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Costume Change Trick
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Best Places for Police Fights
Securicar Cracking Garage

General Tips
Paul, one of my readers, wrote this long general tip. I know some of this stuff already, but since Paul put it so well, I'll let him say it. Take it away Paul!:

I found this particularly helpful. After beating the game and going back and doing all the extra stuff I decided to start all over again with a different mindset. I Basically did all the side stuff first, like Vigilante missions, Fire-Truck, Ambulance, Rampages, finding the packages, etc. Approach it this way on all three islands, only doing that particular island's "career missions" after completing the side missions first. This has a few really cool benefits:

1. You accumulate literally a ton of money VERY fast. I think I had like almost two million dollars before I did so much a single Louigi mission!!

2. As previously stated, in this and other FAQ's, the gangs don't hate you yet. And this is particularly helpful when doing all the cool extra stuff.

3. I have found even the rampages a tad easier for the same reason as #2, because the gangs aren't automatically on the prowl for your sorry ass as soon as you step out on the street with your rampage weapon in hand. You basically are taking them by surprise, and often can be well into your killing frenzy before they realize you are snuffing them out! Otherwise they will overwhelm you, more often than not, right at the outset. This is also true for many of the off road missions as well, on all three islands.

4. Many of the COOL cars only available on Stauten Island and Shoreside Vale will appear very often if you do your Vigilante and Fire-Truck missions right off. And so what if you end your missions and get less money when you have to start them again? I had the Yakuza Stinger and other sports cars before doing a single career missions on Portland, let alone having access to Stauton!

5. You start off with some pretty potent weapons and tons of ammo (more rounds than you will ever need in fact). You will ALWAYS have better weapons at your disposal than you really require for ANY mission in the game, because you will have also found all the hidden weapons, have plenty of recurring power-ups in your hideout, including weapons, Police bribes, health and adrenaline. Hey it's real nice to have the Rocket Launcher and the M-16, with enough Mortars to take out the entire city, long before you even get your Shoreside Vale missions underway because....HELLO!! You found all hundred packages! J

OH! And Make sure when doing your Vigilante missions, to LOOK for dropped weapons from your road-kills! I had tons of Shotgun, Uzi and AK-47 rounds very early on this way, because you won't yet have enough packages accumulated to have access to these weapons as hideout power-ups!

Here's a for instance: I was going nuts with the Yardley mission where you have to go to Portland and waste the Diablo's. One thing that was very helpful, not to mention dirt cheap, was I would waste a few Diablo's, and run right around the corner to my hideout (where I had accumulated 4 recurring Police bribes by now), eat one or two and then run right outside and continue with the hunt, unencumbered by law enforcement interference, until I got another star or two, then back to the hideout and drive into the police bribes (which reappear as soon as you get a few feet from your hideout!).

I cannot tell you how many times in the middle of missions I just detoured into the old hideout, on whatever island I was on, for a few seconds to eat a few Police Bribe power-ups, and then back to the mayhem! If you know the city (And hopefully you do if you did the side missions first), then as long as you are anywhere near an island's hideout even the timed missions wont suffer all that much from your little detours!

6. You are sure to run into all those hard to find vehicles (like Mr. Whoopie and the Securicar!!) very early on. I had Mr. Whoopie LONG before my first Luigi mission and the Securicar halfway through my Stauton Island missions.

7. You will get to know the lay of the land very well. You will really know your way around neighborhoods, landmarks, the way to all the tunnels and bridges, hospitals, police stations, 8-Ball, etc. And this REALLY cuts down on a lot of the frustration, especially in those timed missions if you are only following a blip on the radar, and really don't know all the cool detours and shortcuts. You will also have a decent idea where all the power-ups are located.

Side note: Since the weapons power-ups in your hideouts regenerate infinitely whenever you leave and return to your hideout and often when you save a game, go from hideout to hideout, get into the habit of gobbling them up whenever you see them. You will be surprised at how fast you stockpile your supply of ammo with this approach! This will make that last career mission of the game a lot easier, not being limited to three Rocket Launcher shots against the helicopter (Although by now, hopefully you have killed SO MANY Heli's in your travels that you should only really need one anyway so there!) And of course if you have the tank by then...Fuggeddaboudit!

Another side note: You will have a blast, for example, in the very early missions where, normally you would be lucky if you have a pistol with 33 bullets in it; and now you have, say the Uzi with several thousand rounds and you just drive by the people you are supposed to beat up, baseball bat, or try to shoot to death with your little pistola! The Flamethrower was particularly fun against some of the Chinatown gang-members, Mafia thugs, etc. Oops but wait! I wasn't supposed to find that on top of the radio station yet (LOL not to mention revisit it 3 or 4 times early on, so I had plenty of spare napalm!), same thing with the shotgun and AK-47. Diablo's got you down? Forget the baseball bat! Lob a few grenades at 'em! For example, in the mission, DON'T SPANK MA BITCH UP: Who needs the baseball bat or even the car to run him over? Not you! Because you have...NAPALM! LOL

In Kenji's first mission on Stauton Island, "Hanbu Bust-Out", After busting the guy out of prison and heading out of the parking lot, I just detoured a few blocks north to my hideout where, by this time in the game, there were four Police Bribes sitting there waiting for me. I really did try to get more to this point! But the other two police Bribe power ups, kind of like the flamethrower appearing for Fire-truck missions, requires you to be on Shoreside Vale, or at least to have access to the island. By the way, it is so much fun to watch the police cars that follow you into your hideout, if you have police bribes in there, and you use them to get your wanted level all the way down to zero. Because, there is a cool bug in the game where the cops don't always just leave, but instead either drive around in aimless circles or ram into the wall and keep driving, spinning their wheels while they go nowhere against the wall!

And NO I don't consider using Police Bribes in my hideouts to be a cheat! Hey I earned my little cubbyhole of corruption so GET off my back about it okay? J

Seriously, you have no idea how much fun it is to do many of the missions you are "over qualified" for (at least with regard to your arsenal anyway) over and over again, reloading previous saves, just to find new and interesting ways of killing people to complete the missions!

In "Evidence Dash", one of the Ray missions, After ramming the prosecutions' vehicle and collecting the evidence, which of course raised my wanted level, I just stole a cop car, drove it into my hideout, ate the bribes and blew up the car right in my hideout...ChaChing!

This also worked very effectively in "A Drop in the Ocean", Donald's mission that opens up Shoreside Vale. Something weird happened to me though. I decided to mess around with this mission a few times because it was fun. So after beating it, instead of saving the game I just reloaded the previous save so I could do it again. At times like this I REALLY wish that Rockstar had built in the option to replay all previous missions in a save, like they did in Midnight Club, but enough of my bitching. Anyway, when I did the mission, it was no problem, UNTIL I docked at Stauton Island, like always, and for some reason, there were NO YAKUZA STINGERS, at Asuka's place on the waterfront! Not only that but there were no cars at all (Weird huh?) except that stupid Landstalker, which I would rather chew on broken glass or suck the farts out of old train seats, than attempt to evade the FBI with! I tried once, and they just pounded me till I turned over or explode...forget about getting to your hideout or even the Paint & Spray against the FBI with that vehicle, it's so slow and handles like a Special Ed kid's tricycle! Anyway, I just ran back to the docks, FBI right on my ass, grabbed the boat again and headed to Portland where I had picked up the boat in the first place. My beat up little Karuma was right where I had left it. I just carefully drove it to my hideout, faking out the barrage of FBI cars trying to ram me, and I gobbled up my waiting police bribes (You can get four to this point in the game), and with only one star the cops are easily evaded on my drive back to Donnie boy's. Mission Passed! Getting the message yet?

There are a ton of missions that this packrat approach to hunting and gathering worked wonders for me, but I think you get the point.

Bullet Proof Vehicles
These are a handful of vehicles you can obtain during the game that are bulletproof. You can still blow them up by crashing them, flipping over, or falling in water though, so watch for that. They are only bulletproof. Some of these vehicles are also explosion proof and rocketproof.


This is the easiest of the bulletproof vehicles to obtain. It's also the only one you can get legally. Simply defeat the MARKED MAN mission done by Ray in Shoreside Vale. It's only bulletproof, not explosionproof or flameproof.


I am most grateful to King Vinsfeld for discovering this awesome trick to get a bulletproof Cheetah, and to the guys at the GTA3 messageboard who invented the best way to capture one of these beauties. This is NO LIE!

What you must do is play the TURISMO mission in Portland, done by El Burro on the phone in Hepburn Heights. Get a Coach, and go to the starting line, and make sure you're facing the opposite direction from the racers. When the race begins, head for your hideout, and block the street that goes by your hideout. Make sure the Coach curves towards the alley. Let the civilian cars get stacked up behind you, because it will help keep you steady in the crash you're about to have.

Wait here until the timer gets to about 100. At about that time, the racing Cheetahs will approach from the Hepburn Heights area, going the wrong way down the road. Move so that one of them will collide with you, and hopefully the driver will be forced into your hideout alley.

Now, you have to shove the Cheetah into your garage. Hopefully it will flip over and you won't need to worry about the driver crashing into everything. Wait until the mission ends or the car might disappear from the garage if you push it in. Rob has also discovered that excessive use of the tank cheat can contribute to the car disappearing. Don't worry about blowing up the racing Cheetah because it's indestructible, except for the tank's rammings. You might want to leave something tough like a Patriot in your garage in case your Coach blows up while you are ramming the Cheetah. The Patriot is excellent for ramming because it can get up to speed quickly and can absorb much damage.

Also, don't let the Cheetah get out of your sight, or it may vanish from the area. Try the overhead cam. After you manage to ram the Cheetah into the garage, the driver will get "eaten" by the garage (can't think of a better word) and the doors will be unlocked, plus the vehicle will be repaired. It will even do this if the Cheetah is blown up or flipped. You are now the proud owner of a bulletproof Cheetah. Enjoy! :) It's also explosion proof and flameproof.


Here's the trick for a BP Securicar of your own. During the Joey's Van Heist mission you'll follow a van, which Joey actually tells you, is bullet proof. During the mission you damage the van until the driver runs and you steal it.

However, don't take it to the Securicar Cracking Garage. Instead take it to your own garage.

However, when the garage door closes the van is still in the mission and won't yet be in your possession. So after making sure you've parked it all the way in (I still had a corner of my tail light out but that seemed ok). Then blow it up. Preferably in a way which doesn't knock it clear of the garage. Mission over message will show. Then let garage door close. The van will be repaired and it will also be bullet proof.

Submitted by: Bryan Smith, and thought up by FLiPNiNeX3


Again I would like to thank all the guys at the GTA3 messageboard for coming up with this trick to get you a nearly totally indestructible Bobcat (minus getting rammed by a tank, or hitting too many walls.) This is one of the trickiest of all the bulletproof vehicles to obtain IMO.

What you must do is play the mission EVIDENCE DASH by Ray. Track down the Bobcat carrying the evidence. Hit him once to get your wanted level to two, then get your car resprayed or something to get rid of your wanted level. After doing that, take the Barracks OL from the Army Surplus Store (go around behind the building by the alley if you haven't beaten ARMS SHORTAGE yet, because the gate will be locked before you beat that mission.)

Now, what you must do is get to the Bobcat, and force it to roll over on its roof so it can't move. After you do that, wait for a while, and the game will say the car is a decoy, and the driver will get out. Now, flip the Bobcat over on it's roof again, and push it back to your hideout, because the doors will still be locked even after the guy gets out. Be quick about it, because the Bobcat will vanish if you take too long.

After you successfully get it to your garage, you will have an almost totally indestructible Bobcat, except for the fact a tank running over it will still blow it up quick. The Bobcat is bulletproof, explosionproof, and flameproof.


I was going through your FAQ, particularly the bulletproof car section, and just wanted to let you know the Barracks OL in the Arms Dealer's compound is bulletproof as well. I discovered this as I tried to detonate it after blocking the gate, to kill the Colombians that were stuck behind it. I doubled checked it after sticking it in my garage in Staunton, by emptying about twenty shotgun shells at it, point-blank. I haven't checked to see if it's flame-retardant and blast-proof, however (didn't think of it until I noticed the BP Bobcat and Cheetah are such).

Submitted by: John A. Volovar

NOTE BY THE AUTHOR: The Barracks OL at Phil's Army Surplus Store is ONLY bulletproof during the mission ARMS SHORTAGE, so be sure to take it back to your hideout at that time.


This vehicle can be obtained in the "Salvatores called a meeting" mission from Toni. Once you visit Toni, head to Joey's but DON'T go into the blue field. Instead, park a vehicle near the wall on the side of the building, then enter the speed-up cheat code twice, then run between the vehicle and the wall, this will cause you to walk-through the wall.

Then enter the Stretch and backup into the blue field, the vehicle will regenerate. Afterwards, drive it to your Staunton hideout by flying over the Callahan bridge (using the CAR CAN FLY code). Head to 8-Ball's Bomb Shop, rig the car with a timer bomb, then activate the car bomb in your garage and leave, don't let the door shut! After the vehicle explodes, walk out letting the door shut, so the vehicle regenerates.

Submitted by: Jimmy

I thought I'd point out to you that with the confusing directions on how to walk through the wall in order to get the everything-proof stretch, at least I had no idea how to do it. You can simply enter the blue area, drive out with Joey, fly the car over the bride, rig it, and blow it up in the garage. You fail the mission (thus killing Joey), but you still have the car. It seems like a much less confusing way to obtain it.

Submitted by: Nick

When my friend came over to play GTA 3, he needed that stretch (everything proof) so we read your part on it. After reading it we noticed what Nick said about how confusing it was and how he just did all that other stuff. We tried it. It didn't work. Ya it was in our garage but it wasn't everything proof. We ended up getting killed by testing it and it blew up in our face. Then we tried out your method after getting really mad. It worked and we were happy and parked it in our stanton garage. Just the only reason that Nick couldn't get it is because you don't back it up into the blue field. Instead, you back it up into the wall and the car will go through the wall where you will fall into a blue hole that we refered to as the "Blue Hell". Then you will end up outside after losing 5 of your health or body armor. The car you now have is all proof and this is the one you take to your garage.

Submitted by: Daniel Tu

You can walk through the wall at Joey's without using the speed up code. I usually use a big van, then park it almost flush against the wall, with just a tiny amount of space between the back bumper and the wall. Then I try to run my guy into that space and eventually he'll go through the wall. No code necessary.

Submitted by: NoXcuse999

NOTE BY THE AUTHOR: This vehicle is unlike the other bulletproof vehicles because it can't be destroyed by ANYTHING! Not even running into stuff will blow it up, unlike the other bulletproof vehicles.


NOTE: I'm not sure about this one, as I've never been able to get one. I spent two solid hours trying to get it over the bridge with no success. I've also heard it's not even really bulletproof once you get it to your garage. If it is real, then it's the hardest of all the BP vehicles to obtain. If you really want it that much, then read below:

In the mission "Blow Fish" by Toni he asks you to jack a trashmaster. Get the trashmaster and take it to Staunton by the Dodo Car trick. But it in your garage and arm the bomb. DONT LET THE DOOR CLOSE!!! After it explodes, walk out and you now have a brand new BP/FP Trashmaster. It is not explosionproof or damageproof.

Submitted by: Garrett Moore

Costume Change Trick
This trick will supposedly allow you to be immune to gang hatred.
I like to call this....Marty Chonks, Criminal Superstar!

You may have heard of this before(I heard mention of this on Gamefaqs messageboard), well I decided to test this out, and after testing it in many different ways, I found it to be legitimate.

If you use the Character Change cheat to get the Marty Chonks look alike, you will never be attacked by gang members again.
Let me clarify things so you dont think Im talkin trash.
First, as far as I know there are only 3 peds who wear a trenchcoat with a round 50's style hat. One of them has dark hair and a moustache, this is not Marty look alike. Second is and older man with grey hair, now this man looks almost exactly like Marty look alike, except, he is slightly shorter and his face looks a little more beaten up, like somebody wacked him with a 2x4 too many times. Marty look alike is tall, with grey hair, and wears a somewhat light brown trenchcoat.
When you use him all gang members will not shoot at you, nor will they try to throw you out of your car when you drive around in their territory. They will not gang up on you if you kill one of their own either.

Some things to know: 1. Cops are immune to Marty's super criminal status, and will act like they normally do, shoot at you, arrest you,etc.

2. If you get Wasted or Arrested, Marty looses his Superstar status, and gang members treat you like normal. I tried both of these out, then ran into gang territory and was attacked.

3. I drove around to see if I would be carjacked, and eventually I was, so your not immune to having your wheels jacked.

4. Vigilante missions, the people you try to kill in this WILL shoot at you and try to kill you, as well as steal your car.

5. Normal citizens wont run from you, when I first heard of this trick I was told that peds will run from you, well unless your shooting at them they dont run from you.

6. THE GREATEST THING OF ALL. When I was testing this trick, I decided to go on a mission. I took the later Asuka mission "ESPRESSO-2-GO!" Well the Columbians didnt ever shoot at me as I approached their little kiosks, and they in no way tryed to stop me. I also tryed "Uzi Money" for D-Ice, and I was not attacked by anyone including Redjacks, who under normal circumstances will try to ram the car you're in.

Submitted by: Lee Shaolin
You are not totally immune from gang warfare. In addition to what is already told about not being immune, if you shoot a gang member - any other members in their cars will chase you until it blows up. Not only will walking gang members just not shoot back at you, they will run. My life in St Marks has now been made one hell of a lot easier.

Submitted by: MStokesy

Freebie Item Vehicles
- If you get inside a police car, you'll get a shotgun and five shells.

- If you get inside an ambulance, you'll get 20 health.

However, if you have gotten extra health via a hooker, you'll go down to 100 upon entering an ambulance. (submitted by FemaleOutlaw)

- If you get inside an Enforcer, you'll get Body Armor.

Flying the Dodo
My thanks go out to the guys at the GTA3 message board at for teaching me how to fly this plane.

There may be many fine planes and helicopters everywhere at the airport, but sadly we are stuck with this rock with wings, or at least that's what you'll call it until I teach you how to fly it. It's best if you use your left stick and not your D-pad for this.

First, you must get in a Dodo of course. Go to Francis International Airport to find one. There's one near the helipad, and two more in hangers.

Next, taxi onto one of the runways. I prefer the one the jumbo jets take off and land on. Get on the white stripe in the middle of the runway, and make sure you can accelerate without going off into the grass.

Hold down the accelerator, and push down on the left stick. Switch to side view. When you see sparks coming up from the front wheel, that's the signal to release the stick. When you take your finger off the stick, your plane will easily rise into the air. Take your finger off of the stick, DO NOT pull up on it.

After you are in the air, immediately tap, BUT DON'T PUSH, down on the stick to get the plane level with the ground. Fly in the second "behind car" view, the one that's close up. Whenever you can see a sliver of the red nose above your wings, you should point the plane down until the red is no longer visible.

The plane's nose must never point up for too long or you will lose speed and altitude. The plane will drift towards the ground but resist the urge to pull up. The plane will eventually drift up on its own. This is the only safe way to gain altitude. Remember to keep the plane's nose from pointing up too much.

Now that you are up in the air, you'll need to learn how to make the plane turn. You need to tap the sticks in the direction you are turning. If you hold down the stick, you'll do a barrel roll, and you'll lose altitude and possibly your control. Your turns must be as gentle as possible, or you might de-stabilize the plane and that would be a serious problem.

Almost nobody learns to fly this plane on their first try. You need to spend at least a couple of hours practicing before you can fly reliably. Keep trying though, you'll eventually catch on.


#1 - Do not hold down the sticks at any time, or you'll lose stability.

#2 - Do not pull up at any time, or you'll simply lose speed and altitude.

#3 - Do not turn while in the take off process, or you might lose stability the moment you leave the ground.

#4 - Do not turn in the air unless you have to, or you'll also lose stability.

#5 - Do not fly over any unique jumps, or you'll be stuck in endless slow-motion mode until you touch the ground.

When you take off from where ever, then stop holding X button (or gas) the plane will continue to soar regardless. In fact holding down X to long will cause your plane to stall. Since you can't pull back on the analog stick even though this will pull the nose up it will also decrease your speed and you'll still stall. However, if you plane is level and the nose begins to dip or if you going to start turning THAT'S WHEN you want to hold down X button. Thereby increase speed and lift. Then release X button once your plane is again level. Makes for much more controlled flight.

Submitted by: Bryan Smith
At the place where the tunnel goes into the mountain, the road stops, but it stays on your radar. If you follow this to the end of the world, you'll find something the programmers clearly put in there. The alternate way to find this is just fly around the east side of Portland, and head straight north to the end of the world. Probably want to turn west before your system crashes to see all of it.

So, you can only see this on your radar, but 'written' on the ground you'll find names like, 'gary's town', 'Chris's town', 'aaronsville', 'adamton', 'woodcunty' (did they forget an 'o' or not?), and 'obbebugh'. I'm not too sure about all the spellings, but that's all I've found.

And, I doubt anyone is as bored as I am. No, I'm sure others are more bored than I am, but you can do a unique jump in the dodo. With a 3 start wanted level, the helicopter will continue to chase you in the dodo. Oh, and flying off the map north/south will crash your system immediately, but flying off east-west will only stop the game from rendering your plane. You can still fly it, preferably back on the map.

Submitted by: Sean Bastille

Ghost Town
My thanks again goes out to the guys at the GTA3 messageboard at Remember that bank in the opening cinema? And how you've driven all over the city and could never find it? Below is how to discover this very well-hidden area. To see the Ghost Town, you have to be good at flying the Dodo. Read the Flying the Dodo Mini-FAQ to learn to fly it if you don't already know how.

Now that you do know how to fly the Dodo, you have to fly to those big mountains that you can see from the northern side of Portland or Staunton Island. The ones over the ocean, you know? After you fly there, you have to actually fly INTO them. The mountains have no collision detection, so you can fly right through them. Any place is good as long as you aren't too close to Shoreside Vale.

After you are through on the other side, you need to turn to the west. Fly under the mountains to underneath Shoreside Vale. You'll need to go through another wall on the way, but it also isn't solid. Everything is upside down here, literally. It's a pretty incredible sight.

After you pass through the mountain underneath the mountains, you will see a small city under here, only the buildings are half finished and sitting on nothingness. You have finally arrived at the Ghost Town. You can see the bank that the Colombians robbed in the opening, and the Securicars are even there too.

Don't try to land on anything, because nothing is solid here, like those mountains you passed through. I am guessing the opening was shot in real time so that the collision detection wouldn't have to be fussed with.

There's nothing to pick up here or anything. It's little more than a cool place to briefly visit. There's a way to get out of here without dying if you need to. See that large space near the Ghost Town where there is no water and only black? If you fly down into it, you should pop up in the Shoreside Vale tunnel, assuming you are near the Ghost Town when you do this. The tunnel is the one that is opened up, NOT the one that is always blocked by barricades in Shoreside Vale.

However, it IS possible to see where the blocked-up tunnels go and even get inside them. Down here, you may see the tunnels jutting out from the underside of the mountain. You'll see that the tunnels stop going when they go out of sight from the barricades, cementing the fact that you can't unlock them. If you're an excellent Dodo pilot, it's possible to fly inside the back end of the tunnel and land on the other side of the barricades. The floor that's away from the barricade isn't solid and you'll fall right through it.

Ghost Missing, The Secret Boat
On the "Gone Fishing" mission for Ray, you can chase the boat up onto the beach in Portland, where it will get stuck. Your target will get out of his boat and run, and you can run aground and kill him. Afterwards you can get his boat back into the water if you push it carefully back down the beach, and drive it to your heart's content.

The game calls the boat Ghost Missing where the name of the vehicle is written, (I assume this is because it's a glitch and you aren't supposed to ride in it) and it is just like the police boat, except it's luminous and blue, and the cannons wont fire. There isn't much you can do with it, since it's just a boat and you can't save it in a garage, but it's still kind of cool.

Submitted by: Jim Burm

Getting To New Districts Early
This is yet another thing from the GTA3 messageboard at I have to thank for. I wasn't going to put this in originally because I consider it cheating, but since so many people have nagged me about it I'm putting it in anyway. You can use the Car Can Fly code and/or the Great Handling code (with the L3 button to jump) to get across the broken down bridges to the next districts.

If you go to Staunton Island early, it's possible to ride the subway to Shoreside Vale without having to fuss with a gate blocking the subway, and the Porter Tunnel will also be unblocked between those two islands. You can also get a boat from Francis International Airport to drive back into Stauton. If you need to go back to Portland, you can also take a boat from Asuka's place.

That_cool_king submitted a way to get to Stauton Island without using any codes. He says "If you go to the far right of the calahan bridge you'll see some metal sticking out. Get to the very edge. Then aim with front view to a piece of metal slowping down. Jump to it and you're at Staunton Island."
There is also a legit way to get to Shoreside Vale without any codes. Get a boat, and go near the hospital. To the east of the hospital is a place where the cliff is low enough for you to ramp your boat onto land. Push your boat past Phil's Army Surplus Store down the road, because that's where the pipe blocking off Shoreside Vale is. After you are past the pipe, push your boat into the water and go to Shoreside Vale.
You can get into the subway in Portland before it opens. I am positive that it works. First, you complete a mission or get something on your beeper for example hidden packages. Second, you save the game. Third, you reload the save. Fourth, you get a car and drive to the unique jump above the subway. Then you inch the car over the ramp so that it topples over and falls right through the gate.

Submitted by: Dfwd Ewtf

Best Places for Police Fights
Here, I am listing the best places to fortify yourself against the police while attacking them, be it for amusement or survival. I'm no longer accepting submissions for this section, so please don't send me any more locations.
#1 - At the far end of ramp that the respray shop is on in Staunton Island (The one you use in the "Grand Theft Auto" mission). Right in the far right corner you can face the street and go nuts. The cops on foot can't get to you and they can't shoot at you. Your only problem is helicopters and those are easy enough to deal with.

#2 - At the subway entrance near the airport. (At the top of the "Rocky" stairs. Once again helicopters are the main problem. If you sit right at the top the cops WILL charge up the stairs but if you hide near the corner they will just circle like idiots. If things get out of control the beauty is you can just run down into the subway! Once a tank chased me down the stairs but it was my fault for letting him get up there in the first place.

#3 - The bridge that connects Downtown with the Suburbs. Heading from Shoreside to Staunton, One of the curves is hoisted on top of a small building with two taller buildings backing it. If you drive towards the tall buildings you'll hit them and fall straight down onto the small building. If you land upside down there is enough room to get away from the explosion. Once there, you can go to the corners of the small building and have a nice view of the T shaped intersection to cause all sorts of trouble. Once you get to the higher wanted rating though, stay hidden underneath the turnpike otherwise the FBI, Army etc. will do what you did and jump down in their cars and murder you.

Submitted by: Graeme Andrew Okurley
#4 - The parking garage in Newport in Staunton is a pretty good place to turn into your own private fort. Stand on top of cars and snipe out through the windows, blow up cops who try to enter through the gates, etc.

#5 - Go to the ramp for Unique Jump #8 (read a little above for the location) and stand at the top of the ramp. You can bomb the cops on the highway below and they won't be able to shoot back at you, unless they are in the helicopters.

#6 - Your hideout in Staunton Island is perfect for a place to engage the police from. It's also a great place for capturing the elusive FBI Car.

#7 - On top of the train tracks in Portland.

#8 - On top of the AMCO building in Torrington in Staunton Island.

#9 - A room in a building across the street from the AMCO building that you can enter. It has glass walls, like the Internet café.

#10 - At the place in the mission BAIT, where you had to lure the death squads into this lot. Stand on top of the ramp in the small alley to the left. From here you can bomb anyone on the street below and be well-protected.
#11 - A very good place is right outside the door of your Shoreside Vale hideout. I tried this once, and the cars do not enter the lot. They simply keep driving and often flip. Even tanks do it. Every once in a while a single cop will come charge you. As always, the helicopters are the only problem.

#12 - In Portland in Chinatown there is a fairly large building next to the highway called punk noodles. Go up the steps and around the corner and jump onto the awning. From here you can take shots at civilians, triads, cops and you can shoot at the cops. Helicopters can get to you though, and the cops tend to go underneath the awning so you can't hit them and they can't hit you. All you have to do is drop down a Molotov cocktail or a grenade down and hope but I bounce grenades off the building opposite onto them. Also there is a hidden package up there somewhere.

Submitted by: Chris Bergeron
#13 - A very good place to fight police is in Portland at the police station. To get to it just purposely get busted and when you resume control of your guy go to the immediate right. There should be a flight of stairs. Just climb it and go to the right up to the wall. After you get there you can enable the "ALL WEAPONS" cheat or go collect weapons and then blast away.

The cops will not be able to shoot you and most of the tanks will eventually blow themselves up because they keep driving into the wall around the station. All you will have to worry about is helicopters. When done you can either die or enable the "NO WANTED LEVEL" cheat and walk away with an executioner rating on the stats page of your menu.

(NOTE: One time I was in this spot and one of the Barracks OL came behind me via the ramp on the left side of the station, this has only happened once out of the numerous times I've stayed in this spot so just watch out for that)

Submitted by: Matt Beard
#14 - At the "bitch n dog food" plant in Portland, the walls of the fortress don't stop area-effect weapons, such as the bat and the flame-thrower. By switching to the top view (select button three times) you get a nice perspective as you ignite groups of cops, feds, civilians, etc. use cocktails to dispose of tanks, and rockets for choppers, as normal. This also works on the main level of the parking garage, but you don't get the top view. You can get arrested through the wall too, so take note, and stay away from the gate.

Submitted by: James Chaykowski
#15 - OK, on all of your areas to shoot from, you said that the helicopters were a problem. There is one spot I found that has constant people running around and helicopters are unable to shoot you. Go into the parking garage, and go up until you are directly under the unique jump. Park a car or Bobcat there and jump on it. Then walk close to the edge and take aim. Get your level up and the helicopters will arrive but they won't have the right angle to be able to shoot into the garage. They MAY shoot, but it cannot hit you.

Submitted by: Eric Spitler
#16 - Another fun place to engage the cops in the garage at the Shoreside Vale hideout. Stand inside the garage in the middle towards the back wall. This should give you a clear view of the sidewalk. You can now shot pedestrians and police vehicles freely. You are protected from the helicopters and the police, FBI or army vehicles will not enter your lot. The only threat is a few single police officers that will attempt to jump the small wall that outlines your hideout.

Submitted by: FemaleOutlaw
#17 - Stand on top of the ledge that borders the projects in Wichita Gardens, Shoreside Vale.
#18 - Get a huge (at least 5) wanted level, run down to the docks in Staunton, and jump in a boat. Drive under the bridge with the gap in the middle, the one that doesn't lead out of the city, and go back and forth beneath it. The cops and feds will start flying into the water trying to get you! Perfect place to sit and laugh at cops; the only things that can hit you are copters and you can hit triangle, take a few steps back, and blow them down with a rocket launcher.

Submitted by: Xxanth
#19 - There's a spot in Portland where you're invulnerable to everything but the helicopters. You could enter the Weapons cheat if you want to, but make sure you have plenty armor. First you have to drive to the car crusher over by eight ball's bomb shop. To the left of the crusher, there's a yellow (I guess the best to put it is) conveyor belt. Jump on top of it, and run to the top. It may take a few tries, so don't give up.

Once you get up to the top, back up a step or two. Take out your sniper rifle, and pick people off from far. You'll have to zoom all the way in, so it takes aim. You can also blow up the fire engine. Your wanted level will continually rise while the cops go nuts trying to get to you. They'll drive in circles, and then try to make it down the rocks. With the police car not being a great offroad vehicle, it's going to flip. Take advantage and either throw a grenade or shoot a rocket to finish the job.

The helicopters will come from straight ahead, or your right hand side. Be weary, they have the tendency to hover directly above you, therefore, if you shoot a rocket while too close, you'll take the splash damage. You can even fall off of the conveyor belt if you aren't careful. Sometimes, cops will make their way down to where you are, but only two at a time. You can throw a grenade down there, but just tap the circle button.

Submitted by: Phib
#20 - Kenji's rooftop. The intersection provides for ample pedestrians and cops to pop off. The roof is wide open and allows for the shooting down of helicopters. What's great, is when the FBI gets in there, they drive around the corner and nearly flip their cars over EVERY TIME. I laugh all the way to the bank. And the best is that if you get bored busting them all down, just park your Barracks OL at the bottom of the stairs and take off. It'll be untouched.

#21 - The Dam. There is a spot halfway down the dam that ends in a two-story stairway. Go up, pop civilians, rocket the helicopters, and drop grenades for the po po. This is great.

#22 - Behind the Shoreside Vale police station. Jump onto the building behind the station and run to the end. You should be above the four-way intersection, full of pedestrians, cops, and FUN. Enjoy the mayhem.

Submitted by: Kyldonia
#23 - On top of the building in Portland where you snipe Salvatore in the "Sayonara Salvatore" mission.

#24 - The sniper's nest in the "Grand Theft Aero" mission with the adrenaline pill that Le Machin mentioned.

Submitted by: Ryan Hiller
#25 - Jack a Colombian cartel and go into the gate where you rescued the old Asian man for Donald love on Staunton Island. The area should be free now if you beat the mission. You can blast away at everything through the gate and the gate will not open. Just don't go near it. Hide in the garages to avoid the helicopters or shoot them down. The buildings are pretty high so it'll take a while to them to fly down and shoot you. Have fun raising your wanted level there.

#26 - the Panlantic construction site on Staunton Island. On the half built building you can walk in. the helicopters can't touch you there. Raise your wanted level if you wish and start sniping them through the gates. If you really want more action play cat and mouse with a fast car and drive around to get some action with the authorities. If you're lucky you'll see them. They will come through the gates and start smashing themselves into walls. They can't touch you. I had the FBI chase me into the building once.

#27 - Kenji's parking garage on Staunton Island. Helicopters can get you here. Go into the parking lot and up the stairs under the big bright yellow awning. Sit there and start blasting everything that walks or drives. The police can't really shoot you if you're against the back wall. If you're against the glass gate you'll get hit but just watch everything go by and hit the helicopters. To add more fun drop bombs and fire.

Submitted by: Silver Jade
#28 - The coolest place to fight the cops is in the Internet café the ceiling blocks out helicopters and the cops are to stupid to go up the stairs. Also just shoot the glass windows and u can pick off pedestrians, cops, etc. You can just shoot down at the cops and they can't hit u. Just make sure u don't fall off the floor where the window use to be.

Submitted by: Bstsktbdr
#29 - A nice place to kill cops and create a rampage is on top of a building near the bridge to go to Shoreside Vale. Take a fast car and ride up the ramp and jump off the edge onto a top of a building. You may land on the roof of your car so get away fast. Stay on the top of the building though. There's a package around there somewhere too.

Go to the part which is right under the bridge and no helicopter will be able to get you. From there you can snipe or drop grenades to kingdom come. Note on rare occasions the helicopters might come down on the far side of the rooftop and shoot directly on your side. This can be avoided however by using the giant wall, which holds the bridge up as a barrier.

Submitted by: Alan Tassart
#30 - Staunton Island, go to the Staunton - Shoreside bridge, where the metal work starts on the right hand side, climb up the sloped bit of concrete onto the side. Walk all the way along the bridge to where it was separated before Shoreside was available (there's a gray/beige pillar on the right hand side) and jump onto the raised concrete platform. Walk around the red girder on the right and get onto the little ledge, face the north and walk off, you will land on a blue walkway.

Walk all the way along it towards Staunton and start shooting stuff, and get your wanted level nice and high. Only the helicopters can get you. If you want to get off take a running jump at the far end of the walkway near the intersection to land in the grass. Be sure to get rid of your wanted level first though, or about 50 FBI guys that have been hiding under the walkway will all fire at once. You can easily blow up cop cars that are on the bridge with the rocket launcher or flame-thrower, and below you with Molotovs or grenades.

Submitted by: Tom Arthur
#31 - Have you ever tried to stake yourself out at the small island in the park in Staunton Island? I just raise my wanted level to about 2 stars, then run up onto the island. If you wait long enough for the cops to come chase you, they'll come flying off the ramp over head, as it's the closest way for them to get to you. Most of the cars (Cop cars, enforcers, FBI cars...) usually flip over and blow up in the water below. If not, you can just snipe, grenade or burn whoever survives. Again, the helicopters are the only problem, and the tanks eventually, but it is funny for a while.

Submitted by: genser
#32 - You're probably not interested anymore but if get a flame-thrower and a lot of ammo and go in the little "hut" next to the Colombian villa/mansion you can spray fire through the walls but it is impossible for any cop or helicopter to hit you. Your only threat is cop cars blowing up outside. Also you will need to go the top view. The one that was in GTA1 and 2.

Submitted by: DemonPenguin

Securicar Cracking Garage
Janos Auldren found this garage in Portland Docks in Trenton. It's the garage with no number, the one where you had to bring the Securicar to in the mission "Van Heist." When you bring a Securicar here you'll get a little money. Janos Auldren also suggests completing the Import/Export garage nearby this garage, so you can quickly move many Securicars into this garage for easy cash.
The first time you bring in a Securicar, you get a $5,000 reward. The next Securicar nets you $4,500, and so on. Thus, you can score a total of $27,500 by delivering 10 Securicars to the garage.

Submitted By: Jacob Seligmann

All credit goes to Minesweeper (Nathan Norris) unless stated otherwise

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