GTA Chinatown Wars Missions
Missions have been tailored to the DS's gameplay style - short and sweet. The style of play relates more to an arcade game, with autotargeting (R button) and a subtle autostreer to help making turns easier. If you fail a mission you can quickly choose to restart the mission or even just get straight to the action.

Yu Jian
After being robbed of the Yu Jian, his family's sacred sword, and being left for dead, Huang Lee must get to his Uncle Kenny's restaurant (Sum Yung Gai) and tell him what has happened. Here you will get your first safehouse and the missions will begin.
Street of Rage
It's your task to help out Wade Heston, an allied police office that is having some trouble with a Korean gang named the Wonsu Nodong. To get to him you'll have to pass (and of course defeat) a gangster blasting a chain-gun at you. You'll accomplish this using grenades, which you'll learn how to use during the mission.
Tricks of the Triad
Huang needs to make some cash by selling drugs throughout Liberty City. The cops eventually get on his tail and you need to escape the two-star wanted level and reach the Sum Yung Gai for safety.
Recruitment Drive
You have to collect three Liberty City gangsters initially interested in joining other gangs and turn them to the side of the Triads. To initiate them as Triads, you must tattoo them with the touch-screen.
Driven to Destruction
This mission will remind you of the rampages in GTA past. It's your job to drive a truck while a fellow Triad in the back uses a chain-gun to shoot down Jamaican gang members throughout Liberty City. A "Carnage meter" will appear in the top left of the screen, and you must fill it up to complete the mission.

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