhysX mod for GTA4, so us Nvidia owners can use it.
08-21-2008 11:13 PM
Professional Dumbass

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And then somebody can make a mod that upgrades the textures! Maybe like...the roads? :)
08-21-2008 11:42 PM
Addicted PC Gamer

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^^^ haha surprised you remembered :P

that depends on the tools that modders create, I had to use like 5 different ones to do the roads in San Andreas
08-22-2008 12:03 AM
Professional Dumbass

Registered: Aug 2003
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Modding is my thing, man! I know the mods and the modders, don't you forget it! ;)

It has always surprised me how little Rockstar helps out GTA modders. They comment their code which is pretty helpful, but that is probably just for themselves anyway. Modding has been a huge part of GTA since the topdown days, so it's weird that they haven't released their own DFF plugins for popular 3D modeling programs, or at least released their own installers and editors. Hopefully they'll wake up for GTA IV :)
08-22-2008 12:13 AM
Father Time
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I wonder what Rockstar thinks of the mod community after Hot Coffee.
08-22-2008 12:51 AM
Addicted PC Gamer

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One thing to point out about GTA4 for PC is it might finally Beat Half-Life 2 in the overall Ratings considering it got perfect 100's all the way down for PS3 and Xbox 360. Half-Life 2 lasted 4 years on the leader board for PC
08-22-2008 05:20 AM
Please and Hate Yourself

Registered: Apr 2008
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I can only IMAGINE how RCGuy is taking this.
08-22-2008 06:21 AM
Resident Bitch

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Well Malik, I couldnt care less if the graphics remain the same. I'm just happy that GTAIV is being released on my prefered platform, and with modification support, I'm very excited. Thank you for your concern! I may release a few mods myself that make the game better.
08-22-2008 12:18 PM
GTA addict since 2001

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Here come the high resolution mods!
08-22-2008 04:46 PM
"Your stupidity may be your one saving grace."

Registered: Oct 2006
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Come on guys, how much did you expect them to improve in 5 months? Give them some credit, they made a port for you and no doubt modders will tweak anything that R* missed.
08-23-2008 05:31 PM

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