AUG 23
GTAGaming Database Compromised - Website Updates | @ 08:37 AM MDT | By GTAGaming
It is unfortunate that the first news item in quite some time is to inform viewers of a recent breach of GTAGaming's secure data.

We believe our forum database has recently been compromised, which has given hackers access to email addresses, hashed passwords, and any other details you may have saved in your profiles. Upon logging into the site you will find you are forced to change your password, and shortly we will be force resetting all passwords not updated. We also recommend changing your password on any site(s) that may have used the same one.

We have now closed the forums permanently, and any accounts not updated within the next couple weeks will be deleted from the database. We will be moving the account database into a more secure authentication system, removing all trace of the vBulletin forum software, and until then will be keeping a close eye to prevent any further compromises.

Beyond that, we don't know what the future of this site will be. This marks our 13th year online, and the 8th year online for, but recently - as any visitor or modder would have noticed - both sites have fallen further and further into neglect with no staff to maintain them. It was our intent to at least keep the sites online as long as possible for access to our massive file library of mods and tools, but as being hacked is not in anyone's best interests, if we cannot successfully maintain a secure account database for our users, we may need to consider closing both sites.

For now, we apologize for this inconvenience, and hope that no one is any further affected by this database breach.
SEP 24
Grand Theft Auto III FINALLY arrives on PSN

Grand Theft Auto III - General News | @ 07:45 AM MDT | By Ash_735
After missing its original release date back in July due to a license issue, the original Grand Theft Auto III is heading to the PlayStation Network tomorrow!

Still, sadly, it is just a "PS2 classic", so there will be no HD graphics, no Trophies/Achievements and none of the updates that were added to the game in the 10th Anniversary Edition. It is just the original PS2 version being emulated.

Grand Theft Auto III will be available on the US PSN from September 25th and will cost $9.99. Other regions will follow soon after.

Update: GTA III is now available on the Playstation Store in most regions.
JUL 27
Grand Theft Auto III coming to PSN this Tuesday

Grand Theft Auto III - General News | @ 07:35 AM MDT | By Ash_735
The classic that is Grand Theft Auto III is coming to the PlayStation Network (US PSN for now) this upcoming Tuesday (31st July) according to the latest blogcast on the PLAYSTATION.Blog.

Sadly, as expected from the initial leak months back, it's only a "PS2 Classic", meaning no spruced up HD Graphics, No Trophies/Achievements and None of the extra details from the 10th Anniversary Edition, just a straight port of the original PS2 version.

Grand Theft Auto III is expected to cost around $9.99 and should be available on the US PSN in the PS2 Classics section.

UPDATE: The game was due out today on PSN but due to certain issues, the game has been delayed...
Note: Due to an unforeseen complication, the Grand Theft Auto III PS2 Classic is not publishing with today’s Store post. We will update you when a new release date has been identified. We apologize for the inconvenience.

There were some last minute issues with getting clearance for a certain audio track in the game; but the teams at Rockstar are on it to review how to best get this title on PSN.
FEB 29
Grand Theft Auto III Mobile iOS Update

Grand Theft Auto III - General News | @ 06:35 PM MDT | By Ash_735

The iOS version of Grand Theft Auto III Mobile has now been updated, bringing it in line with the changes that were patched into the Android version of the game a few weeks back, Rockstar have released the following instructions:
To update, head into the App Store, select 'Updates' and download the game. Officially supported iOS devices include iPad 1 & 2, iPhone 4 & 4S and iPod touch 4th Generation.
FEB 24
Whatever happened to Grand Theftendo?

Grand Theft Auto III - General News | @ 12:00 AM MDT | By Ash_735
You remember Grand Theftendo right? We only reported on it back in October of 2004! The project that was started by Brian Provinciano to recreate Grand Theft Auto III on the NES hardware, developed between 2002 and 2005, the project was eventually put on hold because it was about to become an entirely different beast altogether, but there is footage of the original version around the internet, such as this clip below:

So what happened? Well as development grew, Brian found ways to get even more out of the NES hardware, the project, while still focused on Grand Theft Auto III, eventually started to include reference and jokes to other games of yesteryear. The project then got bigger, shifting development from NES to PC, a couple more people got involved to help with the art and soundtrack and with time this little Grand Theft Auto III demake evolved into the indie game known today as Retro City Rampage by Vblank Entertainment (a company founded by Brian Provinciano). Now, a lot of you guys might be around the same age as me and grew up playing games from the late NES era to the SNES and Genesis/Mega Drive era from a very young age, so some of you might remember playing games like Contra, Mega Man, Streets of Rage, Double Dragon, Final Fight, etc, so for me at least, having a game that was rooted as a Grand Theft Auto III homage then evolve to reference other games of that era is interesting and worth keeping an eye on because, at it's most basic, it's a Grand Theft Auto game of that time, which we never got. You can check out a trailer for Retro City Rampage below:

Retro City Rampage "Big News" Trailer 2012 from Vblank on Vimeo.

Retro City Rampage is currently slated for a May release and will be available via Steam, Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation Network (both for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita) and WiiWare. The PC version is currently available to pre-order Here.
FEB 03
Pop-Fiction reveals Ghost Town is REAL

Grand Theft Auto III - General News | @ 07:30 PM MDT | By Ash_735
Hey guys, did you know there's a Ghost Town in Grand Theft Auto III? They sure kept that hidden for all these years didn't they? Well, of course, any Grand Theft Auto fan who knows their stuff will already know about the famous Ghost Town of Grand Theft Auto III, from all those years back when it was first discovered, to mods being made making the area playable, right up to Rockstar talking about it on their own News Wire, it's not really that much of a secret anymore. Luckily though, for the extremely late comers, Pop-Fiction is here to ask that question and give the answer!

JAN 31
"O Mio Babbino Caro" Remix Now Available on iTunes

Grand Theft Auto III - General News | @ 10:05 AM MDT | By Ash_735
The remix of "O Mio Babbino Caro" that was used in the 10th Anniversary Trailer for Grand Theft Auto III has now been made available to buy over iTunes. The song can be heard below in the video:

The 2 minute track (2:02 to be exact) can be purchased for $0.99/£0.79.
JAN 25
Grand Theft Auto III Mobile updated to V1.3

Grand Theft Auto III - General News | @ 04:30 PM MDT | By Ash_735

The Mobile version of Grand Theft Auto III has recieved another update today, this time bringing it to Version 1.3, Rockstar have detailed the changes below, to get the latest version just redownload the game from the Android Marketplace on your device.
- The addition of Integrated with Immersion Haptic Vibration Feedback
- The ability to tailor your visual experience with new video display settings
- The ability to install the game to an SD memory card
- Improved controls for Xperia Play and supported gamepads plus full support for the GameStop Wireless Game Controller
- Support for the Asus Transformer Prime and Medion LifeTab tablet devices
- Additional technical fixes
JAN 05
Grand Theft Auto III: Asked & Answered in Full

Grand Theft Auto III - General News | @ 12:00 PM MDT | By Ash_735

Is Claude a mute?
Rockstar says:
It may now seem obvious that people should all talk in games, but this was not necessarily the case in 2001, certainly not in an open world game. We were making up a lot of procedures as we went along, and we decided that the NPCs (Non Playable Characters) should talk and we would have to figure out how to make them talk (using motion captured cutscenes, something that had never really been done before, at least not on the scale we were doing it). So we decided that the game’s protagonist would not talk, partly to aid people identifying with him, but mostly because we had so many other problems to solve and this did not seem like a major issue. We started to discuss introducing a talking lead character when working on Vice City, but it was a lot of work. While the structure of GTA3 may seem obvious or natural now, and the use of cutscenes made in the game’s engine that look and feel like the game may seem simple and easy, it really was not the case back in 2001 when we had to figure out all of these things for the first time. Oh and in San Andreas, CJ calls Claude a mute because he does not talk and CJ finds this unnerving.

Does Claude speak in THIS trailer?
Rockstar says:
This is fake. This is an old bit of gameplay footage, for sure, but we think the voices were added at a later date by someone online as at no point did we plan for Claude to have a voice or even design how a speaking protagonist would be implemented until Vice City.

What was the inspiration for Claude?
Rockstar says:
There wasn’t any one single inspiration – we just liked the idea of a strong, silent killer, who would be juxtaposed with all of these neurotic and verbose mobsters in an amusing way. He seems stronger and in control, while they seem weaker and frantic.

What is Claude's backstory?
Rockstar says:
He’s a bank robber with a noisy and psychotic girlfriend. More than that, it is hard to say. Definitely a drifter, probably from the west coast, new to Liberty City. Surname may or may not be Speed.

Did Claude kill Maria at the end of Grand Theft Auto III?
Rockstar says:
We're not sure about this. Some think he did, and some think he didn’t. Certainly in an original version of the script, Maria had a longer, really annoying speech, but then someone in the audio department wisely put an end to that. Quite what that means for Maria, who can say.

What's the story with Darkel?
Rockstar says:
Darkel was just a crazy bum who gave you some crazy missions. They were removed a few months before the game was done and long before 9/11 because they just weren’t as good as the rest of the game, and tonally they were a little odd. He started with 5 missions and they were slowly all cut. When only one or 2 were left, they were all removed as the character just didn’t work alongside the other characters.

None of these missions involved blowing up buses of school children although that is a funny rumor!

Any chance we'll ever see the Darkel missions?
Rockstar says:
No. The guys at Rockstar North are far too busy working on future stuff to ever figure out how to fix these old unfinished missions and get them running.

El Burro appears in both Grand Theft Auto 1 and Grand Theft Auto III as well appearing as graffiti in Grand Theft Auto IV, how do the Grand Theft Auto "Universes" work?
Rockstar says:
El Burro is referenced as he was also referenced in GTA 1, so it felt appropriate that he should cross “universes” – the “universes” are the worlds interpreted at different definitions, 2d, 3d and high definition, so we felt brands and radio / back ground characters would exist in both, but 3 dimensional characters would not. This is the logic (as far as it could be considered logical) behind it – so no, we don’t believe any GTA3 characters could exist in the GTA4 universe.

Who is the guy with the baseball bat in the Artwork?
Rockstar says:
He is a character from an early piece of concept art by our long standing character concept artist at Rockstar North, Ian McQue, that Stephen Bliss (who is one of the guys who illustrates our Grand Theft Auto cover art) liked and used to make a cool piece of montage art that embodied the game – we were less concerned with the art really representing characters as much as capturing the vibe of the game – so some of the characters in the art are not necessarily game characters. We did not really think the characters would be such a big deal until after the game came out.

What was changed due to 9/11?
Rockstar says:
About 1% different. We removed only one mission that referenced terrorists and changed a few other cosmetic details – car details, a couple of ped comments, lines of radio dialogue etc – the game came out a very short time later. The biggest change was the US packaging which remixed the previous packaging into what became our signature style – because the previous packaging [which was released as the cover of the game in Europe] was, we felt, too raw after 9/11. All of the more extreme rumours are amusing but impossible to have been achieved in such a short period of time.

Any chance we'll see the content cut due to 9/11?
Rockstar says:
No. As above, it really was not very much stuff – just one mission and other than that some superficial and cosmetic details.

Is Ghost Town meant to be a part of Liberty City?
Rockstar says:
Yes – it is meant to be part of Liberty City.

Why was the Ghost Town Island taken out of the game?
Rockstar says:
We didn’t take an island out of the game. There were only ever the three. We think what people refer to as “ghost town” is just the small area of a city we built for the bank heist scene at the very start of the game. It never had a name, but we wanted it to be somewhere separate from the liberty map and so we built these few streets floating in space and assumed no one would ever find them. We noticed someone built a bridge mod so you can actually drive there now - amazing…

Why is the Dodo difficult to fly?
Rockstar says:
Because we were making a driving and shooting game - even that, as a combination of core gameplay elements, was very, very radical at the time. The Dodo was never meant to be flown very much at all, and it certainly wasn’t grounded as a result of 9/11 – it was just a fun thing that people then went crazy with when they figured out various bugs that let them fly it!

Why were the tunnels on Shoreside Vale blocked off? And where did they lead to?
Rockstar says:
There was never meant to be anything on the other end of the tunnel, we were just playing with ways to make the world feel like it continues past the physical boundary. It’s something that we’ve been pushing in all sorts of ways ever since, making the world you experience as a player feel like it’s part of something bigger. This tunnel was one of our first little baby steps in that direction.

What happened with the Multiplayer in Grand Theft Auto III (as seen leftover in the PC versions files)?
Rockstar says:
We played around with the idea of multiplayer back then but never got very far with it. At the time, we decided to make Vice City instead of dedicating a big team to multiplayer, as we did not feel it would ever really be good enough. When we finally made a multiplayer game, we wanted it to rival the fun and experience of single player, and this was something not possible until much later.

Where did the 'Squish' noise come from?
Rockstar says:
The pedestrian squishing sound was made up from a combination of squelchy sounds that Rockstar North Audio Designer, Allan Walker recorded live (Rockstar North Lead Music Producer, Craig Conner seems to recall crushing fruit and raw chicken in a vocal booth...) and then they added a few more layers from our SFX library.

Is the Ammu-Nation clerk Dan Houser?
Rockstar says:
No, not true. However it does look (but not sound) like a relative of his.

How long was the script for Grand Theft Auto III?
Rockstar says:
They are long. Very long. And they only seem to get bigger with each subsequent Grand Theft Auto production. Check out the image set below which shows a picture of the GTA3 script alongside the GTAIV script for some sense of what we mean.

JAN 02
GTA III mods hit mobile devices

Grand Theft Auto III - Modifications | @ 02:29 PM MDT | By rappo
It was only a matter of time before the modding scene had its way with with Rockstar's latest release, Grand Theft Auto III for Android and iOS:

The same tools and mods that we used to use for the PC version back in the day will work with these versions, you just need to do a bit of work to get to the files within the APK and IPA files. Here are a couple tutorials you can follow:
You may not have ventured into our GTA III downloads section in years, but in case you want to look for your favorite classic mods to load into your mobile game, check out the GTAGaming mod database.
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