GTA: Chinatown Wars Missions Walkthrough
  • Wu "Kenny" Lee
  • Chan Jaoming
  • Zhou Ming
  • Hsin Jaoming
  • Wade Heston
  • Lester Leroc
  • Rudy D'Avanzo
Yu Jian
Huang Lee is on an airplane to Liberty City, just following his father's death. He is taking the Yu Jian, a sword that carries his family's past, to his uncle Wu "Kenny" Lee. Upon arrival at the airport, however, Lee and a couple bodyguards are ambushed, and Lee is shot in the head.
Lee wakes up in the backseat of a car, and the drivers think he is dead. They decide to dump the entire car in the river, leaving Lee to sink to the bottom. When the cutscene ends, you'll have to tap on the glass in the bottom screen to make your way out of the car and up to the water's surface. Swim to the dock and jack the car parked there. The game's instructions will teach how to steal cars, and then direct you to Uncle Kenny's apartment.

Kenny is glad to see that Huang Lee is still alive, but he is disappointed that he lost the Yu Jian. He said that it's not even a family heirloom, and he was going to give it to his leader (Hsin Jaoming) to earn respect and soon become leader of the Triads. Kenny and Huang know that they have to get it back and take care of whoever the ambushers were.
After speaking to Kenny, walk down the street to your apartment. You'll learn how to save your game, explore your safehouse, and store cars in the garage.

Reward: $50
Unlocks mission boss Wu "Kenny" Lee
Pursuit Farce
Kenny needs you to go and check up on his spies who were keeping an eye on the police to figure out why they haven't reported back to him. He left his Cognoscenti outside for you to take, so hop in and the game's instructions will teach you how to place the location of Kenny's spies on your GPS. Once you've figured it out, follow the radar to the yellow marker.
There you'll meet a woman named Ling Shan, who says that she is the only spy left after her group got "jumped by the pigs." Just as she's finishing her sentence, a police cruiser appears behind you. The game's instructions will then teach you about the wanted level system. Losing the police is not the same as in past GTA games, so be sure to pay attention!
Lose your two-star wanted level by ramming the police off the road or forcing them to crash into something. It may be a little tough as it's your first time dealing with the new star system. Once you've shaken all the cops, drive the car to the new yellow marker and Ling will drive off with it.

Reward: $50
Under the Gun
When the mission starts, run back around to behind Kenny's noodle shop to meet up with Ling, who will teach you the basics of combat. Follow the on screen commands to attack the dummy. After the weapons training, Kenny will appear, and after the cutscene, follow Ling to the near by dumpster and search it for a weapon. Follow her to the marker, and after the cutscene, follow the escaping enemy to behind the store and take out him and his two friends. Pick up their ammo and the health at the bottom of the stairs, then head up the stairs to rescue the manager. Once you kill his captor, the mission is complete.
After this mission you can search dumpsters for weapons throughout the city. Red ones always have weapons, while green ones have weapons, health, and trash. Most mission leaders will have a red dumpster by their safe-houses.

Reward: $50
When the mission begins, find a car and follow the GPS to the gangs hideout. When you get there, get out of your car and press Y to vault over the fence and walk up to the door. A cutscene is triggered, and after it you must chase down the gang member to find his fellow gang members. Stay close behind him as he jumps over the fences or else he'll get away. Once you arrive, there are two waves you must fight, both packing only pistols.
If you don't kill them all fast enough, one of them may try to escape in a vehicle, which you'll have to chase down and kill him. Try not to leave anyone behind or let him escape fast enough, or you'll fail the mission. If he does escape in a car, make sure you kill any remaining gang members and then hop in the car left behind. Follow him and ram him until he stops, when you can then either run him down or get out and shoot him. Once he's dead, the mission is passed.

Reward: $50
The Wheelman
This mission is pretty simple. Find the three cars within the six minute time limit and deliver each to the garage one by one. You should be able to complete this within the time limit easily, the only tricky part is to make sure you don't attract police attention when stealing the cars.
Reward: $50
Tricks of the Triad
At the beginning of the mission you'll be instructed to go to your apartment to find some Acid that's been stored in a case. Transfer it to your attache case and leave your apartment. Find a vehicle and drive to the dealer in Steinway, marked with a suitcase on your radar. Press select when you get near him, then open your bag and sell him the Acid. Exit, and he will tell you about the security cameras that are keeping prices high and getting people arrested. There are 100 of them in Liberty City for you to find and destroy later on, but that's not part of this mission.

You'll then get an e-mail on your PDA with a message from a dealer selling some Coke for cheap in Meadows Park. Touch the marker to set a GPS route to him and go meet him. Leave your car in an easy to access position, get out, and purchase the coke from him. After your meeting, you'll receive a two star wanted level. Quickly get back into your car and follow the GPS back to your apartment and stash the coke in the safety box you used before, and leave your apartment to finish the mission.

After this mission you can locate drug dealers, buy/sell drugs, and receive e-mails with trade tips.

Reward: 5 bags of coke
Natural Burn Killer
Make your way to the nearby gas station and step into the marker to begin making Molotov Cocktails. Use the stylus to lift the nozzle and move the nozzle in position so the gas flows into the bottle. Once the bottle is full, replace the nozzle and grab a rag and put it into the bottle, and then force it in with the stylus. Repeat this until you run out of gas. Grab a car (there is a free Comet sitting at the gas pumps) and head to the car lot. Get out of your car when you arrive, hop over the fence and throw molotovs at the two cars using your stylus. Once they're destroyed, hop out of the car lot and run down the street to the shop. Begin throwing your Molotovs at it.

Eventually a fire truck will arrive to put out the flames, which will slow down your progress of destroying the building. You can either blow up the fire truck with a molotov, or simply hijack it to remove the driver, then get back out and continue hurling your firebombs at the building. The second method is best because it saves molotovs. Once the meter is full, the mission is passed.

After this mission you can return to gas stations to purchase and make molotov cocktails any time you want.

Reward: $50
Recruitment Drive
In this mission, you must rescue the victim being attacked by the gang, and then recruit them. All you have to do is make it to his location before his health bar drops all the way, then kill his attackers and walk up to him. After you do this, you have to repeat the process with another victim, but this time you have help. The man you just saved will ride with you to the save the next victim. Watch out for the burning car by the next victim, and take care of his attackers and recruit him. There is then one more victim you must save. Drive to his location and take out his attackers, recruit him, and find a vehicle and drive to the tattoo parlor. Along the way, you will encounter several car-fulls of hoodlums, but it's best to just drive passed them.

Once you arrive at the parlor, exit your vehicle and enter. Use the stylus to draw in the tattoos on the new Triads. Simply color in the shapes shown and try not to go out of the lines. It is fairly forgiving though and will not typically let you mark outside of the lines unless you screw up too badly. Finish the one tattoo, and the mission is passed.

After this mission you can go to the tattoo parlor anytime you want for extra cash.

Reward: $50
Pimp His Ride
This is a pretty simple mission. Grab the Comet sitting beside Chan's safe house and take it to the street racer's garage. When you get there, the street racer will leave and you'll have to follow him. Don't get too close, or he'll speed off, so keep a distance and follow him using the blip on the radar. Once he stops, get out and steal his car and drive it to Chan's garage. You only have a couple of minutes to do this, so hurry, but drive carefully or you'll damage the car.

Once in the garage, select a tool and follow the onscreen instructions to sabotage the car, then drive it back to the street racers garage before the time is up. This can be quite difficult, however, since the car now controls terribly. If you get going too fast, it might suddenly veer off to the left or right, so take it slowly so that you don't crash into anything, particularly cops, as they'll only make the drive worse.

The GPS route is pretty good, but once you reach the giant monument in the road, it suggests you turn right. Don't do this, as it makes the drive much longer. Just keep going straight and it takes a lot less time. Once you make it back to the garage, park in the marker and the mission is passed.

Reward: $50
Whack the Racers
At the start of the mission, you'll be instructed to grab a fast car. Like the last mission, there is a Comet parked next to Chan's safe house. Grab it and make your way to the starting line on your GPS. Once there, a cutscene will trigger showing the start of the race, and the street racer who's car you sabotaged meet his end.

The point of this mission is to follow Chan during the race and keep the other racers from overtaking him. This is relatively easy as all it takes is a small tap to make them loose control and usually come to a stop. Knock all of the competitors behind and let Chan take first place, and then tail him slowly while staying in the middle of the road. As the other racers gain on Chan, ram them off the road to keep Chan in first place. Like I said before, simply tapping them seems to make them loose control, so don't over do the rams or else you'll fall too far behind. There are only three laps, so make sure Chan stays in first and you should complete the mission.

After this mission, you can continue doing street races whenever you want. You'll also receive an e-mail from Zhou after this mission. He tells you to bring him 20 bags of weed, which you'll have to do to start his first mission. You can buy weed from dealers in Schottler.

Reward: $100
Unlocks mission boss Zhou Ming
Jackin' Chan
Chan's been kidnapped and taken to the docks in BOABO. Grab the Comet beside his safe house and rush to his location by following the route on the GPS. When you arrive, you'll see a cutscene where the kidnappers blow up your partners with a molotov, and catch the vehicle Chan is locked inside on fire. You must then immediately turn around and find a fire truck, which is located nearby on your radar. Grab it, and rush back to Chan's location.

Use the stylus on the touchpad to control the fire trucks water gun similar to how you throw grenades/molotovs. Put out all of the flames before Chan's life gauge runs down all the way. After all of the flames are put out, get out of the fire truck and into Chans car. Take him back to his garage by following the GPS. Along the way you will meet moderate resistance (aka the gang that kidnapped him doesn't want you to live to make it back to the garage). Like a few missions ago, it's best to just avoid them as they'll shoot and destroy your car if you try taking them on. Just keep driving quickly and enter the garage to finish the mission.

Reward: $150
Stealing the Show
When the mission starts, get in the Bobcat with the arrow over it and drive to the gas station. When you arrive, park in the marker and a short cutscene will trigger. When you regain control, you'll be in the back of a cargo truck with Zhou following you in the Bobcat. You have an infinite supply of crates which you need to throw into the truck Zhou is driving. Throw them the same way you throw a molotov by using the stylus and dragging out from the crate icon and aiming for the truck. Don't throw the crates unless the truck is directly behind you or you'll probably miss.

The turns aren't the only thing that could throw off your aim, as there are several unexpected distracts that will cause your truck and Zhou's truck to seperate momentarily. Wait until you're sure the crate will land in the truck before throwing, but don't wait too long or else something might happen at the last second causing you to miss. Throw 15 crates to the truck to continue with the next part of the mission. Once you've landed 15, press X to jump off of the supply truck, then walk over and get into Zhou's truck. Drive Zhou and the stolen goods back to his club and park in the garage to end the mission.

Reward: $150
As the mission starts, grab a car and head to Francis International Airport. Find the ambulance that Yuri is in and hijack it. Stealing it gets you a 1 star wanted level, and you have to take the ambulance back to Zhou's lock up.

This sounds easy, but here's the catch: Yuri is on the verge of heart failure in the back of the ambulance. As you drive, pay attention to his heart beat. If you drive too roughly, he'll go into cardiac arrest and flatline. When he does this, you're forced to stop driving the Ambulance and touch Yuri's heart on the touch screen with the stylus several times until he is revived. Doing so puts you in extreme risk of getting arrested, so drive carefully to prevent this from happening too many times.

You can usually tell when he's about to flatline because his heart beat will slow down dramatically. After a very short drive, your wanted level will increase to three stars, making this much, much harder. Instead of coming to a complete stop, it's best to just let the ambulance coast while reviving Yuri. After a short drive, you'll arrive back at Zhou's lock-up where the mission ends in a twisted cutscene.

Reward: $150
Bomb Disposal
In this mission you must find and disarm three bombs in three cars. You have three minutes to disarm all three. When you get to the car, the bombs are actually in a van that is parked beside the car. Get into the van to begin de-arming it. Once you enter the van, a small mini-game will begin where you must unscrew the face of the bomb and then cut a wire. You have to cut the right wire though, so touch the gauge tool to select it, and then touch each wire and watch it. One wire will cause the gauge to go all the way, or almost all of the way up, while the others don't make it go very high. Test all of them, then select the knife tool and cut the wire that sets off the gauge the most. After you disarm it, gang members will show up and start shooting at you, which you can ignore and drive off to find the next car. Repeat the process until all three bombs are disarmed.

Then you will get notified that Hsin's men are attacking the stash cars. You must stop them. Your GPS should lead you right to the first set of attackers. When this happens, your time limit goes away, but now the cars are starting to loose health, so you must hurry to get rid of his men before they loose too much health. If you don't have any weapons, simply run over the men attacking the car, but it's easier to simply get out and shoot them. After they're down, a red blip shows up on your radar indicating another bomb van is en route. You must destroy it before it gets to the stash cars. Perform a drive-by, throw molotovs, ram it repeatedly, do anything to make the van explode. Once it does, the mission is finished.

After this mission you will receive an important e-mail from Kenny telling him to meet him in East Island City with $5000. If you don't have this already, you can make it quickly by dealing drugs.

Reward: $200
Carpe 'Dime'
You must intercept a drug dealers delivery van full of stolen merchandise and bring it back to Kenny. At the start of this mission, grab a car that's in perfect condition and drive carefully to the van, which is highlighted by a red blip on your radar. Try not to crash too much, or it'll make this mission harder. When you find the van, you must stop it without destroying it. The driver of the van puts up a good fight, so you'll either have to perform a drive-by on it while chasing it until they stop, or ram them repeatedly, but do NOT destroy it.

When they stop and get out, take them out, or just hijack the van and make your getaway. Killing them will make stealing the van easier, but be careful not to shoot the van, as it'll probably be pretty damaged by this point. You must then drive it back to Kenny's warehouse, but of course, this will not be a walk in the park. More of the dealers men will show up along the way in cars and start shooting at you. You're van is in no condition to fight, so keep driving and ignore them. When you arrive at the warehouse, pull into the garage to trigger a mini-game. Use the stylus to cut a square in the siding of the door (follow the red dotted line). After you cut a square out, touch the book hidden in the door to pull it out. After this, the mission is finished.

Like you did in this mission, you can hijack any van with an arrow above it and bring it back to your safe house and cut open the door to find things. As in this mission though, the drivers of the vans will fight back, making it a difficult task to complete. Doing so will get you a variety of things, such as drugs you can sell, money, and weapons.

Also after this mission, you'll receive e-mails from Chan and Zhou requesting you to do more work for them.

Unlocks Lancaster Safehouse
Store Wars
The Spanish Warlords intend to firebomb one of Kenny's stores. You must get there before them to protect it. After the mission starts, grab the body armor next to the red dumpster near Kenny's warehouse (where the mission starts), as well as whatever weapon is in the dumpster, then grab Kennys purple car and head to the store. When you arrive, you'll be instructed to park vehicles to block the road. Conveniently, there are four vehicles parked nearby, as well as the car you arrived in. Park the cars in the four yellow markers to continue. Once you do this, the Spanish Warlords will begin approaching. There is body armor behind the wall across from the store at the northern end, as well as some health in an alley right beside the store. Remember where these are, as they may come in handy.

The Spanish Warlords arrive in several waves. You must take them out before they hurl molotovs at the store. Always target the ones with molotovs first, and then shoot at the remaining ones. After 4 waves, the mission is passed. If you happen to have any molotovs, use them. Throw them at the cars the Spanish Warlords arrive in to incinerate all of them and blow up their car. They tend to drop molotovs when they are killed, so you should be able to obtain some easily.

Reward: $50
Driven to Destruction
Get into the truck and drive it to Beechwood City (it is the blip on your GPS). When you get near the blip, it disappears, and in it's place are multiple red blips. They are the dealers you need to take out. Simply drive near them and Zhou will start shooting at them with a mini-gun. Don't worry too much about your vehicle, as it is almost indestructible. It will blow up if it takes too much damage, but it is much, much stronger than most cars. In this mission you must fill the carnage meter all the way. Blowing up cars and shooting the dealers raises this.

After killing the first group of dealers by simply getting close to them, you're instructed to find the next group. They show up on your radar, yet there is no GPS route. They aren't far away, but if you wish, you can simply set a waypoint on their location at the GPS screen to make the trip easier. When you arrive, repeat the same process as before by driving close to the dealers and letting Zhou shoot. You can speed up the process by running over the dealers as Zhou shoots as well, although he won't always shoot at enemy vehicles if you're too close to them.

Again, after this wave, you must find another group of dealers on your radar and repeat this process. Your carnage meter should be full by this wave or the next, and once it is, you'll be instructed to drive back to Zhou's club. Along the way you'll encounter several dealers looking for revenge, but simply keep driving and Zhou will take care of them. Your truck will probably be smoking by now, so be careful on the return trip. When you drive into the garage, the mission is finished.

Reward: $300
Raw Deal
After the cutscene, you'll quickly realize the deal hasn't gone as planned. You, Chan, and his men have been ambushed, and you must protect Chan and escape to his fathers club, which will be on the GPS. You must kill the enemies and keep moving forward while watching both Chan's health as well as your own. Immediately after the level begins, move down the street away from the explosion and take out the two gang members by the cars. Near one of them is body armor; pick this up if you don't already have some. Move up to the intersection, killing the gang members in your way. Be careful entering the intersection as a van will speed through it and into the tanker truck, exploding.

Kill the gang members that get out of this van, and turn and head down the road it came from. Stay ahead of Chan and his men to kill the enemies before they have a chance to harm Chan. Remember to stay wary of your own health as well though. Shortly after you turn down this road, you will be ambushed from behind by a lone gun man from an alley. Dispose of him before he can harm Chan. There is also a health pick up in the alley he came from. As you make your way down the road, you'll find it's blocked by a tanker truck that's surrounded by several men with assault rifles. Don't get too close or the tanker truck will hurt you if it blows up, which it most likely will from all of the gunfire.

Wait for the fire from the explosion to clear before moving forward, and also make sure all of the gang members are dead. Once both are gun, hop the barricades and head down the road. When you get to the club, a cutscene will trigger, and the mission is over.

After this mission, you will receive e-mails from Chan saying Hsin wants to meet you, as well as an e-mail from Wade Heston, the cop you met at the end of Raw Deal.

Reward: $200
Unlocks mission boss Hsin Jaoming
Unlocks mission boss Wade Heston
Trail Blazer
You're instructed to steal a tanker truck from a nearby gas station to destroy a South Bohan gambling den. Sounds easy enough. Run to the nearby gas station and hijack the tanker truck that's highlighted on your radar. There are cops nearby who disapprove of your actions and you'll instant gets you a wanted star, and the cops open fire at you. Their bullets penetrate the tank of the truck and cause it to start leaking, and the gas flow is ignited by the sparks. You must keep driving fast enough to avoid letting the flames catch up with your truck, and allowing this to happen will result in the truck exploding and ending the mission.

Keep driving and do your best to avoid any collisions that will slow you down. You can use the flames trailing your truck to your advantage though. If you run into any cop cars along the way, pass them and get them positioned between your truck and the flames. This will cause their cars to explode, lowering your wanted level. If you follow the GPS route, you'll come into some delay as there is a car crash with a police barricade around it blocking one lane of the highway. Simply go around it to avoid hitting it, but don't slow down. When you get close to the marker at the gambling den, start slowing down a little and park in the marker, then quickly jump out and run away. After a short cutscene, the mission is passed.

Reward: $300
The Tow Job
At the beginning of this mission you're instructed to find the Koreans car. Search the red dumpster next to where you start the mission to get a weapon if you don't already have one, then grab a car, like the black one parked right outside Wade's apartment, and drive to the blip on your GPS that marks the Koreans car. When you arrive, you'll see a short cutscene of the Koreans car being towed away, and you must stop it. Doing so is much like hijacking a drug van. You must ram it repeatedly and perform drive-bys to damage the vehicle really badly.

Be careful not to damage it too much or it'll blow up. The instant it stops moving, stop attacking it and the driver should get out. He'll try attacking you, so simply run over or shoot him, then walk to the side of the truck to activate a small mini-game, in which all you do is turn a crank with the stylus to lower the car. Once you've done that, hop into the Koreans car. You'll have to hotwire it, then attract the police somehow. You can simply run over one or ram into a cop car to get their attention.

After you gain one star, you have to raise it to two stars. Simply kill a cop or shoot at them to raise it, but don't leave your car. Another easy way to do this is to stop and hold Y and B and wait for a cop to get near your car, then let go of Y, causing your car to peel out and catch the cop on fire. However you decide to do it, once you've done it, you must leave the car in front of the police station. Simply drive there and park it in the marker and the mission is finished. Don't let the car blow up, and don't get out.

To continue missions for Wade, you now must buy him two bags of Coke, which you can typically find from dealers in Willis.
The Tail Bagging the Dogs
You need two bags of coke to start this mission.

When the mission starts, you must drive to the Police Station marked on your GPS and wait for the Korean to leave. Once he leaves, follow him. Don't get too close, or he'll get spooked, and don't get too far behind, or you'll loose him. Try to stay at least a blocks-distance from him by using your radar to keep track of his location. He'll eventually stop at an Underboss, and after their brief meeting, you must kill the Underboss and then catch up with the Korean again.

After a very brief drive, he meets another Underboss, whom you must take out as well before catching back up with the Korean. You only have to kill the boss, who has an arrow over his head. The rest of the men you can ignore if you want. He'll do this one more time, during which you only have to take out the boss and catch up with him again.

At the next boss, they realize you're tailing them and the boss gets into the car with the Korean and speeds off. Don't let them escape. They will shoot at you as they drive off, so be careful. Shoot their car and ram it until it catches fire. They will then get out, and you can run them over, or get out and shoot them, or shoot their car and hope it blows up with them nearby. Either way, once their dead, the mission is passed. If your vehicle catches fire before theirs, don't fret, as you can keep up with their car on foot and continue shooting them if you have to.
Copter Carnage
You must protect the large trucks parked in front of Kenny's safe house from the Spanish Lords. Search the red Dumpster by one of the trucks to gain some ammo and there is also some body armor near another truck, and then start taking out the Spanish Lords as they show up. There are several waves, all of only 4-6 men each. Luckily the trucks are pretty strong so as long as you take care of the men quickly, you shouldn't worry too much about them. Avoid the streams of fire from the helicopter though, as they will hurt you pretty badly.

After several waves, they will flee in the helicopter, which you must follow by car. Take the highway/bridge to Bohan. On the way, you'll encounter several road blocks of Spanish Lords. Simply drive passed them or you'll risk getting your car blown up or loosing the helicopter. Drive through the toll as well because there are a lot of men there with machine guns waiting for you. Keep driving towards the red dot on your GPS and eventually you'll trigger a cutscene of the helicopter landing, and then the mission is passed.

Reward: $500
Kenny Strikes Back
After the cutscene, search the red dumpster for some ammo, then grab a car and head back to the Spanish warehouse where you saw the helicopter land in the last mission. When you arrive, a cutscene will trigger showing how heavily guarded the compound is, and it ends showing a storage van at the back. That is your target.

Get out of your vehicle and run up to the gate control panel that the arrows are pointing at to hack it. Doing so triggers a mini-game. In the mini-game, bash open the console with your stylus, then grab one of the blue wires and pull it to the middle, then grab the other blue wire and pull it to the other one, then twist the wires together, and repeat this for the red wire and the gate will open. Getting to the van is very simple. You'll run it about three Spanish gang members packing just pistols, whom you can easily take out. Get to the van and hotwire it, triggering a cutscene showing the Spanish closing the gate.

Now you must take out all of them. You can do this by running them all down with the van, or by getting back out and taking them on in person. There are only five of them, so taking them on with a weapon is the easiest method. Once the initial five are dead, two more show up and open the gate. Take them out and hop back into the van and leave the compound and head back to Kenny's warehouse. Along the way you will meet some resistance. Don't stop to take them out, as your van might get destroyed. Instead keep driving and avoid them if possible, or ram them and drive by them to get them off of you. They'll be in cars with red arrows over them, and they're shooting at you, hard to miss. The best method is to just keep driving and ignore them, as they don't hurt you much and there are a lot.

Once you get back to Kenny's warehouse, pull into the garage to cut the door open. Once you find the contents of the door, the mission is passed.

After the mission 'Kenny Strikes Back', you can go back to the Spanish Compound anytime you want to raid it again for more drugs. It is in your GPS under Points of Interests.
Weapons of Mass Distraction
When the mission starts, grab a weapon from the red dumpster, then hop in the car next to Wade's safe house, then head to the Koreans Hide out, shown on your radar. When you arrive, you'll be instructed to destroy one of the Koreans cars to get their attention. This is easiest with a grenade or molotov, but if you don't have one, you can use any weapon, or just punch the car repeatedly if all else fails. A melee weapon, like a bat or nightstick, works great as well. Either way, make one of their cars blow up. If the car catches on fire with you right next to it, run away and hit Y to jump and roll and put yourself out.

Once the car explodes, gang members will run out of the building, and you need to kill them. Once their dead, you must attack another hideout in the same manner. By this time, they'll be onto you, so there is no need to destroy another vehicle. Once they kill a few, another carload should show up, and you'll need to kill them as well. After most of them are dead, it will instruct you to attack the final base, so leave the survivors (more will keep showing up if you stay) and head to the next one. You only need to kill the ones that are marked read on your radar, and once their down, you must lead them to a 'remote location', which is highlighted on your GPS.

If you need health, there should be some in front of the Burger Shot hideout, which would be the second or third place you attacked them. When you arrive at the remote location, you must exit your vehicle and get into the boat that is highlighted by a blue arrow, and then get away from them. To get away, simply head towards the yellow marker on your radar, and after a second or two, the mission will be passed.

Reward: $200
Street of Rage
After the cutscene, you'll leave Wade's house and instantly get an e-mail, which will automatically open. Turns out Wade is pinned down near the toll booths in Steinway and it's up to you to rescue him. Grab a weapon from the red dumpster, then head over to their location, which is marked on your GPS. If you don't have any, I suggest making a side trip to a gas station to pick up some molotovs. They'll come in handy. When you get to their spot, get out of your car and take out the Korean assassins, the ones with red arrows over their heads, not the blue ones. Be careful, as they have assault rifles.

Once they're killed, head over to where Wade is. There will be a few more Koreans on your way, so watch out for them. Heston is in an abandoned building nearby, and rescuing him is hard. The head assassin here has a mini gun which will hurt you severely if hit. When he pauses shooting, run up to the wall closest to him, then lob a molotov towards him. If you didn't pick up a molotov on your way, there are also grenades here for you to pick up. Once he's dead, run over to Heston, and the mission is finished after a short cutscene.
Missed the Boat?
When the mission starts, you'll have to run over to the nearby jetty to steal a boat. Once you get in, you must meet with the mobsters before the time is up. Getting there is easy, but from time to time the boat you are in will break down, which will start a mini game where you must wind up the engine and pull the cord once or twice to get it going again. After you have met with the mobsters, you will attract the attention of the Coast Guard, which you must now escape. Do so by simply driving away from the red dots. If your boat breaks down again, hurry to restart it or they'll catch up with you.

Once you get far enough way, you'll lose them. You then have to make it back to the jetty you came from, but watch out for the coast guard boats scattered about looking for you. You can go slowly back the way you came between the islands and avoid them and risk being caught, or take the long way and go around the island entirely and come back from the south side of the jetty, with almost no risk of getting caught, albeit a lengthy trip. It's up to you. If you are caught by the coast guard, you must escape them again, so be very careful. Once you make it to the jetty, pull into the yellow marker to end the mission.

Reward: 10 bags of heroin
This mission starts out simple enough. Get on the Wet Ski that is down the dock from where you start and race Chan until you over take him. To race, you drive the Wet Ski through the yellow check points in the water. For a while, Chan will be in front of you and it will seem like you can't catch him. Don't worry, because after a short while his boat will begin breaking down.

A cutscene will trigger once you pass him, and it turns out it was all a set up by the Spanish Lords. Now you must protect Chan from them as they come in from all sides. Thankfully, you are equiped with a submachine gun with infinite ammo, so stick close to Chan and keep keep the Spanish at bay. Venturing too far away from him could lead to him getting killed while you're far away, so don't let him to far out of your sights. After quite a few waves of enemies, Chan will be rescued by a helicopter and the mission is passed.

Reward: 12 bags of ecstasy
Cash & Burn
Zhou has left you a flamethrower in a car parked in the ally across the street. Get into the car to get the flamethrower, then follow your GPS to the construction site. When you arrive, you'll have to get out of your car and walk up to the gate. A mini-game will start where you have to slash at the lock several times with the stylus until it breaks and the gate opens.

Once it's open, run to the large crate it showed you in the cutscene. There are 18 of them in the construction site. Run up and target it using R and fire at it until it starts burning. After burning the second one, hostiles will start showing up attempting to stop you. Simply burn them and they will not harm you, but instead run off screaming and die after a few seconds. If you happen to catch on fire, press Y to do a roll and put yourself out. After destroying the 14th one, the rest will then show up on your radar for you to destroy without having to hunt too hard.

Keep incinerating the attackers and the crates and the mission will finish when the last one is destroyed. In the event your health does get down too far, there is a health pick-up at the southern end of the construction site in a corner, and another at the northwestern corner behind some pipes.
Dragon Haul Z
Zhou is planning on raiding the Bank of Liberty and needs you to intercept a delivery truck carrying a giant dragon costume. You have roughly 3-4 minutes to do this, so hurry. Stealing the truck can be difficult, and if you can't just walk up and open the door, you'll have to chase the truck down and beat it up pretty bad to make them stop.

Once they do, you can ignore them or kill them if you'd like, and steal their truck. Doing all of this will probably get you a wanted level, and if it does, you must lose it before you can continue with the mission. Once you're wanted-star free, drive the truck to the Bank of Liberty and park in the marker. The next part is where things get tricky. A short tutorial will show you the basics. You must walk the dragon from check point to check point, and then perform certain actions at red checkpoints. The spinning red checkpoints require you to draw circles on the touchscreen along with the red arrow. This can be tricky because the arrow will switch from clockwise to counterclockwise with different checkpoints, so be careful which way you turn, or else your suspicion meter will go up quickly.

The other red checkpoints require you to blow fire. There is a button on the bottom left of the touch screen you must touch rapidly until the bar above it goes down all of the way. Alternatively, you could blow air into the microphone repeatedly to blow fire, though I have not tested this method so I'm not sure which is easier. To avoid spitting on your screens, I'd say go with tapping the button. The hardest part of this though isn't the mini-game checkpoints, but rather the camera angle. The dragon can be kind of awkward to control because the camera angle doesn't rotate with you, but remember that up on the D-Pad is always forward for the dragon. If you complete the round after the tutorial without your suspicion meter rising all the way, you pass the mission.

Reward: $400
The Offshore Offload
Right away in this mission you'll need a four seater car, preferably a fast one. Once you've found one, you need to go rescue Hsin's captured men. There is also a cop car at the scene where Hsin's men are that is a four seater, so if you prefer, you can just use it instead. They are shown on the radar by a yellow blip, but hurry, you have less than a minute to get to them.

When you arrive, you'll find three police officers guarding a NOOSE van. You must take them out and then run up to the back of the van they are being kept in. Just getting close to the cops triggers a two star wanted level, so don't be afraid to open fire at them. When you're done with the cops and you go to the back of the van, a mini-game will trigger where you must spray a square on the back of the van with foam, then place two explosives on either side of it, then back away. It'll explode, then you and Hsin's men can get into your car and escape the ally. Hsin's accountant is out in the open with the money, and you'll have to quickly collect him before anything happens to him. He's only a few blocks away, so hurry over to him and pick him up.

Once you have him in your car, you need to take them all to the heliport in the southeast corner of Algonquin. Doing so in the same car you started in might be difficult with all of the police attention, so in the event your car starts looking like it could catch fire at any minute, get out and find a new one. If your car catches on fire, Hsin's men will catch fire when they get out, causing you to fail the mission. Once you arrive at the helipad, the mission is passed.

Reward: $700
One Shot, One Kill
When the mission starts, grab a car (the Limo will work) and head to the Castle Gardens Hotel, shown on your GPS as a yellow blip. Be careful not to attract any police attention on your way, or you'll have to lose it before you can continue.

When you arrive, enter the hotel by walking into the yellow arrows pointing at the door. You'll come out on the second floor balcony where you'll find a sniper rifle case. To pick it up, simply walk into it, triggering a mini-game. Flip open the the case using your stylus, and grab the part highlighted in red and move it to the top part of the case. Continue following the on screen prompts to assemble the sniper rifle. Your target is wearing a white shirt and jeans. search for him, and when you think you've found him (there's only one person dressed like that), press L to zoom in so you don't miss, then shoot when you're sure you'll hit him.

Once you kill him, you'll have to exit the hotel and lose a three star wanted level. Right as you exit the hotel, there is a Cognoscenti parked by the entrance, and it's pretty good at wrecking police cars. Once you lose your stars, avoid police attention for a few moments, then the mission is passed.
The Fandom Menace
Get into the car with Zhou and drive him to his construction site. Pretty easy, but on your way you'll encounter a lot of paparazzi. If they get close enough, they'll snap an incriminating photo of Zhou, and you'll have to chase them down. They are usually on motorcycles, so you can typically just run them down with your car to kill them, then continue to the construction site.

This will happen several times, and you can usually see it coming by the motorcyclists gaining on you from behind. If they crash before they get close enough, you don't have to worry about them. Once you get to the construction site, there is a short cutscene, then you must drive Zhou to a meeting in The Triangle. The same thing happens again with the paparazzi, so be on the look out. Again, if they catch a photo, turn around and run them over and then continue on.

After the meeting at The Triangle, you must drive everyone back to Zhou's place. The paparazzo still haven't caught the hint and will continue trying to snap photos. Take care of any that do, and pull into Zhou's garage to end the mission.

Reward: $200
Counterfeit Gangster
You need to destroy crates before the FIB show up. There are molotovs in the corner near one of the crates if you want, but an easier way is to just drive into the crates with a car. Once you've destroyed all of the crates in the first area, you'll need to go clear the evidence from three other locations. It doesn't matter what order you go in, but they are all relatively close to each other in the BOABO district. The southern most one requires you to drive a bulldozer and shove the marked cars into the water.

This is pretty easy, but just be careful not to drive the bulldozer into the water as well. The one just north of it (the middle one of the three) requires you to operate a crane. Use the on screen joystick to move the crane above a car. You'll know it's above a car when the blue button starts flashing. Push the button to pick up the car, then move it out above the water and push the button again, dropping it. Repeat until all of the cars are gone. The northernmost location is just like the first one, where you must destroy boxes. You can do this with any weapon or with a vehicle. When all of the locations are cleared, you've passed the mission.
Slaying With Fire
After the cutscenes, throw a molotov at the fuel tanker in front of the helicopter, destroying the buildings and forcing the traitors to come out where you can see them. Kill them all before they can hurt you. You have an infinite supply of molotovs, so don't hesitate to use them.

After clearing the first area, you'll move to a more open area where you'll need to kill a few more waves. After that, you'll be taken to the docks where you'll have to keep them from fleeing by boat. Just keep throwing molotovs near the dock entrance to prevent anyone from escaping. After a few waves, you'll have to destroy the boats. Aim carefully to make sure you hit them.

Once they are blown up, you'll be taken to the Statue of Happiness where more are attempting to flee. As you head to the statue, there will be three men with rocket launchers. They're identifiable by the beeping sound and the fact they aren't running away, but rather standing still. Once you've killed them, you'll be taken higher up where you'll fight another helicopter. Aim carefully so you don't miss, as it only takes about two hits to bring it down, and if you wait long enough it'll open fire with a chain gun. Once the helicopter is destroyed, the mission is passed.
Operation Northwood
Once the mission starts, grab a fast car so you can follow the dealer. Luckily for you, a man parks and gets out of a fast car right across the street from where you start. Grab it and head to the garage on your radar where you can get it fitted with a bomb. In the garage a mini-game will start where you place the bomb on the engine and then connect it to the battery and starter, and then flip the switch to arm the bomb.

Once that's finished, head to the bar where the dealer is and wait for him outside. He'll be driving erratically and really fast, so keep a sharp eye on your radar and his tread marks on the road. After a while he'll begin shooting at you, but don't shoot back. Only follow him, don't attack him. After a lengthy chase he'll pull into his hideout, where you'll have a minute to park the car between two gas tanks and run away.

When you get far enough away, touch the detonator icon (where your grenades and molotov icon usually is) to blow up the car and pass the mission.

Reward: $200
Torpedo Run
When the mission starts, you'll have to run to the police docks down the road and get onto the NOOSE 'security enhanced' police boat. As you get near the dock, police officers will open fire on you, but you should avoid them as you don't really have a wanted rating and killing them would give you one. Once on the boat, you must find Zhou's boat before it reaches the docks.

Head towards the red blip to find his boat. The boat you are on is armed with torpedos, and pressing A fires them. After you start attacking Zhous boat, it will eventually start dropping sea mines and shooting at you with a machine gun. Avoid these by keeping a short distance between you and his boat. Keep firing until Zhou's boat is destroyed. Once it's destroyed, you'll receive an e-mail from Wade which will open automatically.

Now you must head to Colony Island to get rid of some more contraband, which will show up on your radar as a yellow dot. When you arrive, you'll see two men get into a van and drive off, and you must follow them and stop them. Destroy the van and kill the occupants however you see fit. I caught up with them about a block from where they started from and got them stuck in a corner, hijacked the van, ran them down, then ditched the van in the water. It worked rather efficiently, but you may do it differently. Either way, once the van is destroyed and they're dead, the mission is passed.

After the mission is over, you'll receive an e-mail from Zhou offering you some business.
So Near, Yet Sonar
Board the salvage boat with the blue arrow over it. Once in it, drive to the yellow blip on your radar. Once you get close, the bottom screen will turn into a sonar, where you must press A or touch the red button on the screen to send out a sonar frequency.

When you do, you'll see things show up underwater. Sail to above them and hit the sonar button again to grab onto the object, then you must turn the crank to pull it out of the water. It'll either be junk or some of Zhou's cargo. You must collect four pieces of cargo to continue, so keep using the sonar to find them. After you venture a certain distance, you'll get a detection meter. That shows the Coast Guard's detection of you. Pinging too much will alert them, and so will getting too close to their ships.

Avoid them, or they'll attack. Time your pings carefully now and don't let the meter fill up, or else you'll have to escape the Coast Guard before you can continue searching. Once you've retrieved all of them, head back to the Jetty to finish the mission.

Reward: 5 bags of acid
By Myriads of Swords
Go collect the sword from behind Hsin's apartment. Once you've retrieved it, head to one of the Triad strongholds. One of them is at Firefly Island in the fairground, and when you arrive you'll notice a 'Leader' health bar appear at the top of the screen. You must enter the small area and find him, but beware of his Triad gang members protecting him. Near the northern end of the Firefly Islands complex is a body armor pick up, which you'll probably need.

You can kill the normal Triads anyway you want, or simply ignore them, though that would just make things difficult. But the leader you absolutely must kill with the sword. I would recommend targeting the leader first, as he'll try to escape once you arrive. Once he's dead, you'll have to take care of the others. Once everyone is dead, collect the ID from the leader you killed. A minigame will trigger where you open the wallet and pull out his drivers license, but also check for money and other valuables before grabbing the ID. Once you've done this, repeat the process with the other leader at the Firefly Projects.

After you've collected both, you'll recieve an e-mail from Kenny saying Hsin wants you to meet him at the Amusement park, so drive there now. Enter the marker to trigger a cutscene, and after it, the mission is passed.

Reward: $200
A Shadow of Doubt
You must follow the Korean gang member without him seeing you. Keep a safe distance away from him to keep your suspicion meter down. He won't show up on your radar, so you must stick close enough to see him on screen. After a short distance he'll stop, so quickly take cover behind the large truck parked in the road.

Once he starts moving, continue following him. He'll turn down the ally and you should immediately take cover next to the red garage and wait for him to continue moving. He'll cross the street and stop again, so now is your chance to run up to the partial fence and hide by it. Run out into the street once he's continued walking and take cover behind the large truck near the exit of the ally and wait some more. Move down the street as he starts walking and take cover behind yet another large truck and wait. He'll eventually turn the corner, but don't follow him!

Take cover behind the dumpster on the corner and wait for him to continue on. A cutscene will trigger, then you must quickly run up behind the blue car parked next to the road and a mini-game will trigger where you must plant a bug on the bottom of his car. Using the stylus, place the bug under the car, then pull up on the two wires at the end of it, then pull down on the antenna, and finally press the big red button to turn it on. Now you must get into a vehicle and follow the signal, but unfortunately the signal isn't constant and updates intermittently, so be watchful for the location updates on your GPS. You must drive quickly as to not lose the signal. Once they reach their destination, the mission is passed.
Friend or Foe?
Get into the van and drive to collect the explosives. When you arrive at the explosives, you must get out and pick them up, then get back into the van and drive to the Korean's building, the same one you followed those men to in 'A Shadow of Doubt'. There is body armor in the southwest corner of the Korean building's parking lot if you need it. Park in the yellow marker and run up to the new yellow marker next to the building. There is also health by this yellow marker if you need it, if not, take note of it's location.

When standing where the yellow marker was, touch the dynamite icon where your molotovs usually are. A short mini-game will start where you must repeat the button sequence it plays to arm the bomb. Once it's blown, get in the van and back it up to the building. Once there, get out and run to the yellow blip to guard the entrance. If you have no weapons, the first wave of men are only carrying pistols. After two cars pull up at the entrance, Koreans begin arrive from an entrance behind you. Continue killing them and protect the van. Once they're all dead, you'll be instructed to get back into the van and drive back to the garage.

It probably isn't bad to guess that there will be some resistance. You can simply drive past any Korean cars that try attacking you. Hsin's men will shoot at them, but don't get caught up in killing them, just keep driving to the garage. Once there, another mini-game will start where you must use the stethoscope to open the safe. Place it on the safe and then slowly turn the dial counterclockwise until the meter reaches it's peak, then hit the blue button. Do this three times, only alternate between counterclockwise and clockwise. Once you've opened it, the mission is passed.

Reward: $300
Unlocks mission boss Lester Leroc
Unlocks mission boss Rudy D'Avanzo
Double Trouble
To start Lester's missions, you must bring him 10 bags of ecstasy, which you can find from dealers in the Hove Beach area.

Lester is trying to infiltrate a biker gang, yet he can't ride a motorcycle very well at all. So you're dressed as him now and you must impress the bikers. Get on Lester's bike and ride to the bikers hangout. Your first stunt you must do to impress them is jump over several motorcycles. Do this by holding Y and B to start burning out, then release Y to launch off the ramp. Immediately after you land you'll have to start following check points.

Stay away from the bikers though or they'll realize you're not really Lester. Eventually you'll arrive in a back ally where you must take out several members of the rival gang. Kill them by running them down, drive-bying, or even get off your bike and kill them if you want. There is a red dumpster here if you have no weapons. After killing them, continue on riding through the checkpoints. After a few checkpoints you'll encounter some rival bikers again, kill all but one of them, because one has to spread the word back to the rest.

After leaving one alive, rejoin Lester at the meeting point. Collect the explosives after the cutscene and get back on your bike. Follow the GPS route and jump into the park. Ride around and plant the explosives at the base of the mono-globe by getting off your bike and tapping the explosives icon. You'll have to follow the sequence of beeps like in the mission 'Friend or Foe?' from Hsin. Once you've armed the bomb, after a cutscene, the mission is over.
Faster Pusher Man! Sell! Sell!
Now you must offload coke for Lester so he can pass his initiation test. Find a buyer, highlighted in blue. Unlike normal drug dealing, you can deal from inside a vehicle during this mission. Each dealer will only take one bag of coke, and you must sell enough to fill up the bar at the top of the screen. After a while, rival dealers will start showing up and stealing buys and attempting to kill you.

Don't waste time trying to kill them or you'll lose too many deals. Instead, keep racing from dealer to dealer and sell as fast as you can. If your car catches fire, get out and find another one quickly. Once you've dealt all of your coke, go to the drop off point which will be highlighted on your GPS. Once you stand in the marker, a cutscene will trigger and the mission is passed.

Reward: 10 bags of coke
Grave Situation
Immediately after the cutscene, you'll have to kill hitmen. Help Rudy escape the cemetery by slowly fighting your way forward and killing men. In the second large square area of graves, there are some grenades, and some men drop body armor along with ammo.

Be sure to watch your health as well as Rudy's to avoid a mission failure, and pick up armor as often as you can. The grenades also come in handy for taking out multiple enemies at once. Once you reach the end, meet Rudy at the exit for a final cutscene and the mission is over.

Reward: $250
There is a scrambler interfering with a Federal wiretap. Find it by heading towards the wiretap's location. After a short distance towards the wiretap, your GPS will start screwing up. At the top of the screen is now an 'Interference' meter, and the higher it gets, the closer you are to the scrambler. So continue heading the way the GPS was originally telling you to go, and after going down that street for a while you'll find an ally on the left side of the road. Turn down it and pick up the armor, then walk a bit further to find a group of gang members.

Take them out, then destroy the van anyway you can. Grenades or molotovs work best, or you can just shoot it or punch it repeatedly. Once it's dead, you'll realize your GPS is still screwed up, meaning there is another scrambler near by. Take one of the cars and leave the ally from the exit closest to the van, then turn left, then right immediately down the next road, and you'll see the van is on a rooftop. Turn down the ally near the building it's on and kill the guards and grab the grenades if you don't already have some.

On the rooftop, the guards are heavily armed, so hide behind the ventilation and chuck grenades at them. The pickup at the bottom of the stairs should've given you ten. After killing them and destroying the scrambler, guess what? Yes, there is another scrambler to destroy. This one isn't stationary though, making it harder. It is in a vehicle that is also armed with machine guns, so you must be very careful. Finding him for the first time is very difficult, but once you've found him, it's pretty easy to guess where he is as he is very slow.

Perform drive-bys until the van blows up, although you may be forced to switch vehicles multiple times to avoid dying. Once the van is destroyed, the mission is passed.
Steal the Wheels
You must find a vehicle and drive to Messina's compound at the start of the mission. Before you do, though, there is a red dumpster in the ally next to Rudy's place, and I suggest you search it for ammo. When you arrive, a blue car comes out of the compound, and if you're quick enough, you can make it in that way. If not, then it's a bit more tricky. Park your car next to the gate, then jump on top of the car and hop over. Another way to gain access is to toss a grenade over the fence to blow up the tanker truck, which will blow up the fence as well. Be careful doing this, however, as the explosion can easily kill you from the other side of the wall.

Once the fence is destroyed, two cars will pull up full of enemies, so take them out and work your way into the compound. There is health located in the northeastern corner, so grab that if you need it. Once they're all dead, get in and hotwire the target car and deliver it to D'Avanzo.

On your way back you'll be chased by some of Messina's men, of course. What mission would be complete without the enemy trying to stop you on your drive back? Simply perform drive-bys on them if they get close enough, but for the most part, just keep driving. When arrive back to D'Avanzo, the mission is complete.
The World's a Stooge
The recording you retrieved in the last mission contained the names of three rats, all of which are nearby, the closest being in southern Middle Park. Your mission is to kill them. Grab a vehicle and head to the one in Middle Park. When you arrive, his dot on the radar will change from yellow to red. He's standing near a small building, and behind it is a red dumpster if you need any ammo, and on the other side is a health pickup. The rat will have several body guards, but study the radar carefully and try to decide which is the target, then kill him first, or he'll try to escape. Once he's down, you can run or take out the bodyguards as well.

Once he's down, head west to the target near the ocean. When you arrive, you'll realize he is in face in the ocean on a boat, so quickly run down the dock and drive to him. You can either take the dock that goes straight out into the ocean, where there is a wet ski for you and a machine gun, or you can take the dock slightly south of it that runs along the side of the island, which has body armor on it, and you can then swim to the wet ski.

Once on it, start chasing the target, who is in the bigger boat. Ignore the other wet skis chasing you and just shoot at him until he blows up, then turn around and head back to land to get the final rat in Star Junction. He'll start running to a car, but if you're fast enough you can pull him out and then run him down with his own escape vehicle. Once he's dead, the mission is passed.

Reward: $1,500
Arms Out of Harm's Way
When you start the mission, grab a car and head to the docks, highlighted on your GPS, and when you get there, you must stop the arms deal. You'll have to take the long route around once you're in the compound, but there is a machine gun by a boat for you to pick up. Grab it and head east in the fenced in parts, killing anyone that tries stopping you.

At the far east side of the fence is a body armor pick up you'll want to grab. Around the next corner there will be a great deal of enemies, so don't go rushing in or you'll be ambushed. After you've killed them all and gotten their ammo, pick up the grenades at the northern wall, then continue west. There will be more men waiting to jump out at you, and most of them are armed with assault rifles, so be careful. Once they're dead, you'll see a cutscene showing the Koreans escaping with the weapons, and now you must once again pilot a wet ski and chase after them.

Keep a distance between you and them, so you can still see them, but you'll be far enough away that they won't be able to hit you very well with their weapons. They'll drop several sea mines also, so watch out for them. Keep shooting at the boat until it explodes, and then the mission is passed. If you get close enough, you can also toss grenades at them, but this method is far more dangerous than just hanging back and shooting at them.

Reward: $200
The Wages of Hsin
Once the mission starts, run around to behind the building and pick up the suitcase full of explosives, shown on your map. Once you've done that, raid the red dumpster near where it was, then grab a vehicle and head to the Koreans headquarters, shown on your GPS. Once you arrive, you might as well abandon your car outside the structure because of the spike strip by the entrance. Run and and kill the enemies, and there is an SMG pickup behind one of the tanks. Now you must destroy three weak places by planting explosives.

Start with the one to the southwest of the main building. As you're running to it, there will be some body armor next to some large gas tanks which you'll probably need to grab. There will be three enemies guarding it, but that's not a big problem. Just take them out, then run to the yellow marker on the ground and touch the bomb icon, which will trigger another sequence memorizing mini-game. After the bomb is planted, it will blow the structure to the ground, blocking your path, so find another way to the next target.

There will be quite a few enemies waiting for you, so take them out quickly. Once you've reached the next target, take out three enemies guarding it and repeat the bomb sequence matching mini-game. After that, run to the next target. If you're following the path starting from the southwestern most target, then you should now be at a couple of gas tanks as your target. Before blowing them up, run behind them and along the edge of the water and the building for a health pickup if you need it, then run back and repeat the bomb placement mini-game.

Now you must destroy the main structure. You'll only have one route to take to get there, and it's pretty much circling around the building again. Along the way you'll encounter several Koreans, but they are pretty easy to kill. Once the bomb is placed and exploded, you'll have to run forward then turn left to run to the back end of the complex and jump into the water to complete the mission.

Reward: $2,500
Convoy Conflict
Run back into the ally behind Lester to grab his spare bike. Before you get on though, when you reach it, turn left and run towards the basketball court and search the red dumpster for some ammo, then get onto the bike. Once you're on it, you'll have to follow Lester, who is a very inconsistent driver, to the docks where the vans are located.

Once there, you'll have to follow them and protect both of them on you motorcycle. Stick far enough behind them that you can take out any of The Lost members that are trying to sneak up from behind. Simply perform a drive by to get rid of them. Stick behind them for the most part, and whenever you see someone ahead, ride up and shoot them down, then drop back behind. After a bit, the vans will stop, and when you catch up you'll discover there is a road block ahead. Ride up and open fire at them, or throw a grenade or two if you have them. There is for some odd reason an explosive barrel sitting next to the tennis court by there the trucks are blocking your path, so shooting at that will also get the job done.

After they're all dead and destroyed, the vans will start moving again. Follow them and take out anyone who tries to shoot them. For the most part, the enemies are on foot and not too dangerous, but there are some trucks that will blow up rather quickly when shot, so be careful with those when they're close to the vans. Once you reach the Angels hideout, the mission is passed.

Reward: $200
Evidence Dash
Immediately as the mission starts, you'll see a car chase pass by, and that's the car you're looking for. Grab a set of wheels and start chasing it. After a bit, the car will come to a stop and the driver will leave it alone. Until then, fend off the the cops trying to destroy the car. When it's parked, grab it and take off and head to the Pay 'N Spray to get the car fixed.

Once you've done that, you must drive to a secluded spot to search the car. This part is difficult, but the spot I went to was in the farthest northwestern corner of Algonquin in North Wood. There is a large grassy area there where if you find a good spot, the game should tell you the area seems good. Walking up behind the car triggers a mini-game where you must pull the items out of his trunk and set them on the ground, then light a match to destroy them.

After that's dealt with, drive the car back to Heston to finish the mission. Be careful though as to not let the car get too damaged by the police trying to stop you.

Reward: $200
See No Evil
Before you leave, grab the ammo from the red dumpster at the side of the Burger Shot. Then grab a vehicle, the bike works best, and make your way towards the blue blip on your GPS. When you get there, you'll see Lester picking up Meredith, and you'll have to follow them and protect them.

Bikers will start showing up trying to kill Lester, and if they get too close for too long, you'll fail, so fall back a ways from Lester and perform drive-bys to take them out. Once they arrive at the apartment, you must protect them from three waves of bikers. They are much easier to take down when on their bikes, so try to kill them before they can get off. Tossing grenades at their typical stopping points works pretty well. Once you've taken out all three waves, the mission is passed.
When the mission starts, get into the car with Rudy and drive to the meeting point, marked in yellow on your radar. When you arrive, you'll have to break into a lock and connect the wires inside of it, then climb some stairs to reach the rooftops and find a sniper rifle, which is several roofs down. Then walk into the sniper rifle to activate the sniper assembly mini-game. Hold L too zoom in and keep taking out the enemies shooting at Rudy. You'll have infinite ammo so you have no reason to time your shots carefully.

Keep shooting and taking them out, and eventually Rudy will move to another location and carloads will start showing up. It takes about three shots to a car to blow it up, so start shooting them when they enter to kill everyone before they have a chance to shoot at Rudy. After a while, Rudy will run and get into a car and drive off, and the mission is passed. Be very careful though to not let Rudy get hurt too much by watching his health bar at the top of the screen. Make sure anyone who can easily hit him is taken down quickly.

Reward: $250
A Rude Awakening
You'll start his mission off my having to search for Rudy in all of his previous locations. He'll be at the top right location. Once the game shows you his car, you'll have to enter his store. After the strange cutscene, you'll have to chase Rudy down and kill him.

Ignore the men that come out after you, as taking the time to kill them will only let Rudy escape, so just follow after him. This is rather simple. You can either shoot him until his car catches fire, or corner him and pull him out of his car and kill him. Either way, once he's dead, the mission is passed, and he'll drop a good amount of money for you to pick up.
When the mission starts, you'll have to head to the FIB building, highlighted on your radar, so grab a fast car and head over there. When you get close enough, two wireless signal icons will appear on the top of your screen, and you must find a point between them when both signals are full. Once you find an area (i found the perfect spot in an ally right down the road from where you GPS left off), a download will start.

Just sit in your car and wait for it to finish. Once it's finished, two more hotspots will show up where you'll have to find a good spot again. The second transfer zone is in an intersection down the road. After it's done, you'll have to get to the third. The third transfer zone is in an ally behind the building with a large 'C' on the front of it slightly west of Star Junction. Once it's done, head on to the fourth and final one. After the third transfer, you'll receive two wanted stars.

Take out police to make it go down, or getting the next transfer will be impossible without getting busted. The fourth transfer zone is in an ally across from the Pay 'N Spray in Westminster, but I'd recommend getting your car fixed before doing the transfer if it's the same car you've been in the whole time. Once it's done, you'll get three stars and an e-mail. The e-mail tells you to lose your heat, then meet Wade. You can try losing your stars in the Pay 'N Spray, or you can take your chances ramming cop cars. Once the stars are gone, meet up with Wade to end the mission.

Reward: $200
Rat Race
You'll start the mission in the back of Kenny's truck armed with an infinite ammo mini-gun. Use it to fend off any assassins that try to stop you on your way to Hsin. Since it's infinite ammo, it's easiest to just hold down the fire button and use the D-Pad to rotate around and hit targets. You'll be fighting against both people in vehicles and on foot, and the vehicles are the more dangerous ones because they explode, but you must take them all out regardless.

After a while, the vehicle you're in will catch fire and you and Kenny must bail, and then you'll get into a new truck, but this time you're driving with Kenny on back. As you're driving, you'll notice a helicopter is following you and a cross-hair will show up on the road in front of you. This is difficult to avoid, but it follows a predictable pattern. As you're steering, it will remain directly in front of you no matter what direction you're facing, and after about three seconds, it will stop moving, and if you drive over it, it will it you with a missile that deals a lot of damage, so once it stops, veer away from it.

Keep heading down the one road the GPS tells you too while avoiding the cross-hair to make it to Hsin. The easiest method I found was to drive in a straight line until it stops, then veer off to the other side of the road, then repeat. Don't turn before the cross-hair stops, or it'll most likely hit you. Once you arrive to Hsin's, there is a cutscene, then the mission is finished.
Clear the Pier
You'll start out the mission with an accomplice, and you'll need to take out a lot of enemies to get to Chan, and by a lot, I mean a whole lot. This is probably the biggest group of enemies you've encountered all at once so far in the entire game. But there is a simple way around that. Grab a vehicle and just plow through them until you reach the end where there are yellow arrows for you to walk into the warehouse.

Once you've entered, you no longer have to worry about the huge group of men outside. Very easy compared to the alternative. Once you're inside, immediately to the left is a health pickup behind some boxes, and to the right and up some is some body armor. Be careful with the body armor as there is an explosive barrel next to it. There are many of them scattered throughout the warehouse, so shoot them from a distance. Enter the doors at the opposite side of the room that you came in on and fight your way through the halls.

Once you reach the second large room, there is health in one of the corners. Once everyone is cleared, exit the warehouse by the doors with arrows by it. After the cutscene, Chan will make a run for it, so ignore the two guards he left behind and hop in the extra car and take chase. Once you catch up to him, you can shoot him until he catches fire and blows up, or you can ram him into something and pull him out of his vehicle and then run him down or shoot him. Either way, once he's dead, the mission is passed.
Hit from the Tong
The very first thing you'll have to do in this mission is slash a lock open with your stylus. Once in, kill the first few men then search the red dumpster for more ammo. Unlike with Chan, you'll actually have to take out the huge group of body guards this time. Luckily, there is armor between some pipes near the south end, and health by the large crane to the west.

Once they're finished, enter the lift. Once on top, quickly grab the rocket launcher and take cover behind the center wall and wait for his targets to move from the left side to the right, and when they do, quickly move out and tap R to lock on, then fire a rocket at him, then take cover again. He'll fly by shooting, but won't hit you if you're behind the wall. Then he'll come back and repeat the rocket targeting thing, so wait for him to clear one side then pop out and lock on and fire again. After the second rocket hits him, you'll have to return to the ground, kill more guards, then go to another rooftop.

The easiest way to take out his guards is to hang back by the giant tubes and take them on as they get closer. Once on the second rooftop, repeat the same process again, then you'll have to return to the ground where, guess what! More of his guards have come to join the party. Again, the easiest method is to shoot them from back by the pipes. The third and final rooftop is a little more challenging, but for the most part it's the same process.

Instead of going from one side to the other like before, now he'll start in front of you and work his way behind you both sides at a time. The easiest way to get him is to jump out when he first appears, lock on, and shoot, because when he first appears his missiles will hit too far away to hurt you. Repeat one more time to finish the mission.
Salt in the Wound
First thing you'll have to do is grab a car and get over to the Desalinization Plant, marked on your radar. After a cutscene when you arrive, you'll only have to kill one or two people, as the rest kill each other. After that you must run to the right of the pipe maze, but not after picking up the assault rifle! Be sure to kill all of the guards and keep them from killing Heston. After you make it past the first area, you'll then have to run along a long walkway and dodge rockets.

This part is actually very easy, and once you make it to the end, just open fire and kill the rocket man. Be sure to pick up any armor the men drop, and look out for health pickups along the way. If you have any grenades or Molotovs, be sure to make use of them, as they make dealing with these men much easier. Keep pushing forward, and eventually you'll have to talk to Heston about the gate. Then hold off the few ways of enemies while he messes with the controls. Once they're dead, the gate will open and you can move forward. Kenny will escape on a boat and you must run over to the next Jetty.

Heston will drive while you take care of attackers with an infinite ammo mini-gun. Start by killing the men on the edge to your right, and eventually a helicopter will come. Aim at it and shoot it until it backs off, and then fend off the smaller wet skis. More helicopters will come, so target them first when they arrive, then continue killing the wet skis. Eventually there will be another big boat you must destroy, more people off to the side, and then a helicopter that you have to actually destroy. After the boat sequence, Kenny will escape in a car and you must follow him.

You'll have a four star wanted rating by this point, so the police attention will be heavy, but just avoid them because the path you're taking to catch up to Kenny is short. Steer clear of the police cars and try to stay out of situations where they can corner you. Once you arrive at Hsin's apartment, park in the marker to easily avoid the cops and trigger a cutscene. After the cutscene, you'll have to take out Kenny. This is easy for the most part, just stay back and fire at him continuously. Don't let him get close though because the sword is very lethal. Once he's dead, the game is over.

Congratulations! You've beaten Chinatown Wars!

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