GTA3 PC Vehicle Tips

  ---Vehicle Tips

Getting In Vehicles
To enter any unlocked vehicle, be it car, train, boat, or plane, press TRIANGLE. Press TRIANGLE to get out. The best way to stop a moving car is to stand in front of it or leave another car in front it to make the driver stop, then quickly move to the side door and push the driver out.

Some people will see what you are packing, and will gladly hand over their car if you try to take it. But others may try to fight back if you stick around. Also beware that there are other carjackers who will attempt to steal your ride as well. When traveling through rough territory like Chinatown, be careful. If you stop for too long, enemy gang member around will try to throw you out of the car!

Jacking a police vehicle is a little trickier. Unlike every other dim-witted motorist in the city, they actually lock their doors. If you attempt to jack a police car on the road, the door lock will stop you and the cop will jump out to arrest you. Fortunately, after he slams his door, all the doors will be unlocked. Wait until you hear his door slam or the lock will still stop you.

IMO the best way to jack a police car is to try to open the passenger side door, let the cop slam the driver's side door, then open your door and zoom away fast before the cop can wrench open the door again and arrest you.

Jacking a gang car is also a little trickier than a civilian vehicle. If you take a gang car, all his fellow gang members and cars in the area will immediately swarm over you to kick your butt. You had best get away as fast as you can.

Also beware parked cars. Some of the parked cars you see have their doors locked, and sometimes the car alarm will activate if you take one of them. You should wait in a quiet area for the alarm to stop, because if a cop sees you driving a vehicle with the car alarm on, he's going to try to stop you.

When It's Time To Bail Out
You should abandon the vehicle you are in if its about to be destroyed. If your car catches fire, GET OUT. That's the signal your car is about to explode, and it's going to take anything around it with it. Also your car has flipped over on its top and won't go back up, then get away fast because the car will catch fire soon and blow up.

All credit goes to Minesweeper (Nathan Norris) unless stated otherwise

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