GTA: Chinatown Wars Random Encounters
Alonso is located on a sidewalk in Beechwood City. He just wants you to drive him to the bus depot. Simply follow your GPS, and once you arrive the mission is finished.

Reward: $10
Cherie is found in an alley in the southern part of Northwood. She thinks you want to sleep with her, then kill her and get your money back. Who knows what gave her that idea, but she decides you need to die, so after the cutscene you'll find yourself surrounded by ten prostitutes all carrying handguns. You can kill them or just run away, all you really have to do is survive to complete the mission.
Giorgio, First Encounter
Found only during the day in a block west from Kenny's noodle restaurant in Cerveza Heights. Giorgio wants you to bug his wife's car. It's parked outside his house in Hove Beach, so find a way to get over there and plant the bug to finish the mission.

Reward: $20
Giorgio, Second Encounter
Found only during the day in the west side of the pool in Steinway. He now wants you to take him to find his wife, who is in an alley in the South Slopes district. Follow your GPS and drop him off, then the mission is complete.

Reward: $20
Guy is found outside a bar in Star Junction. He wants you to drive him in his limo to the Perestroika Club in Broker. Simply drive him there and park in the marker to complete the mission.

Reward: $75
Marcy, First Encounter
Marcy is found outside a + shaped building in Presidents City. She wants to make the most out of her life since she's dying. She'll get into an Infernus, and when you get in, you'll see an excitement bar pop up at the top of the screen. Drive around like crazy, getting near misses and getting to really fast speeds. Eventually she'll tell you to take her to the hospital, and when you do, the mission is passed.

Reward: $200
Marcy, Second Encounter
You'll find Marcy again outside the hospital you dropped her off at in North Holland. Drive her to her lawyer's office in The Exchange, as marked on your GPS. Once you drop her off, the mission is passed.
Selma, First Encounter
Selma is found only at night in the Industrial district of Bohan. She needs a ride to the place she's staying at in Rotterdam Hill. Drive here there to complete the mission.

Reward: $50
Selma, Second Encounter
You can find Selma again across the street to the west of Outlook Park. She wants to go out with you, but Huang doesn't like the idea. So your goal is basically to lose her. She'll be able to mostly keep up with you if you run, so you can try stealing a car and getting away, or simply kill her. Once she's out of your hair, the mission is passed. And don't worry, her chasing you won't hurt you at all.
Tommy, First Encounter
Tommy is found in South Bohan, two blocks north of your safehouse. He wants you to steal an Ammunation truck that is driving around and bring it back to him. Be careful though, the truck driver is wielding a shotgun. Once you have the truck, drive it back to Tommy to complete the mission.

Reward: $100
Tommy, Second Encounter
Tommy can be found again in the Northern Gardens district of Bohan. After the cutscene, you'll have two wanted stars. Lose them to finish the mission.
Wilhelm, First Encounter
Only found during the day, Wilhelm needs you to drive him to an auction at City Hall. You only have a few minutes to get there, so follow the GPS and you'll be fine.

Reward: $250
Wilhelm, Second Encounter
Wilhelm can be found during the day again outside a house in Meadow Hills. Once again, you'll have to drive him to the foreclosure auction at City Hall. Again, only a few minutes to get him there, so follow the GPS.

Reward: $500
Wilhelm, Third Encounter
Wilhelm is found a third time in the middle of the Dukes Bay Bridge. This is possibly the easiest mission in the game. Just watch the cutscene, and the mission is passed. You even unlock a new safe house in Meadow Hills.

Reward: Meadow Hills safehouse

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