GTA3 PC Weapons


This guide will provide the locations where you can find all the weapons in the game. I might follow up with an Item Location List later, if I feel like doing it.

You will have this all the time, obviously. Its better than nothing, but you won't get far with it. Each punch and kick only drains a small amount of health.

Baseball Bat
This is the easiest weapon to find. There will always be a bat outside your hideout. It only takes three strikes and the enemy's out. Just knock them over with the first swing, and hit them on the ground to kill them easy. Don't try to use it against someone with a gun of course.

This is the first firearm you will get. It's weak, but at least you don't have to be right next to your target to strike. It will get the job done, though with a fair amount of trouble. One good thing though is that you can fire on the run, something heavier weapons can't do.

This one of the BEST guns in the game because its so versatile. It spits out lead real quick, you can fire on the run, and in fact it's the only gun you can do DRIVE-BYS with it! Just enter a car, and the Uzi is equipped automatically. Hold down the L2 or R2 button, and press Circle to fire out the side window. It's hard to aim well at first, but you'll get better with practice. This is great to have if a cop pulls up beside you and is sideswiping you.

This is an extremely powerful gun, but it's hard to amass a lot of ammo for it because it's not for sale anywhere until late in the game. You can get one of these and five free shells if you get inside a police car though. It's VERY powerful up close. Anybody standing in the general direction you fire is going to be seriously maimed if not dead. It's also excellent for blowing up cars. Just two or three up close shots is all that is necessary to get the engine on fire. Be careful though, its slow firing and you have to stand still when you use it. Below is a way to make your shotgun fire much more quickly.

This trick only works if you've got many targets (Enemies or Pedestrians) that you wanna take out. Anyway, if you hold the Circle button, and keep tapping R1 really fast, your shotgun will fire each time you change the target. The faster you change targets, the faster the gun goes off. It's pretty cool just to walk into a crowd of people, and just unload on them.

Submitted by: J.T.

This weapon is more accurate and has more powerful bullets than the Uzi, but its weakened by the fact you must stand still while firing, and can't use it in a car.

This is the best rapid-fire gun for blowing up cars. It also has a scope to use for more accurate shots. If you empty a clip into a car, it'll blow up real fast. This is only one of two guns that can blow up helicopters. Aim for the rotor.

Sniper Rifle
I LOVE this gun. It has a long-range scope for accurate shots at a distance. It's perfect for assassinations. Use Square to zoom in, and X to zoom out. You can only fire when you are looking through the scope.

Rocket Launcher
THE weapon of the game. One shot will destroy any vehicle, except for the tank, and the massive explosion will take down entire crowds of people. Be careful not to fire near a wall or a vehicle or the explosion may hit YOU too. It's very rare and expensive to use, so don't foolishly waste your shots. This the second weapon that's effective against helicopters.

This will be your best buddy if gang members surround you. Wave it around and watch everyone burn to death. Just don't let anyone on fire touch you or you'll catch fire also. This weapon is good for blowing up damaged vehicles, and especially good on tanks. (submitted by Joshua) It has a special ability of penetrating walls. Just hide behind a wall, press the fire button, and listen to everyone on the other side scream in agony.

Moltov Cocktail
This weapon is better at catching things on fire than blowing them up. Throw it in a crowd and everybody will burn up. Like the Flame-thrower, its good for damaged vehicles, and the tank. (submitted by Joshua) The longer you hold Circle the farther you'll throw it. This weapon can also penetrate walls like the Flame-thrower.

Portland/Saint Marks/in the tunnel behind 8-Ball's Bomb Shop. Kill the tramps in there to get them.
Staunton Island/Liberty Campus/on one of the porches of the dorm buildings.
Shoreside Vale/Pike Creek/storage lot behind police station, on sale for $5,000

This operates like a Molotov Cocktail, but you use this for vehicle destruction instead. It's hard to aim accurately enough to hit a moving vehicle though. Best-used on stationary targets, like an opposing gang car stuck in a traffic jam.

All credit goes to Minesweeper (Nathan Norris) unless stated otherwise

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