The Shopping Locations of Liberty City

There are three types of shops you can visit in Liberty City for your illegal needs.


This is where you can buy guns, and they don't ask for ID, because everyone is trustworthy here!

Staunton Island


Pay 'N' Spray

Here, you can take any car (as long as its not a law enforcement or emergency vehicle, minus the FBI Car) and get it repaired and resprayed for $1000. This will remove your wanted level, no matter how high it is, so if you can't get away from the police, come here.
If your car is totally undamaged, you can get your car in a different color for free as many times as you want. Just drive back and forth in and out of the garage until you have the color you desire.

Staunton Island
Shoreside Vale


8-Ball's Bomb Shops

Here is where you can get a car rigged with a bomb for $1000. Press Circle to activate it. Each bomb shop in each district provides a different kind of bomb.
The Portland bomb shop will give out ignition bombs. When you arm the bomb, the car will explode when the engine is next ignited.
The Staunton Island bomb shop will give out timed bombs. After arming the bomb and leaving the car, the bomb will explode after a certain amount of time.
The Shoreside Vale bomb shop will give out remote control bombs. After arming the bomb, leave your vehicle and get a safe distance away. Cycle through your weapons until you find a detonator. Use the fire button to set off the bomb.

Staunton Island
Shoreside Vale


Special thanks to Minesweeper (Nathan Norris)


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