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  ---Unique Jumps

There are twenty of these throughout Liberty City. You have to jump over a certain object or go a certain distance to get the bonus cash the jump awards. You will get $5,000 for the first successful jump, then $10,000, then $15,000, and so on. Daniel Feit says "you are correct about the pay scale for the jumps, but there's a bonus. Instead of $100K, the final jump is worth one MILLION dollars."

Portland Unique Jumps

#1 - Chinatown/A concrete block, next to the el train station. You must clear the pedestrian bridge to get the bonus.

#2 - Callahan Bridge/A black and yellow striped divider on the Portland side. You must clear the first beam below you and land between the two lanes on the grass below.

#3 - Callahan Bridge/A mound of dirt underneath the bridge on the Portland side. You must jump over both beams while going away from the bridge, not towards it.

#4 - Trenton/A ramp next to some semi-truck trailers at the Portland Docks. You have to get over all the trailers.

#5 - Trenton/A ramp near Liberty Sawmill. You have to jump all the way over the saw mill.

#6 - Atlantic Quays/A dirt mound on the southern docks which will allow you to leap a distance over the ocean. It's near the place where you had to leave the Mr. Whoopee truck in the "I Scream, You Scream" mission. You must successfully get over the water and land on the opposite side.

#7 - Chinatown/A ramp next to the subway. Land on the subway tracks above and make it to the Police Bribe to get credit.

#8 - Atlantic Quays/Remember where the lot was where you had to take the Mr. Whoopee truck in the I SCREAM, YOU SCREAM mission? There's a ramp just outside the lot in Atlantic Quays you need to take. Jump over the lot and the warehouse next to it to get credit.

Staunton Island Unique Jumps

#9 - Newport/Go on the divider at the highway bridge, southeast of the construction site. Go down the grass in the middle, and you'll find the ramp hidden at the end of it. You have to land near the opposite side of the bridge.

#10 - Newport/A ramp on top of the parking garage. You have to land in the second planter across the street.

#11 - Callahan Bridge/Turn left on the first road after exiting the bridge, and you'll see a room that has breakable glass in the right building. It has signs that say "tw@" in it. Drive up the stairs in this room and jump across the street to get credit.

Submitted by: Stefan Hoberg

#12 - Newport/This jump is a pile of dirt in the cargo container area, past Asuka's condo. Like the one in Portland at the Atlantic Quays, you have to jump over the ocean to the opposite side to get credit.

Shoreside Vale Unique Jumps

#13 - On the four-lane road traveling past the airport in Shoreside Vale there is a dirt road somewhere on the right. It will lead you to a partial wooden bridge. You have to successfully land on the other side of the river, on your wheels I believe.

#14 - This one is the ramps beside the hangar near the helicopters at the airport. You don't need to jump all the helicopters, only a couple. It's okay to have a crash.

#15 - This one is also the ramps beside another hanger. It's a little distance away from the one with the helicopters. Jump all the way over the hangar to get the reward.

#16 - There's yet another ramp at the airport for you, and it's the one that's at the back of the airport, where the customs hangar is in "Grand Theft Aero." Jump all the way over the hangar to get the reward.

#17 - This one is at the top of the hill in Pike Creek, where you had to lure the death squads in the mission BAIT. Jump the ramp here in the open area, and land inside the closed-in lot below you. It's got barbed-wire fencing.

#18 - This jump is in the very same lot as number 17, only it's in an alleyway to the right of the jump. Land beyond the storage garage.

#19 - There is a FOURTH jump in the airport, and it's the easiest one. As you enter the runway area, before reaching any of the other three jumps, you should see a plane with stairs against it. Jump over the plane.

#20 - Start at your hideout (after saving, of course). Cross the street and drive down the grass hill onto the road. Turn right. Drive fast, really fast, up the hill, past the tunnel entrance, through the graffitied underpass, straight towards the dam. As you reach the top of the hill, the road curves into a right hand turn. Don't turn right; drive straight off the cliff. You should clear the river and land in the small park to the left of the dam's base. I don't think you even need to land right side up.

Submitted by: Daniel Feit

All credit goes to Minesweeper (Nathan Norris) unless stated otherwise

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