Tuesday, January 29th, 2008
JAN 29
IGN elaborates on GTA IV combat

Grand Theft Auto IV - General News | @ 07:19 PM MDT | By rappo
It appears IGN Australia had more to say after its hour-long preview of Grand Theft Auto IV than what was initially reported last week. While the first report focused mainly on the Euphoria physics engine, this second report elaborates on GTA's new and improved combat system which, IGN states, "almost has more in common with Gears of War than it does with San Andreas."

The following are some of the main features stressed in the report:
  • Intuitive trigger-based lock-on system with the ability to move from target to target or make subtle changes to aim for different body parts (which can, of course, be disabled for a greater challenge)
  • Agile movement for quick reflexes ("Niko was able to turn in a split second to take out a cop that stepped out of a car right behind him," IGN reports)
  • Dynamic aiming while driving (aim for the tires!)
  • Pistols, uzis, and grenades can all be used while driving, albeit without the help of a lock-on system
  • Ability to slide into cover behind large objects, quickly move to and from cover locations, lean from cover to attack an enemy, and throw grenades from cover with relative accuracy

Link: IGN: Grand Theft Auto IV: A New Breed of Action
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edgeid Member

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I know it's off-topic, but DAMN does the game look dated in the "cover behind large objects" screenshot.
01-30-2008 05:15 AM
Vincent Pale
edgeid Member

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WTF is with this crappy filter they are putting overtop of all the shots.

Or is this how the game will actually look.

God I hope it's just a filter.

It seems like they just blurred them al in photoshop.

01-30-2008 05:17 AM

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