Tuesday, June 3rd, 2008
JUN 03
Stevie's Car Thefts map and video guide complete

Grand Theft Auto IV - Website Updates | @ 06:44 PM MDT | By rappo
If you've been following our YouTube account the past couple weeks, you'll know that there are plenty of new videos yet to be announced! The latest part of our GTA IV guide is complete: Stevie's Car Thefts (also known as text message cars).

Like the unique stunt jump guide, this new guide comes complete with an interactive map and videos to help you find all of Stevie's cars. Now you have no excuses to complete all thirty of them!
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i think this is fun but i think they need to put more garages so that you have places to deliver the cars.
06-03-2008 07:34 PM
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yeah, it really is pretty annoying driving from Alderney to Bohan without crashing into anything. but I guess that's why you get such huge rewards :p
06-03-2008 07:52 PM
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yes it is annoying to drive all over the city and not damage the car. But stevies car thefts was the way i got my 500,000 achievement because I blew all my money on guns.
06-03-2008 09:32 PM
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How on earth do you activate these mission? Ive passed all main story missions, all brucies car ones, got a few pidgons, jumps and random people done but I havnt got any txts from Stevie nor do i have him in my phone book???

edit:Yeh found the Txt msg... all good! :)

[ post edited 06-03-2008 11:29 PM by StoneR ]
06-03-2008 10:18 PM
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awesome addition
06-08-2008 03:12 PM

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