Friday, February 8th, 2008
FEB 08
New information from Games Master

Grand Theft Auto IV - General News | @ 05:20 PM MDT | By Neil
The latest magazine to publish a preview of Grand Theft Auto IV is Games Master, a member of the Future Publishing group which has already shared other previews through CVG and Games Radar. New information:
  • You can push pedestrians out of the way using the B button (X360). This may help to cut through heavy crowds.
  • Dialling 911 from your cell phone offers the ability to send a police car to your location.
  • Police are more intelligent and less trigger happy - they won't open fire unless you've committed a serious offence, although running from them will make them let rip instantly.
  • Cars no longer explode if they are flipped over.
  • Grenades can now be thrown from cars.
  • Combat is much improved and includes a block button.
  • Holding the right trigger and then pressing Y, X or B results in different melee attacks on enemies.
  • The cover system will be familiar to those who have played Gears of War - it allows movement between hidden areas with button presses as well as blind fire.
  • Niko's health is shown as a semi-circle around the radar, circle can get full form with wearing a bulletproof vest.
  • A form of body roll in cars has been implemented using the physics engine in the game, meaning that taking a tight corner will result in the car's chassis reacting realistically.
  • Streets names in the game are devised from various sources of inspiration, including celebrities. Expect to see Jim Jones Street and Hubbard Avenue among many others.
  • Characters' breath will be rendered when it is cold in Liberty City.
  • The Mafia, Jamaicans, Triads and Irish are some of the gangs in the game.
  • On some bridges you'll be required to pay tolls - just like in New York.
  • Spinners (wheels rims which rotate even when the car is stationery) have been implemented after countless PC mods and requests from the community.
  • Niko is tech savvy - he's got an E-Mail account which you can access by visiting any Tw@ internet café and he'll also take advantage of RSS feeds. Hey, we've even got one here on GTAGaming!
  • You can hear the stereos of other cars while in the city.
  • Radio news reports will reflect your progress in the game, often speaking of missions you've completed.
  • Running a pedestrian over will result in blood splattering over the bumper of the car and the windshield.

The magazine also claims that "both consoles will get additional downloadable content but the 360 GTA IV will have two exclusive missions". When editors saw the game, they were told that the PS3 version was around a week behind the Xbox 360 in terms of development progress.

Scans which formed the basis of this article thanks to cmacca4
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this is awesome!
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