Grand Theft Auto III Gangs
Leader: Salvatore Leone
Ethnicity: Italian
Car: Mafia Sentinel
Clothes: tuxedos, gloves, some have sunglasses
Weapons: handgun, shotgun
Territory: Saint Mark's

Left: two Mafiosos, Right: Salvatore's mansion in Saint Mark's
When you first become a free man in Liberty City, 8-Ball will introduce you to Luigi, a prominent member of the Mafia. You'll start working for him and then get deeper and deeper into the Leone family. They have a lot of control over Portland, but rival gangs like the Triads have recently tried to upset their reign, which includes all of the Red Light District and Saint Mark's.

The Mafia Sentinel
Their gang car, the Mafia Sentinel, is a suped up version of the regular Sentinel, and once you hop in that beast you'll notice the difference! If you're in need of a quick getaway, the Mafia Sentinel is the perfect car to steal, but watch out because other Mafiosos won't take too kindly to it.
Leader: Unknown
Ethnicity: Chinese
Car: Triad Fish Truck
Clothes: blue suits
Weapons: baseball bat, handgun
Territory: Chinatown

Left: a bat-wielding Triad, Right: Triad Fish Truck
The Traids don't get along with either the Diablos or the Mafia, and they'll be your biggest enemy in Portland. They have a couple business as fronts, including Mr. Wong's Laundrette and the Belly-Up Fish Company. A lot of the first missions of GTA III, where you're playing for the Mafia, involve wars with the Triads.

Triad hang-out in Chinatown
They are found in Chinatown, and not much elsewhere. Their territory, however, is the most distinctive in Portland. The Triads roam the streets holding bats and pistols, often spouting out strange phrases in broken English. The more missions you play for the Mafia, the more the Triads will hate you... so watch your back when going through Chinatown!
Leader: El Burro
Ethnicity: Hispanic
Car: Diablo Stallion
Clothes: Denim jackets, red and blue bandanas, jeans and khakis
Weapons: baseball bat, handgun
Territory: Hepburn Heights

Left: two different Diablos clothing styles, Right: Hepburn Heights
The Diablos are a small-time gang with big-time ambitions. Based in the small area of Hepburn Heights, they are constantly fighting with passing Triads and Mafia members. Their car, however, is one of the coolest gang cars in the game: a Stallion upgraded with a new engine and flame paint job.

The Diablo Stallion
You'll have the opportunity to do work for the Diablos leader, El Burro, who will direct you to a race through the payphone in Hepburn Heights. But after your loyalty to the Mafia becomes apparent, the Diablos will attack you.
Colombian Cartel
Leader: Catalina, Miguel
Ethnicity: Colombian
Car: Cartel Cruiser
Clothes: Hawaiian shirt, jeans, leather boots, hats with crocidile teeth
Weapons: uzi, AK-47
Territory: Fort Staunton and Cedar Grove

Left: a Colombian Cartel, Right: Cartel territory includes the construction site
The Colombian Cartels are your main enemies throughout the game. Every gang in Liberty City despises them except the Yardies because they produce and distribute a drug called SPANK. Most of the missions you play in Staunton Island will revolve around stopping the Cartel's flow of SPANK.

The Cartel Cruiser
The Cartels are heavily armed, and that's not a good thing when you're on their bad side - watch out for their automatic weapons! Their gang car, the Cartel Cruiser, is a beast of a truck that can take a lot of damage.
Leader: Kenji and Asuka Kassen
Ethnicity: Japanese
Car: Yakuza Stinger
Clothes: business suits
Weapons: handgun, uzi
Territory: Torrington

Two Yakuza clothing styles
You'll be working with the Yakuzas when you first enter Staunton Island, and you'll stay on their side for the rest of the game. Their gang car is the Yakuza Stinger, which is a nicely painted version of the Stinger that moves a little more quickly as well.

Left: Asuka's apartment, Right: Kenji's Casino
The Yakuza gang's main source of cash is Kenji's Casino and their main enemies are the Colombian Cartels. The Yakuzas have a lot of control over the island, including a line-up of crooked cops.
Uptown Yardies
Leader: King Courtney
Ethnicity: Jamaican
Car: Yardie Lobo
Clothes: tan pants and vest, black shirt, black hat
Weapons: baseball bat, handgun
Territory: Newport

Left: a Yardie, Right: Yardie territory
The Yardies are a fairly small gang in Staunton Island that you'll have the opportunity to work for once in a while through the pay phone. Yardies are friendly with the Cartels since they are the ones who sell SPANK on the streets.

Their gang car, the Yardie Lobo, is a classy lowrider that has useable hydraulics.
Red Jacks
Leader: D-Ice
Ethnicity: Black
Car: Hoods Rumpo XL
Clothes: black baseball cap and pants, red shirt
Weapons: handgun, uzi
Territory: Wichita Gardens

Left: a member of the Red Jacks, Right: Hoods territory
Part of the Southside Hoods, the Red Jacks are another small gang that you can work for through the pay phone. Their gang car is the Hoods Rump XL, which is a faster and stronger version of the Rumpo.

Their rivals are the Purple Nines, who are moving in on their territory in Shoreside Vale.
Purple Nines
Leader: Unknown
Ethnicity: Black
Car: Hoods Rumpo XL
Clothes: black baseball cap and pants, purple shirt
Weapons: handgun, uzi
Territory: Wichita Gardens

Left: a member of the Purple Nines
Also a part of the Southside Hoods, the Purple Nines are almost exaclty like the Red Jacks. Their cars, guns, and clothes are all the same except for the purple color. After you complete the final mission for the Red Jacks, the Purple Nines will disappear.

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