GTA3 PC Busted/Wasted


This is what will happen if you knocked down by a cop with a wanted level. You will then be warped to the police station. You'll lose all the weapons you had, some money, and if you were working on a mission at the time, you will fail it.

Wanted Level
This indicates how badly the cops want to get you. In Portland, the maximum rating you can get is 4, after reaching Staunton 5, and after reaching Shoreside you can finally get 6 stars. I'm saying this so you people won't whine to me about not being able to get past five. I will tell you what the stars mean:

1 STAR - The police seem to be more interested in finishing their donuts than catching you. Usually there will be only one car with one cop in it chasing you if there's anyone at all.

2 STARS - Now it gets a little challenging. More patrol cars will come, and there are two cops inside each one.

3 STARS - The police are really starting to get fed up with you at this point. There will be many cars in pursuit, and they'll even call a helicopter to the scene to follow and shoot at you. They will also start setting up roadblocks.

4 STARS - The pigs are now ready to shut you down. SWAT trucks full of guys with Uzis will begin coming after you, and there will be police cars everywhere you turn, not to mention barricades of SWAT trucks.

5 STARS - Prepare for big trouble if you manage to last long enough to get this far. The police will leave, and let the FBI take over. They'll chase you in really fast black cars, and each one of them has four FBI agents, each equipped with an AK-47. You'd better find somewhere to hide or you WILL get taken down.

6 STARS - Okay, the police are now so desperate they have called in the NATIONAL GUARD! They will come after you with freaking' huge trucks, and TANKS even! Consider suicide...

Lowering a Wanted Level
Find a police bribe, which looks like a blue disc with a star on it. This will take a star off your wanted meter. To get your wanted level down completely, take any car other than an emergency vehicle, minus the FBI Car, to the Pay and Spray and your car will be resprayed so the cops can't recognize you. It costs $1000 but its definitely worth it if the FBI or worse is breathing down your neck.

If you have one star and there are not any cops around, don't do anything and the star will go away by itself. Police will come when you fire guns repeatedly, even if you aren't shooting at anything, so shun every weapon except your fist and the baseball bat to keep your level down.

Completing a mission will cause you to lose your wanted level completely also, so if you are near mission completion, don't bother hunting for Police Bribes or going to the Pay and Spray.

Raising a Wanted Level
I am assuming you are trying to do this so you can get hold of a tank or an FBI car. There are lots of good ways to do this. You can:

- fire weapons (even if they aren't aimed at anything) - blow up lots of cars - kill lots of pedestrians - steal lots of cars

The fastest ways to raise your stars up from nothing are going after the police:

- Try to jack a police car with a cop in it - Shoot at a police car, even if there's no cop inside it - Kill a civilian in front of a cop - Steal a car in front of a cop - Blow up police cars - Kill lots of cops - Blow up helicopters (this will take you up one star the first time you shoot one down during a chase)

IMO the best way to kill lots of officers on foot to quickly raise the wanted level is to get out of your car. The officers will then get out of their cars, and you can easily run them over.

Notice you have a health meter in the upper-right corner. When it runs out, you are wasted. You'll get transported to the hospital, lose some money and all your guns, and you'll fail any mission you were working on then. Save your game frequently so you can load your game again to get your guns back. Don't go into deep water or your character will drown very quickly.

All credit goes to Minesweeper (Nathan Norris) unless stated otherwise

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