Monday, May 26th, 2008
MAY 26
Uncut GTA IV now available in New Zealand

Grand Theft Auto IV - General News | @ 11:08 AM MDT | By ash_735
As most gamers know, when GTA IV came out, people in New Zealand received the cut version of the game that was available in Australia. Around May 5th however, the uncut version of GTA IV was submitted to the OFLC for classification.

Two weeks later the OFLC rated the uncut version of GTA IV an R18 meaning the uncut version of the game can now be sold legally in the country. New Zealand has one man to thank: Stan Calif, founder and director of First Games , who was the one who spent his own time and money to submit GTA IV to the OFLC without any help from Take Two or Rockstar Games! Here is what Stan had to say:
“First Games are proud to be able to deliver GTA IV uncut to New Zealanders. We have been committed from the outset to provide Kiwi gamers with the freedom to purchase an unaltered version of GTA IV. After much hard work and expense we are now able to deliver GTA IV in the way that Rockstar originally intended”.

Thanks to Jimmy_86 for bringing this to my attention.
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why can't they have the uncut version everywhere. it's too much messing about censoring and taking things out of the game. it just isn't GTA anymore! (even though i'm in the UK, and we don't have the censored version).
05-26-2008 12:58 PM
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Hooray to them! I Congratulate Stan Calif! Well done!
05-26-2008 01:53 PM
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Yeah it's great to see somebody is actually fighting FOR the game once in a while, rather than against :P
05-26-2008 02:52 PM
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@alisdairmac - It's purely because Australia has an outdated ratings system where their highest rating is MA15+ which means you have to be 15 or older rather than most other places where it's 17/18. Because of this lower age, things (like GTA) which are fine for higher age limits aren't acceptable for a 15 rating so they have to change it so it'll pass. Rockstar has done the right thing in asking for Australia to create an R18 rating, as they need one or this will keep happening, plus it's a time waster for developers/publishers.
05-26-2008 08:52 PM
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i live in australia, and agree with every word jimmy_86 said
05-27-2008 06:38 AM
The Commander
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This is good news to hear because I havent bought GTA4 yet. (Been playing my mates copy) but my question is,How will I know when I go to buy a copy if it is the uncensored version because im damn sure that the uncensorded version even has the R-18 sticker on the front.
05-28-2008 06:59 PM
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now austrailia needs someone like this to stand up...
05-28-2008 07:37 PM
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@The Commander: At the moment if you buy the uncut version here it will be the UK version with an 18 in a red circle on the actual game disc. This UK logo will also be under our R18 sticker on the box art plus it can be seen on the back of the box without our sticker over it.

I imagine this will continue to be the case as it was the same with previous GTA games which were often the UK version.
05-28-2008 09:11 PM

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