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Created on: August 16, 2011
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Shadow Assassins Information

                           Whelp we start off with a clean boy from Japan born Caucasian he was bullied all through middle school until he reached high school. Christopher (Chris) lee was tired of the bullying but he could not do much about it for he had little skill in fighting.  When one day he met a martial artist by the name of Mikey kowasaki.  Mikey stumbled upon Christopher lying in a dupster after being Beaten up.  Mikey looked down at him and said "人は、この2を行った(who did this two you?)"  Chris looked up punch drunk and asked for training.  Mikey and Christopher met everyday after school rain or shine vigouresley  training everyday learning not only martial arts but also parkour as to train for the upcoming free running contest.  When Chris  won  the free running contest he was persecuted by the best athletes of James Lou high he was cornered and couldn't escape the first boy swung Chris remembering his training did un upwards leg kick and duck. The boy missed hit the metal dumpster behind Chris breaking his hand then chris swung and broke his jaw. Disturbed by the noise of the boys scream the neighbors came outside to find a bloodied son.
                         Off to America

                          Instantly fired Chris and his mother Tina lee were forced to move back to the united states of America.  They ended up moving to liberty city in east Bohan .  Without money Tina lee was forced to be a stripper and Christopher was recommended to small street gangs for his martial arts and free running capabilities.  He started off doing the dirty jobs for very large mafias, petty crimes, stealing cars, holding up small stores, robbing people.  When one day he was handed a promotion.  His job was to get to the top of bahama mamas and wait for a very short fat Caucasian man fat accompanied by groupies ad was supposed to assassinate him.  Nervous, scared out of his mind he accepted on that very night he waited but the man never showed, releived in a sence Christopher went to the exit to find his boss.

 The Camera

                                  It to 10 henchmen to subdue him but they did, they tied him down to a chair and tortured him pulling teeth asking for a camera.  Confused Christopher abjected the claim and denied there ever was a camera. But little did Christopher know one of the street gangs known as the south Philly holsters had screwed over the mariani family godfather and took pictures of him taking deals with the liberty city police and other so called rivaled families. Prepared Christopher jimmied out a switch blade for his back pocket and started cutting through the zip tie they had him in. Waiting for the perfect moment Chris sprung out slicing two of the hench men's necks and took domanick mariani hostage exiting the building he free ran until he couldn't see any more of the henchmen.  When he arrived home he found his mother dead with a camera on her lap with a note saying" me and da bitch was takin photos but I think you might like em." angered beyond his belief he grabbed the camera and prepared his ransom note. In return for the camera Chris wrote " if you do not want to be spending the remainder of your life being hunted by gangs and the police then you will leave four suitcases filled consecutively with 2 million dollars in two days at 9:00pm the front of the old sprunk factory and if done I will leave the camera there if not and there are people there or I find people around the  vicinity I will send the pictures to every cop and mob member in liberty city."


                                          The ways of the assassin

                              To chris's surprise the four suitcases were there and he filled up his car with money careful that there was no tracking beacon from there on out he used the money to create a league of elite assassins to track down the mariani family and anyone who got in-between them they were no mafia, they were fore than a family they were a brotherhood they lied in the shadows of liberty cities planning their attack, letting the mafias think they controlled liberty city  they lied in darkness watching street gangs fight against high mafias and watched hundreds of cops killed stopping mafias from robbing banks.  The shadow assassins let the mafias do all the hard work for them all they had to do was take their car with the loot and be completely invisable to the police

                                                    Revenge to this day

                           To this very day the league which is 50 assassins strong still hunts and searches the streets of liberty city to find the old mariani family which has split into many street gangs and mafias since then, Chris seeks revenge on the mafia leader which now from new intel is a godfather for a new family. Chris and his league will not stop their battle against the mafias that killed his mother and the police that slow him down on his path for revenge.  

Loyalty, Bravery, Vengence, Shadow assassins



Port Tudor(warehouse)= Head Quarters 

East Holland(underground parking lot)+(n.o.o.s.e. Spawn)

West Dyke(Drug House)+(maverick spawn)+(cognoscenti) 

                                  Rank system for the shadow assassins

Two clan matches equals one rank up

Master assassin: rank 1 to 3 
The master assassin is the master in all thieving arts. He is the one whom the guildmaster will send into a sneaking mission. Only 10 people can be this rank only rank 1 and 2 not 3 though.

Spies: rank 1 to 4
The spy is the master of corruption he is the smartest of all no one not even clan members will know who the spy is he reports only to Chris.

Executioners: rank 1 to 4
The executioner is the master of executions, when there is high value target he is the man we release and he does and will not fail his job.

Rogues: rank 1 to 5
The rogue is a bandit who is slightly faster and more smarter they go behind enemy lines and flank that is their only job is to attack at all sides

Bandits: rank 1 to 5 
The bandit is a ground man, this is the hardest category of all bandits have to be able to shoot not only effectively but accurately too.

Cartel Family
leader (gamertag): Breezy Cartel
Reason: they are claiming that they are taking over gtaforums and liberty city challenging any and all clans against them especially The ShadowxAssassins 
Attention all shadow assassins I want all hits on breezy his is a target

I3 Blood bound
Leader (gamertag): I3 Jigsaw I
Reason: they are claiming that they are taking over gtaforums and liberty city challenging any and all clans against them especially The ShadowxAssassins, they call the duo 187 alliance?

                    Roster:                             Specification:                    Rank
Bugzbunny1.                                                             Spy.                                          1

RGA CrazyDudeZ.                                                      Rouge.                                       1

XxDmadxX.                                                               Executioner                                1

Hater slayer97.                                                          Bandit.                                      1

Undeadnightmar3.                                                      Rouge.                                      1

DrAg0NSlAy3R 71.                                                      Bandit.                                     1

Iancarlo10.                                                                Rouge                                       1

Assassincheif45.                                                         Spy.                                         1

Halo123andodst.                                                        Rouge.                                      1

mUfF1NmAn.                                                              Spy.                                         1

KjWarrior.                                                              Master Assassin.                          3          

TartanRhyme9460.                                                      Bandit.                                    1

Deathstone xSAx.                                                   Master Assassin.                        1

Blackdragon134                                                      Master Assassin                       1       

LAX 35 WARRIOR.                                                        Spy.                                       1

Shadow assassin oath of honor

If I can stop one heart from beating,
Who'd still so many others,
I'd slumber soundly knowing I'd
Brought salvation to my brothers;
And if Hate's knife should find my back,
  Though I die alone and in the black,
I have not died in vain, And if I were to fail
I will not prevail, for another could replace me,
I will not slice my own brothers life even though,
He doth done badly to me, I know action will be done,
I will not deny my leader ply or order to me,
For If I do I will be lose the trust of my brothers.

The no noes of the shadow assassins

FREELANCING-                   doing what you want to do after being told not to do it, shadow assassins go by the three kick motto after three kicks and you do it again it's a ban ;) this includes but isn't limited to jumping out of helicopters, jumping off   Roofs stealing helicopters that we have just landed at either our hq( headquarters) or our rv's ( rendezvous )  or our meeting spots each of our locations has a code word when online in a match to keep our selves from being bombed.

RACISM-                           is and will not be ever allowed in a clan match, I don't care that the other team is calling us n's c's o what ever racist word you can think of we won't use it, but cursings on you ;)

TEAMKILLING-                   by accident ok I know it happens by mistake sometimes but don't make it a habit each teamkill is a -100 points right off the back, but since were talking about it don't ever do a suicide run unless your taking down at least 4 people and you asked permission to do it because if you only kill on person you lose a 100 and they gain 25 so if someone I suicide bombing you let em unless you have people around you ;)

FLYING/ DRIVING-                 The Shadow Assassins will always have a designated flyer and driver mainly because of safety issues we only trust members who were assigned , I'm sure your great I'm sure your the best but until I've seen what your capable of your gonna ride back seat buddy ;) and btw you can fly amazing but you have to be able to shoot, and I've heard it atousand times " well I can fly the passenger helicopter" well who's gonna protect them :O

          If you think your loyal enough and you've read all of this and you thi k your ready then sign up :)


 Recruits Maybe you

[CODE]Gtag username:
Gamer tag: 
Rank:(bandit rouges executioner spy and master assassin)
Skill level 1-10 in your opinion:
Old mafias gangs:
Are you good at free running:
Fun fact:

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