Wednesday, June 4th, 2008
Boredom setting in with GTA IV players?

Grand Theft Auto IV - General News | @ 12:46 PM MDT | By Neil
The great thing about today's games consoles is that they're connected to the internet from the moment you turn them on. Microsoft actively collects data from each console connected to Xbox Live such as what games are being played and how long for.

Every week the company releases a shard of information via one of its staffers, Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb. The interesting revelation this week is that GTA IV is no longer the most played game on Xbox Live, bucking a trend which has lasted since the game's release. It seems that players aren't dedicating as much of their time to GTA as they were in previous weeks.

The game has lost out to two of the console's biggest titles - Call of Duty 4 and Halo 3, both of which are known for their extensive online options.

Are you still playing GTA IV? Let us know in the comments!
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Yes, honestly. MP is fun, but very monotonous, especially Bomb Da Base II and Hangman's Noose, which are my favorite modes unfortunately! Single player is still moderately fun to just fuck around in though. Not enough to get me away from Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X. and Battlefield: Bad Company when they come out though.
06-04-2008 12:51 PM

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looli actually did stop playing and I am playing Call Of Duty 4 haha (on PS3)

I'll probably play GTA again for a second run threw the story line after Exams are finished (June 21st) and then ill stop again for ever until DLC comes and even then that will only be like a 1week thing...

Staff @ gtagamin u should make a poll on front page
still playing
only play multiplayer
not playing

blah sumthing along those lines

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06-04-2008 01:43 PM
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Still playing. kicking ass online
06-04-2008 02:01 PM
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It got kinda boring to be honest. There's a plethoria of issues on the 360's multiplayer involving balance of teams, and general bad gameplay choices. Free Mode was only fun for a certain amount of time with friends considering we can't get any of the voice chat options to work, nor the radar options.

I would've preferred the online a bit more if they chose to include a few of the age-old "fun" weapons and vehicles that aren't ridiculous. There just isn't that much to do and becomes monotonous
06-04-2008 02:05 PM
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I Still play MP and Single Player, and both, are still fun.
IMO, no other game could replace this for a long time.
06-04-2008 02:15 PM
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I dedicated my weekend to the MP, hoping to do my part in keeping it on top. Oh well. I love the MP and I think a lot of people just don't get it. Especially the auto-aim. I have no shame in admitting I am an autoaimer, but people don't realize that it doesn't make it any easier to win a shootout that way. Its becomes all about who can get that headshot first, which is challenging in itself. I love Mafiya Work like nobody's business.
06-04-2008 02:23 PM
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I traded my copy in about a week ago, So did my friend, I bought some WoW Play time, He bought COD4 GoTY Edition. Boredom set in a fortnight after I bought it.
06-04-2008 02:24 PM
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I have played online and singleplayer and singleplayer is by far more fun than online. I think GTA IV (online) was def overrated. I haven't played it very much and I should play more but what I have played isn't to fascinating. I don't find myself being immersed into the game as with Halo 3 online. Halo 3 is still #1 for online gaming for me. I play it every night. I am also considering getting COD 4 mainly for online. GTA IV online in my opinion is not much different than Saints Row.

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06-04-2008 02:32 PM

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it's getting to the bit where i don't want to go onlie anymore. just ending my account with playstation-network. Ever since i played Stranglehold online, i thought excellent, but every since i got GTA IV, i've just got bored of going online.
06-04-2008 02:37 PM
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No, I can't play it at all since they decided to do fuck all about freezing on the 360 and not release a patch.
06-04-2008 02:44 PM
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Im beyond bored with the game. What sucks the most - no other game I buy will be as good, so I'm f**** for video games for about a year (minus Metal Gear Solid)
06-04-2008 02:47 PM
fingerless glove

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Am i fuck, it's repetative.
The game had fucked up from the start, it was about Niko Bellic traveling to america to get away from killing, smuggling and even selling people.

well what happens when he get's there, all he does is kill people. (hmmm, gta wouldnt be the same without being able to slaughter thousands of innocent OAP's now would it?)....

anyway, im sick and tired of doing the same thing over and over, the only note-worthy mission would be ofcourse, Three Leaf Clover. it was a challenge, a shameful 10 attemps till completetion lol.

the same thing happens during online play, Deathmatch is always the same, so are Petrovric's missions. there is no tactical approach to any of the game modes, other than crouching and hoping for the best.

I've been a hardcore GTA fan since the early days, I would say this is the biggest let down they have ever created, but it really isn't.

and WTF is up with the online ranking system? the guy in first place has competed in 9 online matches, NINE MATCHES, and HE'S WON ONE!

ive been in 69, and ive won 64 of them!

I could go on for hours ranting about how many flaws this game has....
but i wont, tbh, I cba anymore.
06-04-2008 02:57 PM

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Still playing.
06-04-2008 03:15 PM
GTA addict since 2001

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I'm playing when I can. Haven't played anything else when I do play a game.

I'd play online MORE if the multiplayer worked right! I can't tweak anything else on my end! PATCH NEEDED FOR XBOX!
06-04-2008 03:38 PM

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god no i cant play this anymore makes me so bored
06-04-2008 03:49 PM
Dats da fact jack!

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I'm still playing, however much less than at launch. I think the "realism" factor may have ultimately hurt this game. In the effort to create a more real experience R* removed quite a bit of elements that fans had been enjoying. Reduced weapons are the prime example IMO. The absence of some of these traditional elements is the reason why this game will not have any real longevity.

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06-04-2008 03:52 PM
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I finished playing a bit ago because i just got bored of doing the same old thing (shooting people with basic guns) and then getting a load of cops after me for just killing one person. It kinda gets boring after a while. When i got it i absolutely loved the game because of the realism, but now i just feel as though it not as re-playable than the other games because its a lot more storyline based, which can make the game feel a bit dead once the storyline is completed, and all the features seem amazing at first due to their depth and feel, but after a while they get repetetive (nothing new). This is just my own opinion though.

Most of the things they removed seemed to create many possibilities in the previous games, which made them last much longer gameplay-wise, whereas in this one the realism tells you what to do rather than you thinking up some weird, fun and unrealistic ideas yourself.

For the multiplayer, i think its great, i guess when youre playing others things never stay the same, especially on free/party mode.

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06-04-2008 04:09 PM
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The biggest flaw of the game is there isn't much to do once you beat the story. The multiplayer isn't put together very well, and its clear that it was an afterthought. I didn't get bored this easily with the other GTAs, and am still willing to go back to play III and Vice City again. Instead of making a half-assed multiplayer, Rockstar should've focused all their efforts into the single player. There's no point to the later, the game isn't designed with that in mind.

The downloadable content will be redeeming, but it won't add that much in terms of gameplay. I'll probably be done with each one after a weekend. I just hope Rockstar gets the ball moving on the next GTA and gives it longevity.
06-04-2008 04:25 PM

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Multiplayer's still got some fun to it, and single player isn't so bad at some points. But I'm starting to lose interest, too. Hate to say it, but I am. >.>
06-04-2008 04:37 PM
Father Time
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My internet's becoming all screwy and I haven't been able to play the game on multiplayer once.

Still playing the single player though.
06-04-2008 04:48 PM
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The single player was fun, although it was much less diverse, entertaining, and funny than past GTA games. Missions, I found, were all about shooting and, although more visually impressive and less tedious, they became stale for the most part. I mean, hiding behind a wall or object and popping out or blind firing is only unique the first couple of times, but once you realize thats the best way to do a mission, the only thing that changes is the environments.

Lets face it, once you finish any GTA game you have 4 things left to do: explore, stunt, cause havoc, or online.

There is a lot to explorer, but the fact that there aren't really that many interiors sucks. Also, no planes, ATVs, parachutes, or bikes lowers the incentive too explore. No safe houses, businesses to buy, gambling, and other side missions are also missing. I could go on with what GTA4 lacks (no duel-handed weapons or sword) that past GTA games had, but in all I blame it on Microsoft. They were desperate to have the game put on there size-deprived DVD-9, forcing less content to be available to fit the constraints. I don't care what anyone else wants to believe, and I don't hate the 360 one bit (expect for charging their users for online play), but in my mind GTA4 will always be known as the black sheep GTA game that was restricted due to disc size.

As for stunting, well the realism does make it more difficult and less spectacular, but it is possible and I'm sure it will be rewarding, unless grinding is not possible.

Causing havoc is still fun, but for a game thats supposed to be more realistic, those cop cars sure drive slow. If I am NOT in a super-fast sports car, those cop cars SHOULD always be AT LEAST on my tail. No federal army sucks too.

Sure, GTA4's online is much more polished with a perfectly synced world, traffic, and peds, but I've been spoiled by SA-MP with its 125-player games in SA in modes ranging from Race to MMO-RP to TDM.

06-04-2008 04:58 PM
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honestly i prefer to play GTAIV by myself, not on Xbox live...But Yes i do still play it and i like it Much more than i like Halo3 or COD4.
06-04-2008 05:23 PM

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Just to clarify something here, the figures are for all players playing with their consoles connected to Xbox Live. It isn't anything to do with people playing single player versus multiplayer.
06-04-2008 05:34 PM
Goon for Hire
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I still can't play anything else. I'll be addicted to it for a while yet.
06-04-2008 05:36 PM
gta man
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Its too BORING!!!!!!!!
06-04-2008 05:45 PM
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I haven't touched it in a month. I keep getting a disc read error during the mission at the funeral (about 50% in), so I've become disenchanted with it. Multiplayer is fun, but I;m awaiting a friend's copy so I can finish the game.
06-04-2008 05:54 PM
Fiery depths of life

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Yup, gotta agree with most people here.

It's boring as hell now.
I'll probably sell it back if I get good store credit for it.

Sorry Rockstar, you F'ed up.
I was getting bored even during the missions phrase to be honest and now I've completed it I'm like.....ERrr....What am I supposed to do now??

"More interactive city" My fucking ass.
06-04-2008 06:13 PM
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I facepalmed when I saw Moore pull back his sleeve to show off his new GTA4 tattoo at E3. I prayed that all 360s would be called back to be outfitted with at least HD-DVD readers so GTA4 could have enough disc space. Sadly, no recall. I had high hopes for the game and was in denial that they could pull it off in 8.5 compressed GB, but within a week of playing it, I didn't know if I should have been more pissed at R* for pretending they could offer so much and 1up San Andreas by using the same old DVDs the PS2 and XBOX used, or if I should have been pissed at M$ for being the 14-year-old forcing his way into a high school class full of 17-year-old students demanding that the content of the course match only what he can handle.

Unless the 360 uses two or 3 DVD-9 discs for GTA5, it will be a PS3 exclusive by a size-limitation default.

This makes me a sad panda...

06-04-2008 06:34 PM
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Its still fun! There are still buildings to leap off of.
06-04-2008 07:32 PM

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manlington266 similar thing happened to me, I was on live in first place,of course and then I would get a disc error, found out that it was because my baby bro was standing on my 360
06-04-2008 08:04 PM
Aych Es Vee
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I got bored within the first few days.
Honestly, I got to the middle island in terms of missions, and called it quits....

To me, all GTA4 has over the previous game is better graphics/physics.

When I first heard they were doing Liberty City again, that was a big let down. Because having countryside, mountains, and insanely massive jumps in canyons is what I got used too, and those things were a plus over the previous games. But then they took them away.

Not to mention this game is missing pushbikes, go-karts, PARACHUTES, planes, trains (to steal .... and ride off track when going really fast), tow-trucks, trucks to hook onto semi trailers...

I really dont know why anyone thinks GTA4 has more to offer than San Andreas.

Also, the whole city feels the same. I dont get a vibe that I'm in a gang territory or anything like that

One last thing ..... while the car physics are pretty cool .... its overdone. The handbrake is useless, you just slide right into the wall, and you cant turn at all using the normal brakes. Hence, even in the supercars, you have to slow down to stupid speeds to turn a corner right.

06-04-2008 08:05 PM
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still playin but also playin othergames aswell,where as i used to only play gta iv...still think it is one of the best games though
06-05-2008 12:18 AM
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I've just been playing Rock Band lately. Weekly DLC keeps me hooked. I haven't played GTA in over a week, and it's the strangest feeling in the world. I know I didn't overhype it in my mind, because I have the same expectations going into every GTA game. This one just felt like it had a lot less to offer. Hopefully the expansions fill in the blanks. Maybe I'm just getting too old. :p
06-05-2008 01:15 AM
"Your stupidity may be your one saving grace."

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I can't put it down to GTA specifically, although I feel we were robbed of the hype. I've not been playing my Xbox much on ANY game. GTA is still my favourite, just when I have time or interest in it, I will always play it, it will never get sold or become unplayable.
06-05-2008 04:38 AM
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Im have stopped playing, the lack of things to do on the game is a joke. The garages and pimping out of the auto's and the interaction with vehicles has been taken out of the game completely which is a big dissapointment on my behalf. Hopefully in the DLC they put it all back in especially if they are going to make san andreas accessible
06-05-2008 05:07 AM
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Well I got bored of it too. I didn't want to play online (Have PS3). My opinion is that the game must be able to stand alone without the online segments.

The thing about this game is that it could've been made for the PS2 apart from the graphics. That sucks. And to think that I believed R* when they said that this would be the firrst REAL next-gen game. It wasn't true IMO.

The Good:
- The graphics look stunning.
- The sounds.
- Many radio stations.
- The aiming system.

The Bad:
- Liberty City (For the umpteenth time).
- No army.
- Too much realism.
- The single player story mode.
- The fact that the road seems like ice sometimes.
- Not enough guns.
- No planes, lawnmovers, parachutes or special cars in general.
- No countryside for diversity.
- Not as big as San Andreas.
- No dive ability.
- Not long enough (For a next-gen game).
- The story being "Rags to better rags" as opposed to "Rags to riches".
- No ability to buy real estate and the like.

For me it would be 7.5, or maybe only 7, out of 10.

And for good measure, here's my rankings of all the GTA games (Minus GTA: Advance and GTA: London 1961):

1.- San Andreas.
2.- GTA3.
3.- Vice City Stories.
4.- GTAIV.
5.- Liberty City Stories.
6.- Vice City.
7.- GTA2.
8.- GTA1.
9.- London 1969.
06-05-2008 05:15 AM
"Your stupidity may be your one saving grace."

Registered: Oct 2006
Posts: 1,392
@ Butai:

Haha, what makes you so sure they're bringing back San Andreas? Do you have any idea how big that will be if they remodelled it with Next Gen graphics?

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06-05-2008 05:16 AM
Smleh Retnuh119
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I'm still playing. I think people just went back to Call of Duty 4 and Halo 3 because they are more of an FPS fan then anything else...
06-05-2008 08:38 AM
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What sucks the most is, [b]no other game that comes out[/b] will be anywhere remotely as good. This is the peak, this is it.
06-05-2008 09:05 AM
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Registered: Jun 2007
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I havn't played GTA in over a week. I'm bored with it really and its online sucks compared to Halo 3 and COD4
06-05-2008 09:59 AM
>tfw no gf

Registered: Nov 2003
Posts: 3,340
I haven't played it in about 2-3 weeks. It far too boring
06-05-2008 12:43 PM
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I may not play online much but i can sure as hell talk about single player. GTA4 is alright, but without all the fun features GTA San Andreas had it gets boring fast. In addition to the loose ends by the end of the game this one doesn't have the things from the previous games that makes people keep on playing like...

A variety of weapons to choose (no matter how silly from flamethrowers to dildos)
Planes (That kept me playing SA for years)
size ( Slightly smaller than San Andreas? Come on. And I'm still mad at it being just one city as well)
A variety of cheats that usually made no sense making the gameplay more interesting (from turning all cars to pink and all peds into clowns to making them all riot with shotguns)
Modifications to vehicles (makes you feel like that car you have is really yours rather than a copy of the one you always see on the streets)
Old school law enforcement (National Guard and SWAT not N.O.O.S.E and the FBI not the FIB)
Jetpacks (my preferred mode of transportation since it's faster than walking and you could just fly over the things a car would run into)
Gangs ( It's too hard to tell the difference between a gang member and a pedestrian in GTA4 while before it was obvious)
Properties and your own hired goons protecting them ( they've been around since Vice City so why did they feel the need to remove this classic feature?)

These and the fact that there are many loose ends that need tying like the fate of Gerry (no breakout mission?) and Ray Bulgarin (no mission to get revenge on him?) or the confusion as to which of the games endings would be considered the "real" one for example Make this game not as enjoyable as the previous ones.

But with the multiplayer I can really see how that wouldn't work, I mean I can assume it's repetitive game modes and absolutely nothing to do in free roam.
With all these problems I can only pray that at least a few of them get solved with the upcoming downloadable content.
06-05-2008 01:58 PM
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I do like the selection of vehicles and I think they were the correct choice. I do however wish there was a larger selection of (weapons) and (tools) to use. I do wish they still had the car customizations too.

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06-05-2008 01:59 PM
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I just popped in San Andreas into my laptop with a solid Bluetooth connection to a sixaxis (so I can customize the controls to the better GTA4 ones) and playing SA-MP on my 1080p 52" LCD makes me forget I even own GTA4.

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06-05-2008 02:48 PM
"Your stupidity may be your one saving grace."

Registered: Oct 2006
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Oh wow, good for you. Shall we all bow down to your prowess now?
06-05-2008 02:59 PM
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Yeh man you are the most awesome person i know.......
06-05-2008 06:05 PM
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Reply to ChandlerBing:

I said if. I didnt say that i was sure that they were
06-05-2008 06:08 PM

Registered: May 2008
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Maybe this was them trying to send a message to Jack Thompson?

Like, "This is what you wanted us to do, now look what you've done." I dunno, I have yet to get GTAIV....
06-05-2008 07:11 PM
Tired EE Student

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@ ChandlerBing
I did not intend on showing off, I was merely trying to show that the PC version of San Andreas with SA-MP can completely dominate GTA4 on equal turf.

I find it funny how R* sat down during the planning stages and said, "Ok, so we have San Andreas, where do we go from here?" and they decided, "Lets give them a smaller world... BUT better graphics, more detail, and a more "alive" city!" That's what we were all originally told to expect. Sounds good, until they add, "Oh, and we'll take away any major uses money would have, offer less guns, less vehicles, umm... no planes or jets, no parachutes, no taxi/ambulance/firetruck side-missions, no gambling, no army, no tanks, no gangs, no multiple passenger drive-bys, no duel-wielding guns, no katana, no C4, less clothing, less hairstyles... NO WAIT! No hairstyles! No shooting range, no gyms, one fighting style, no car modifications, no bikes, no diving underwater, no hover craft, no clubbing, no buying safe-houses, no driving schools, no businesses, no house robberies, no ability to stay still on moving objects without getting hurt (unless during a mission), less arcade games, no stealth kills, no hiding in dark areas, no indoor racing/stunting/derby, no jet-pack, a shorter story, ..."
"Uhhh, won't that make the game less popular amongst fans of our sand-box style gameplay with infinite replay value?"
"No, its GTA, they'll like it no matter what."
"Ok fine, but we are still giving the choice between 3 sexual services, a better targeting/cover system with blind fire, free-aim while driving, ladder climbing, and complete backflips in motorcycles."

TBH, I love GTA, and had SA not existed, GTA4 would have been the best in all our eyes. But SA does exist and apart from the new story and gloss, once you've reached 100% there's little reason to continue with GTA4 apart from exploring, stunts, and online play.

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06-06-2008 01:03 AM
Brennan heart.

Registered: Apr 2008
Posts: 163
Aint playing anymore, Kept my eyes on Cod4 since a few weeks. (PS3)
06-06-2008 07:40 AM
Aych Es Vee
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GTA BMX, you said it best.
06-06-2008 07:46 AM
GTA addict since 2001

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After thinking about it. I think R* wanted to see how this one went over. Hear all the griping, and bring back what was missed in the next GTA.
06-06-2008 05:02 PM
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Yea, couldn't agree with you more GTA BMX. You nailed them all... As for playing, I'm almost doing the same thing as GTA BMX though I'm using MTA SA: DM more often. Next up, Saints Row 2!
06-07-2008 11:26 AM

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