Monday, October 1st, 2007
OCT 01
PS3 GTA IV This Month?

Grand Theft Auto IV - General News | @ 06:45 PM MDT | By Slim Trashman has reported that the PlayStation UK site has updated their GTA IV page with the release date of October 2007. Currently we are unsure of what exactly this means. It could mean that the PS3 version (and/or 360 version?) will launch sometime this month, or it could simply be an error by PlayStation.

Looking at some other facts though, Sony is going to be making a "big bang" announcement on Friday, October 12th. Although that announcement could be anything, I'm sure we could all agree that an early GTA IV release on the PS3 would surely be "a big bang".

Even though all of this seems very unlikely, it doesn't hurt to hope. We'll keep you updated as we learn more about this.

Edit: Although this is not officially confirmed, taking a look in GTA IV's UK PS3 page, it appears that PEGI has (un)officially branded GTA IV with an 18+ Rating, for the descriptors: "Bad Language & Violence"

However, PEGI's site did not list GTA IV, but usually these sites are not updated quite that fast (ESRB is the same).

Update 1: I guess I'll unofficially confirm this rating, as the Xbox GTA IV page too lists that the PEGI has rated it it 18+ as well as the BBFC.

Update 2: Gaming website SPOnG have contacted Rockstar Games earlier to find out about this new rumour. The response Rockstar gave was "It's coming out in Spring next year."
Discuss On The Forums | Thanks to Shadow Conception for bringing this one to our attention.
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edgeid Member

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Hmmm...skeptical bout this one...too good to be true.
10-02-2007 10:02 AM
edgeid Member

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Just because that was Rockstar's response to SPOnG doesn't necessarily mean that the rumor is entirely dead... that's a typical PR response. It's not like they would say, "Oh, uhh... yeah we were going to tell you that." :P

Now I know this rumor doesn't stand much of a chance of being true, but take the PS3 for example... There are a ridiculous amount of retailers and insiders confirming the $399 40gig PS3, but obviously every time Sony is asked to comment about it they give the same PR response. That is, "There are currently no plans in regards to PS3's pricing at this time." or something along those lines.
10-02-2007 03:27 PM
edgeid Member

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I'm not getting my hopes up.
10-02-2007 10:58 PM

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