GTA3 PC Rampages


This is triggered by special icon you can find which will start up a Rampage, where you are supposed to kill a certain amount of something with a particular weapon in 120. You'll get $5,000 for completing the first rampage, $10,000 for the second, and so on and so on until you get $1,000,000 for the last one.

If you can, do these rampages before you make the gangs angry. That way you can fire freely at them and they won't shoot back. My guide assumes that you have already made the gangs angry, and that you're not using these handy tips below.

All you need to do is have one star in your wanted level, and have a policeman follow you when you pick up the icon. When the rampage starts the policeman will still follow you, but because he is there the gangs won't shoot at you. Leaving you to freely pop them off without any hassle. Except for a policeman that randomly punches you in the back of the head.

Submitted by: Darren Ackers
The Rhino cannon will work on ANY rampage that doesn't require a headshot (for example, the Yardie/Sniper Rifle rampage in Staunton). You don't have to use the Uzi at all, although if you are on an Uzi or Drive-By mission, those will count as normal.

Furthermore, running over vehicles will count on missions where vehicles are the target (i.e. the Rocket Launcher rampage in Portland), but running over gang members won't count. It's hard to shoot people with the Rhino turret, so I recommend aiming at walls, vehicles, or poles/trees. The resulting explosions should kill any passerby gang-banners.

Submitted by: Daniel Feit
Portland Rampages

RAMPAGE 1 - Destroy 13 vehicles in 120 seconds
WEAPON - Rocket Launcher
LOCATION 1 - Inside the building's courtyard that is across the street from the old school hall/Trenton
LOCATION 2 - Inside the fence of the big building just to the east of Greasy Joe's Diner/Callahan Point

Location 2 is better because if you start blowing up cars at location 1, then vigilante citizens will come after you. It's really hard to kill them with the rocket launcher without killing yourself. You'll have to get in your car and drive-by them, wasting time.

Location 2 is near a highway that has no pedestrians, so you can blow up cars without much interruption. Go west down the highway, in the opposite direction of traffic. Use a car because you move very slowly when holding a rocket launcher. Cars should come down the freeway towards you. Blow them up. When you get to Greasy Joe's Diner, there are three freebie vehicles for you to blow up there.

Continue gradually moving down the highway. After destroying 12 cars, destroy the car you are driving to make it 13.
I highly recommend location number 1, the building across the street from the old school hall. Here are some good tips:

[1] Before you start the rampage, steal some passing cars from the intersection and gather them inside the building. I've never managed to store more than 3 cars, but that'll help.

[2] Start the rampage, blow up whatever cars you've stored. Try to pick off any passing traffic you see. Be very careful about hurting yourself.

[3] Run inside the building, grab the police bribe if necessary, and then run up the ramp at the other side of the building. From here, you can easily shoot at passing traffic with no heroes running up and punching you. Even better, the cops can't get you either. This rampage is officially a cinch.

Submitted by: Daniel Feit

RAMPAGE 2 - Kill 25 Triads in 120 seconds
LOCATION 1 - Inside the building's courtyard that is across the street from the park/Chinatown
LOCATION 2 - Back of Supa Save/Trenton

At location 1, when you start killing Triads, Triad Fish Vans will come after you, and that could be a pretty big problem. If you get the icon at location 2, Triads will start appearing in the area, even though it's not their usual territory. The advantage to this is that there won't be any gang cars backing them up.

Get in a car and drive-by them. I think this is the best way to kill them. If you can, get hold of a bulletproof vehicle or a Rhino. Shoot one Triad, and a bunch of other Triads should run right over. While they rush over to wrench the door open, you can shoot them full of holes. Also, if you have a tank, you can use the cannon to get your score higher. You have to be doing a drive-by for it to count.

RAMPAGE 3 - Murder 30 Diablos in 120 seconds
LOCATION 1 - The alley behind the building across the street from Sex Club 7/Red Light District
LOCATION 2 - Behind the old school hall in the park/Chinatown

I favor location 2 because it is out of Diablo territory, and it has a place you can go where you are easily sheltered from attack while killing the Diablos. Even though the Diablos only have baseball bats, they'll gang up on you a lot. Once, I must have had at least 20 of them after me at the same time! You need to be careful not to get surrounded while fighting them. Run away if you get caught in a pack of them.

At location 2, grab the attention of the Diablos, then run to the fenced-off area under the bridge where the seven car ramps are. The Diablos will have a real hard time trying to get around the low fence. While they are all confused, you can stand out of reach of their bats and shoot them with your M16 through the fence.

You can do this at the basketball court too, but it's harder to keep the Diablos from getting inside with you. If you want to do it this way, run over the ramp in the basketball court and jumping down outside the court. The Diablos will have a hard time following you over the ramp and will get stuck behind the chain-link fence.
I also prefer the area near the basketball courts, but I did this Rampage from a slightly different spot than you. I did this both with and without the car, but to save space I'll just tell you the car method. (Same place, just without the car and a little bit more challenge.)

n the Old School Hall parking lot there are usually a couple of "PimpMobiles" as I call them (Idaho, Esperanto, etc.). Swipe one and drive over to the Rampage icon. Grab it and get back into the car. Aim yourselfso you're heading between the basketball courts and the infamous 7 lifts area. There is a small grassy hill here. Park on top of it. Get out of the car and jump on top of the car. Aim for the nearest Diablo you see.

When the chaos starts, just take them out as fast as you can and shoot the closest ones first. They won't shoot at you until they are right up against the car and they can't swing at you while you're standing up there. They are pretty much baffled by the fact that you're not on the ground and aren't too much of a threat to you. I guess Spank does that to a person. ;) If you run out of targets just turn towards either the lifts or the b-ball court for a couple seconds. When you turn back around there will be targets. Doing this, even the most hand-eye coordination challenged person can do this Rampage and still come out squeaky clean. ;)

Submitted by: Yamama

RAMPAGE 4 - Kill 20 Mafia in 120 seconds
LOCATION 1 - In a small parking lot to the east of Momma's Restaurant, on the same block/Saint Mark's
LOCATION 2 - In the long alley a block south of Momma's Restaurant, first lot on the left if going uphill/Saint Mark's (thanks to SweetPimp324)

I don't really like Location 2 because it has little cover to hide from the Mafia's deadly shotguns. The alley's is a good place to hide from the shotgun guys, but it wastes a lot of time.

At location 1, run out into the four lane street, because more Mafia guys spawn there. Shoot some, and a lot more will come to you. Kill as many as you can, but when you hear a shotgun go off, RUN AWAY! You cannot stand up to someone with a shotgun when all you have is an AK-47. Go through the parking lot then return to the four lane street and the shotgun guys might disappear. You can now kill more of them.

RAMPAGE 5 - Kill 20 Triads in 120 seconds
WEAPON - Shotgun
LOCATION 1 - In an alley between Liberty Pharmaceticals and Mean Street Taxis/Trenton
LOCATION 2 - On a ledge behind the hospital/Portland View

This rampage is pretty easy at both locations, but it's a bit easier at Location 1 because you are near a health powerup and the spawn points are closer. Just let the Triads come to you and blow them away with the shotgun.

RAMPAGE 6 - Destroy 10 vehicles in 120 seconds
WEAPON - Grenades
LOCATION 1 - On top of the el train tracks near the hospital/Saint Mark's
LOCATION 2 - On top of the el train tracks near Joey's garage/Trenton

Location 1 is better because there are lots of freebie cars to blow up in parking lots nearby. Watch out for vigilante citizens who will try to stop you. Also, be sure to randomly throw grenades at passing cars. You never know when one will connect.

Jump down from the el train tracks and head for the hospital. There's two cars at Marco's Bistro up the road, but they're out of the way. Blow up the ambulance there. Next, jump the wall and go into the police parking lot. Blow up the two police cars here. This will grab the attention of the cops, but that's a GOOD thing. When the police cars pull up near you, you can blow them up for easy points.

Continue down the street. On the right side of the street a Perennial is parked. Blow it up too. Continue going down the road and you should arrive at the old school hall in Chinatown. Blow up the two cars in the parking lot there. If you still haven't met your quota, then just blow up every car you see.

Another way to do it is to block the street with a big vehicle, like a Coach, and then throw grenades at the traffic jams. You could also gather some vehicles in one place before starting the rampage for easy points to your tally.
Two things to add:

1. You can park a Coach diagonally across the intersection in front of the hospital to block traffic. It will trap cars while you're on the way to the Hospital from the tracks.

2. You can drive any narrow width car up the stairs to the EL tracks (nearest Marco's Bistro) and use that you drive to the Rampage icons. While this isn't particularly useful in itself (with the exception of getting you to the icons without having to plod that distance on foot) it does have a couple of benefits after the rampage starts. First of all, it allows you to drive to the Hospital area quickly. You will have less of a chance of running out of time if you start blowing things up sooner. Secondly, it gives you an additional car to blow up when you get there.

There's a possibility that using a car to get onto the tracks will make the Coach disappear. You might have to choose which to use. I've found that if you run from a car after getting out of it that the door will stay open. Abandoned cars with open doors tend to linger for a much longer time than cars with closed doors.

Submitted by: Yamama
Staunton Island Rampages

RAMPAGE 7 - Torch 16 Yakuza in 120 seconds
WEAPON - Molotov Cocktails
LOCATION 1 - On the doorstep of a building on the highway bridge/Newport
LOCATION 2 - Next to 8-Ball's Bomb Shop behind the multi-story car park/Newport

This rampage is kind of easy at both locations, as you're always friends with the Yakuza. They seem to spawn much more rapidly at location 2, and that's why I think it's easier. Also, you have much more room to work with. You'll need the extra space, because the Molotov Coctail is a dangerous weapon to use. A couple of throws gone wrong could be highly lethal.

After collecting the icon at Location 2, go to the intersection where the road leading to Asuka's condo is. A lot of Yakuza tend to appear on the road to Asuka's place, so you can nail a lot. The Yakuza won't fight back, so it's okay if you miss them. Be careful not to accidentally bounce your Molotov Cocktails off of walls or signs. You'll get burned to death if you do.

RAMPAGE 8 - Explode 25 Yardies in 120 seconds
WEAPON - Grenades
LOCATION 1 - In the alley behind the fire station/Belleville Park
LOCATION 2 - In the alley a little to the east of the Cartel compound/Liberty Campus

The oddly shaped alley at Location 2 has a lot of room to move about, which is handy with grenades. The best strategy here is to toss grenades from the alley into the street at the Yardies. If they come after you into the alley, you can see them coming from a mile away. This will allow you to throw the grenade into position.

If they manage to get into the alley, try running away while tossng grenades. Throw a grenade ahead of you a short distance, then run past it. Jump over and over to speed away from the grenade. The Yardies will run into the grenade you if executed correctly.
This works best if the Yardies already hate your guts because they will be attracted to you like magnets. Do the location at the fire station in Aspatria.

When starting the rampage, go to the parking lot across the street (this is the parking lot where I think the Infernus for the Grand Theft Auto mission for Kenji was located). Using your strategy to kill the Yardies that wander in the alley can also kill the Yardies that hop over the shrubs. The good thing about this is that the Yard's usually line up around the fence and one grenade can wipe out 6 Yards!

Just watch out for the donut-eating pigs and the Yard's guns. Bring full armor and 125 health as always and you will be able to blow the Yardies away!

Submitted by: 007BartSimpson
Grab it at location 1, then head straight up the steps in front of the stadium. Stand about halfway up chuck them straight towards the street. The yardies respawn right in that area and you can take them out 5 to 6 at a time, taking about 30 seconds total. Submitted by: Brad Forbes

RAMPAGE 9 - Pop 17 Yardie heads in 120 seconds
WEAPON - Sniper Rifle
LOCATION 1 - On the roof of the AMCO Building/Torrington
LOCATION 2 - On one of the catwalks at Kenji's Casino/Torrington

Location 2 is closer to street level, so you can get better shots at Yardie heads. Plus, because you are closer to the street, Yardies will spawn more quickly. After collecting the icon, leap over the railing in front of you and get down to street level. Stand between the casino buildings and far away enough from the street so the Yardies won't see you.

Only head shots count, so forget about body shots completely. From here, their heads will be arranged in a nice straight line. They'll all be patrolling the sidewalks. All you'll have to do pretty much is sweep the gun left and right to hit their heads. If you kill all the Yardies visible at the moment, look away from the street for a moment to allow them to respawn.
I highly recommend location #1, at the AMCO building. As soon as you get the icon, jump off the edge, you should land in the ground floor walkway. From here the rampage is a cakewalk, because you can kill the Yardies, and they won't fight back!

Submitted by: Mlong001
RAMPAGE 10 - Burn 25 Yakuza in 120 seconds
WEAPON - Flame-thrower
LOCATION 1 - in a parking lot in the block across the street from Love's apartment building/Bedford Point
LOCATION 2 - behind the church/Bedford Point

This rampage is really easy, because the Yakuza are always friendly towards you. Location 1 is a little better because it's in Yakuza territory, so there will be more Yakuza around. You can pretty much beat this rampage by just running around the streets at random and burning any Yakuza you see.

They won't even shoot back at you as long as you don't drive-by them. The biggest danger is keeping the Yakuza from touching you while they are on fire.

RAMPAGE 11 - Annihilate 30 Yardies in 120 seconds
WEAPON - Rocket Launcher
LOCATION 1 - in the graveyard behind the church/Bedford Point
LOCATION 2 - behind a planter at the projects, on the block across the street from Love's apartment building/Bedford Point

This rampage is pretty tricky, because while the rocket launcher is excellent at major property damage, it also hurts you pretty bad too. The Yardies have an annoying habit of getting in your face so you can't shoot them without blowing yourself up. And thanks to the launcher's heavy weight, you can't run fast enough to get away from them to make a shot.

I think the best way to beat this level is to fortify yourself in the glass room in the building across the street from the AMCO Building in Torrington. Be sure you have a fast car at hand so you can zip over there at the start of the rampage. Location 1 is better because it's easier to get to that room from there.

The Yardies will have a hard time getting up the stairs to get you, and you'll be able to shoot them from far away enough without getting hurt. Snipe them with the rocket launcher from the upper floor, facing the street going east past the AMCO building. The Yardies rapidly spawn on that street, allowing you to kill many of them. You can also shoot at the street below to kill Yardies hiding beneath you. Shoot the middle of the road and not the sidewalk so you won't get hurt from the blast.

You can try this at the Tw@ Internet Cafe too, but that room is too small and crowded to effectively kill Yardies without killing yourself. You could also fortify yourself on the staircase in front of the building at Location 2, with its railings and all, but you're too close to the street to shoot Yardies without hurting yourself.

RAMPAGE 12 - Destroy 8 vehicles in 120 seconds
WEAPON - Shotgun
LOCATION 1 - in the southwest corner of the park/Belleville Park
LOCATION 2 - in the northeast corner of the park/Belleville Park
BETTER LOCATION - 1 This rampage is really easy. All you have to do is jack several cars before the rampage, block the street, activate the rampage, then blast the parked cars. The chain reaction will detonate all the other cars that got stopped by your barricade. Location 1 is better because it's nearer to the street, and more cars drive down the road near it.

RAMPAGE 13 - Destroy 15 vehicles in 120 seconds
LOCATION 1 - behind the southernmost building on the college grounds/Liberty Campus
LOCATION 2 - in the northeastern corner of the construciton area with the green unfinished skyscraper/Fort Staunton (thanks to SweetPimp 324)

I think this rampage is kind of easy too. Gather up several vehicles, block the roadway, blast the parked cars, and the chain reaction caused by the parked cars will destroy the vehicles that got stacked up behind them. Vigilante pedestrians will attack, but they're easily taken down with the M16.

If you still can't get enough cars, try going to the stadium parking lot. You'll find several freebie vehicles here. Location 1 is easier because it is nearer the parking lot.

Shoreside Vale Rampages

RAMPAGE 14 - Remove 15 Colombian heads in 120 seconds
WEAPON - Sniper Rifle
LOCATION 1 - in the lot just west of the police station where the Yakuza trap was in the mission BAIT/Pike Creek
LOCATION 2 - on top of the storage garages behind the police station/Pike Creek

Location 1 is far better than Location 2. You can safely get closer to the Cartel to snipe their heads, and they have a harder time spotting you there. Collect the rampage icon, then run on top of the ramp nearby. Stand close to the edge, but not right on the edge. This way you'll have clear shots at the Cartel's heads, and you won't get spotted and shot to death by them.

The Cartel are relatively close, so you can get good head shots. Only head shots count, so forget body shots completely. When you've killed all the ones you can see, look away then look back so more Cartel will spawn in.
While racking my brain trying to snipe the Colombians I found that if the icon is by the police station jump down just to the left in that little area. Run to the wall most can't see you and they are all pretty close.

Submitted by: Cody Knutson

RAMPAGE 15 - Splatter 20 Hoods in 120 seconds
WEAPON - Shotgun
LOCATION 1 - on top of a garage (jump from bridge above to get to it)/Wichita Gardens
LOCATION 2 - behind the blue "SUMO" sign at the Porter Tunnel entrance/Francis International Airport

This one's kind of easy, as long as you don't let yourself get surrounded by enemies. Location 1 is better because it's near a health powerup, next to where the bridge ends by the lake. Basically just auto-aim and blast every Hood that gets in your way. Auto-aim helps you to eliminate enemies faster, reducing chances of getting ganged-up on. Preferrably attack Hoods that are alone so all of them won't surround you and fill you up with lead. Cody Knutson says it's "easy if you don't move after getting the icon," but I still like duking it out better.

RAMPAGE 16 - Fry 20 Colombians in 120 seconds
WEAPON - Flame-thrower
LOCATION 1 - behind the garage of the mansion that has a Landstalker/Cedar Grove
LOCATION 2 - near the Import/Export Garage/Cochrane Dam

This rampage seems nigh impossible at first. The Flame-thrower has excellent stopping power, but it takes a couple seconds before the Cartel will stop shooting and burn to death, meaning they can get in some free shots before they die. You'll also be vulnerable while using the flame-thrower, because you have to stand still to use it. So if you're lucky, you'll kill maybe several of them before you die.

I however have figured out a safe way to kill them off without causing harm to yourself. After grabbing the icon at Location 1, run to the hedge wall at the back end of the backyard. Switch to overhead view. You can now safely flame all the Cartel from behind the hedge, without getting shot at. They have no way to get to you at all.

Stay on the move after you flame all Cartel in the area, so more will spawn. Also, try not to let the Cartel escape your effective range. It can be a bit hard to get enough to appear to win, but it's definitely safer and easier than taking them on in the open. I've tried several locations around Location 2 using this same strategy, but this hedge here is the most effective location I think.

RAMPAGE 17 - Driveby and destroy 7 vehicles in 120 seconds
LOCATION 1 - at the entrance gate of the Punk Noodles building/Pike Creek
LOCATION 2 - behind a boulder at the bottom of the dam, where the road runs in a loop/Cochrane Dam

This rampage is super easy if you know what to do. Just drive to the parking lot at Francis International Airport. Here you will find several cars just waiting to be blown up. Park next to each one, fill it up with lead, then move on to the next car when it catches fire. You should destroy enough cars well before the time limit expires. Location 1 is better because it is much closer to this parking lot.

RAMPAGE 18 - Destroy 15 vehicles in 120 seconds
WEAPON - Rocket Launcher
LOCATION 1 - on top of a warehouse, has stairs to get up there/Pike Creek
LOCATION 2 - behind a Badfellas billboard on the road near the entrance to Pike Creek/Francis International Airport

Like the Rocket Launcher rampage in Portland, there will be vigilante citizens again who will try to stop you from blowing the cars up. You can't shoot them or you'll blow yourself up. Location 1 is excellent because you start on top of a warehouse, far away from the reach of those good samaritans. You're even high up enough not to get shot at by the police.

Park some cars on the road ahead of time so a traffic jam will occur, then blow up all the trapped cars. Hopefully the cops will come and that will produce even more targets for you. Move along the roof to make more cars spawn. A ton of cars appear rapidly at the intersection you can see from here that has the GASOLINE sign. This rampage is real easy as long as you stay up on the roof that you start on.

If you want to do it at Location 2, I would suggest you go to the airport parking lot, because you'll be able to destroy like half the vehicles you need there. Then go to the road that travels past the front of the airport. You can nail two freebie parked taxis there. A lot of traffic is also in that area.

RAMPAGE 19 - Splatter 20 Columbians with a car in 120 seconds
WEAPON - vehicles
LOCATION 1 - behind the FatBurgerKid sign in front of the airport's entrance/Francis International Airport
LOCATION 2 - in the woods on the southern side of the hospital/Pike Creek

This is a rampage I HIGHLY advise a bulletproof vehicle or a tank for. Those AK47's and Uzis will blow up almost any non-bulletproof car very quickly. If you do have a bulletproof vehicle or the tank, then this rampage is pretty easy. Just run over every Colombian you see. There are less obstacles to run into on the sidewalks at Location 1.

If you don't have a bulletproof vehicle, I would recommend a vehicle that is small and has agility. Slow, bulky vehicles are easy targets for the enemies. Drive back and forth down the sidewalks, and don't slow down. Take corners as fast as you can. If you miss a Columbian, DON'T stop and turn around to get him. If you slow down too much at any time your car will get shot into Swiss cheese and blown up.

RAMPAGE 20 - Behead 20 Hoods in 120 seconds
LOCATION 1 - behind the Squid sign on the hill in the northeastern corner of the apartment area/Wichita Gardens
LOCATION 2 - behind the GASOLINE sign near the parking lot on the giant S-curves/Cedar Grove (thanks to jjj519)

This time you don't have a sniper rifle to shoot heads off with, so you'll need to get in close with the M16 to attack. Only head shots count, so forget targeting their bodies completely. I think the most effective way to beat this rampage is to get the Hoods to notice you by shooting some of them. Stay where you are in the open and keep shooting them. You can kill all of them pretty much just by standing still and letting them come to you.

There's a safer way if you don't want to do it that way. Location 2 is excellent because you have a guard rail to keep them from getting in your face, and the billboards to take cover behind. Run behind the billboard and back to get the Hoods to respawn.

All credit goes to Minesweeper (Nathan Norris) unless stated otherwise

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