Grand Theft Auto III Items
This pick-up will replenish your health to 100%. They come in great handy during some of the tougher missions, so if you know their locations beforehand you'll be able to grab them quickly when you're in need.

The most common spot for the health item is in front of the various hospitals in the city, but there are also some of them scattered throughout the map. They're usually not in hard-to-reach places like the hidden packages, so you shouldn't have too much trouble snagging them.
Body Armor
Armor is a life meter separate from your usual health. It provides extra strength against bullets and other such damage. If you have armor on you, it will be used up first when you're taking damage, and then once it's out your health will start going down.

Like other pick-ups, body armor is available throughout the map in concealed locations. You can, however, also get it from Ammu-Nation at a cost. Whenever you entered an Enforcer (the armored car), you'll also automatically get full armor.
Everybody's favorite side missions from the topdown versions of GTA has returned in GTA III, and now they're more violent than ever! Rampage icons are located all around Liberty City (in much more difficult spots than health), and picking them up will start the side mission.

Each rampage presents you with a different tasks always focused around killing a bunch of people in an allotted amount of time. You're given the weapon, and if you complete the task you also get some cash!
Police Bribe
One of the most pick-ups in GTA III, the police bribe will remove a star from your wanted level whenever you have the cops on your tail. This proves to be very useful when you have three or more stars because it's obviously a lot more difficult to evade the police at that level.

The police bribes are normally located in places that a car can reach - generally allies and at the peaks of unique stunt jumps. Also, don't worry if you pick one up when you didn't really need it, the bribe will show up in that spot later on!
Adrenaline Pill
A strange but fun pick-up item, the adrenaline pill gives you superhuman strength! Some of he perks of the pill include causing people to fly 20 feet from one punch, damaging vehicles just by running into them, and greater running speed (the rest of the city seems to be running in slow motion).

These pick-ups are fairly rare, but the most noticeable one is in a planter off of Callahan Bridge on Staunton Island. Adrenaline isn't very practical to use during missions since it's easier to play at regular speed, but it's still fun to mess around with off-mission.

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