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Requirements to Complete All Missions
I have received many pleas for help from people who can't complete all 73 missions in the game for one reason or another, so below, I will list the exact requirements to defeat every mission:

- All Career Missions
- All Phone Missions, including the ones by Marty Chonks
- All four RC Car missions
- All four Offroad missions

This is all the requirements to get your Missions Completed counter filled up. These are things that WON'T bring your Missions Completed count up:

- Emergency Vehicle missions
- Rampage missions
- Hidden packages
- Import/Export Garage, Emergency Vehicle Crane
- Anything else

If you still can't beat some missions, it's probably because you are not completing all bosses before you have unlocked the next island. If you do LAST REQUESTS by Salvatore or A DROP IN THE OCEAN by Donald Love before doing a minor boss's missions on that island, like Joey, then the minor boss will stop giving work. Complete bosses' missions in the order you meet them to get around this.

Also, later in the game, you will be told to kill off someone. This someone is vital towards getting all your missions done. Be sure not to kill this person, until you have completed all the missions that he gives out. If you want to know who this important guy is, then read the walkthrough. Warning though, it will spoil the story.

Career Missions
Big-time crime leaders in Liberty City give these missions. You can find them on your map. Their first initial indicates their location. For example, the letter L on the map indicates Luigi. Be sure to do the bosses in the order you meet with them, so you won't become a victim of the occurrence that is listed above

Phone Missions
These missions are given to you via public phones located around Liberty City. They aren't necessary to completing the game, but you will need to finish them if you want to get 100%.

Emergency Vehicle Missions
Certain vehicles you can hijack have special missions which you can trigger by pressing the R3 button. These special missions are:

Taxi Driver - If you have a Taxi, Cabbie, or Borgnine Taxi you can go pick up people and drive them to their destinations around the city for cash. If you get there quickly enough you'll get a Speed Bonus. If you smash up your car bad, people will refuse to get in your taxi, or will get out if already inside. The easiest place to do this is Portland, because there aren't roads on top of other roads like in Staunton Island or Shoreside Vale.

Your reward for accumulating 100 fares, not in order or in certain district, is the Borgnine Taxi in Harwood. You will find it parked at the Borgnine Taxis garage, a little down the street from the El Burro phone.

I had a bug in a taxi mission once when a fare slammed the door EXACTLY when time ran out. I had infinite time for the rest of the taxi mission. So, possibly this bug can work with all the other emergency vehicle missions. It would be a real big help in Paramedic, that's for sure. This also works in the Offroad missions, see below.
Vigilante - If you have a Police Car, Enforcer, FBI Car, or Rhino, you can pose as a police officer and eliminate criminals fleeing in their getaway cars. Follow the dot to the criminal, then do whatever it takes to kill the criminal for a cash reward.

IMO the best vehicle for this mission is the Police Car, because it's well rounded. The Enforcer may be tough, but it's too slow to be useful in keeping up with those fast criminals. The FBI Car may be fast, but it's a little TOO fast. Unless you're good with the handbrake it has a nasty habit of spinning out. The Rhino has the distinct edge of having a cannon and being almost indestructible, but it's horribly slow unless you are aiming the cannon behind you and firing repeatedly.

Some good ways to make the criminal bail out of his vehicle are to trap him in a corner so he can't move, drive-by him a lot, or ram him a lot.

There is a bug that has been discovered by the guys at the GTA3 messageboard, and it makes these missions really easy. If you are nearby a criminal, but not touching him, you can hit start then unpause. The criminal will ALWAYS get out of his vehicle if you do this, and you can run him down easily.

Your reward for getting 10 kills in one district is a Police Bribe at your hideout. If you get 20 kills in one district you'll get a second Police Bribe, but no more. You'll need to do more somewhere else.
Paramedic - If you get an Ambulance, then there is this mission where you can act as a paramedic and pick up wounded people, then take them to the hospital for cash. Any bumps will take away from the timer and lessen your patients' chances of survival. This has a strict time limit. You get more time by dropping off two or three people at the hospital and picking up patients.

This is considered by most to be the hardest of all the Emergency Vehicle Missions, so I will give a little help. Your ambulance is IMO among the easiest of the vehicles in the game to flip over. You have to treat this vehicle much more gently. Brake BEFORE you begin turning, then accelerate only AFTER you have crossed the apex of the corner. This should help in keeping you on your wheels.

This mission also requires more strategy than the other missions because your ambulance can only hold three patients. You need to make regular drop-offs at the hospital. Be careful about dropping off only one guy, because sometimes you won't get a time bonus for that. It's much better to drop off two at a time. Be careful with the siren. It may make cars get out of the way, but some will become confused and swerve INTO you instead of away. Your driving has to be as flawless as possible because remember any bump will take away precious seconds from your time limit.

Your reward for saving 35 people is a Health Icon at your hideout. Get 70 people and you will get an Adrenaline Pill at your hideout. If you manage to get to Ambulance Level 12, you will receive Infinite Run, enabling you to run forever without having to catch your breath. I've had lots of complaints that people don't get their rewards when they're supposed to on patients rescued. For example, I didn't get Infinite Run until I was at 78 people. Just keep rescuing people and you'll get your reward eventually.

The easiest place to do this mission is Portland, because Portland has the least confusing layout. I recommend you don't make the gangs angry there before you've gotten Ambulance Level 12 completed.
Fire Fighter - Lastly, if you get a Fire Truck, you can go around the city putting out car fires for rewards. Use the right stick to aim the hose on top. It takes practice to drive the large fire truck, but if you use the handbrake it turns much better. This is the best way to find the elusive Mr. Whoopee van for your Import/Export garage in Portland.

Your reward for putting out 20 fires in each district (60 altogether) is a Flame-thrower at your hideout.

Tom Severson has experienced the infinite time bug in this mission as well, so I guess it's safe to say that this time bug can work in all emergency vehicle missions. He said it occurred when he put out a fire exactly as time ran out.
You can do a taxi mission in any car you like. This is accomplished by finding a taxi then pressing R3 and holding it down, then you must get in to the car you wish to do the missions in. release it as you enter and taxi missions will start.

Submitted by: Kyle Davey
I've also heard this can work on some of the other emergency vehicle missions, try it out. I don't think it would be good to do with a fire truck though, because it's the only vehicle that has that hose.

Rampage Missions
You get these missions by finding an item that looks like a blue circle with a skull on it. What you must do in these missions is kill a certain amount of something, like blow up x amount of cars with a certain gun.

Offroad Mission
There are certain vehicles scattered about Liberty City which will trigger this kind of mission if you jump into them. In these missions you must hit every checkpoint that appears within a time limit. Really tough to do.
I have accidentally discovered a cheat/bug/feature which has made the checkpoint missions A Ride In The Park and Multi-Storey Mayhem a heck of a lot easier. I've been trying to get it to work on Patriot Playground, too, but no luck so far. Collect a checkpoint just after the time runs out, i.e., catch it just before it disappears. You'll then be able to complete the checkpoints without the timer!

You need to get your timing right but it's easy to try again, and a little less frustrating than missing the last checkpoint (with the timer on). I can guarantee that this works for A Ride In The Park and Multi-Storey Mayhem (my stats list me as completing them in 20 seconds!). Like I said, I'm having trouble getting it to work on Patriot Playground. So if it's a bug then it's pretty specific. I'd like to think it was a great feature (or a cheat).

Submitted by: Jason Hulance
I would like to add a little of my own info to this. I had a similar bug in a taxi mission when a fare slammed the door EXACTLY when time ran out. I had infinite time for the rest of the taxi mission. Tom Severson also got this same bug to occur in the Fire Fighter missions, when he extinguished a fire exactly when time ran out. So, possibly this bug can work with all the other emergency vehicle missions. It would be a real big help in Paramedic, that's for sure.

Toyz Missions
There are four of these vans around Liberty City, marked with a TOYZ logo. When you get in them, you will gain control of an explosive RC car and will be asked to blow up as many cars from a certain gang as possible.

All credit goes to Minesweeper (Nathan Norris) unless stated otherwise

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